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The Most Important Acquisition Anybody Should Make After Purchasing a Computer

The Most Important Acquisition Anybody Should Make After Purchasing a Computer

Learn how to effectively protect your data or lock a computer without passwords. Break through technologies are now at every oneÂ’s reach.

(PRWEB) February 12, 2005

During many years we were haunted by the dangers of hackers and identity thieves who were lurking phone lines and most recently internet connections, scanning communication channels and web sites waiting for the moment to strike and steal our most vital information. Social security numbers, credit cards, telephone numbers, names and addresses are some in a no so long list of confidential data of a great value to the unscrupulous. Our concerns are legitimate, the risk is real and the consequences of losing our identities to criminals are catastrophic.

Daily life brings us many concerns, dangers, stress and obligations and on top of that we try to be happy, have a good time and be the ones who keep and spend our own money. Dangers are, as you will soon realize, no longer exclusive of online connections. Temptation increases with proximity and knowledge.

Everybody now a day knows how to operate a computer. It is no longer a matter of just a few. It is very likely the pool cleaning guy, the maid, the cable guy and many others who work in our homes have their own computer at home. This means almost anybody knows how to access your computer and your valuable data when you are away. You donÂ’t even have to be online to fall victim of crime.

Your chances of having a lost laptop returned at the airport after forgetting it on a plane are increasingly low.

All this is due to the fact that it is very rare and bothersome to password protect a computer. Specially a portable computer.

Following this same line of thinking, many of us use our computers for work and fun. Some of us own quite a few computers; One or two desktops for home and office and at least one laptop. How many different passwords do you have? DonÂ’t tell me youÂ’ll risk everything using a single password to go online, for every of your email addresses and the same for any other services. If you do you are taking a huge risk.

Many people will recommend not using the same password for each service and this is due to many reasons. Some are for security and others for safety.

For example, if you lose or forget your only one password, you lose control of all those services. In the other hand, if some one figures it out, you also lose all control and perhaps you may lose a lot more than that.

So as you can see it is far from wise to relay your personal security to a password. The idea was ok while there was no other or even a better way to gain protection. But that concept is a matter of the past. Technology is now in our side of the street.

This brings me to introduce you to Lock'nGo ST. This is a software product that works in combination with any removable mass storage device. Flash drives, mp3 players, digital still cameras are some of such devices.

What Lock'nGo does is to convert a flash drive into a powerful digital key to lock and unlock your computer. You no longer need to rely on memorizing passwords. Unplug the key, click a button and you are protected.

You can use the same flash drive to transport your data files and at the same time to hold the key to your computer(s). In addition, many different types of keys for different computers can be kept on the same device.

Lock'nGo is packed with features that appeal to most every oneÂ’s real life scenarios and different jobs. For example, it allows you to lock/unlock a group of computers with only one key.

A single flash device is used for example to manage all the computers of your laboratory or show room.

Lockn'Go can create reusable keys or keys which are good only once. For example if some one gets ahold of your key during lunch and he makes a copy of it without your authorization with the intention of lurking on your computer when you leave the office, that key will not work because as soon as you go back and unlock the computer, the key is destroyed and next time you lock it a new key combination will be made. Everything is done automatically.

If there are no other people in your office or you don't need that type of security, a permanent key can also be created and with this key you can lock the computer without even having the key with you. Speaking of being present, Lock'nGo also can make a set of two keys for two partners and both keys need to be present in order to unlock the computer.

Suppose you need to travel to a destination in a dangerous country and you don't feel comfortable carrying your laptop without protection. For that scenario, Lock'nGo can also help by creating a ghost key. This type of key is destroyed as soon as the computer is locked. Later, when you arrive to a secure location, just download a special key maker to recreate the original key. That key, if needed, can be transported in some mp3 players or digital still cameras.

For Caracolix Media, the creators of Lock'nGo, outstanding support is as important as the security their Lock'nGo product provides. A wide range of support options are provided with the software. For example, once you are a licensed user, you can ask questions live to a support technician through an interface embedded in the software if it was not already answered in the included documentation. RUS service, also available only to licensed users (optional and free) permits to remotely unlock your computer if the original key is lost, stolen or destroyed and in top of that Caracolix offers to send you a rescue key to unlock the computer if your computer can not connect to the internet by itself.

The software has two interfaces. One is windowed that looks similar to many other windows applications and the other looks like a high-tech-gadget with interchangeable face plates like a cell phone. Caracolix has available many face plates which can be download for free but you are not restricted to use only these. If you wake up with an artistic feeling you can create your ones.

There are three LockÂ’nGo editions available; ST, DLX and PRO. Some of the described features come only with the DLX and PRO and in those editions the screen is also skinable. This means you can make it look as you like. You can create a different artwork to be the base of your interface. Caracolix web site showcases four incredible interfaces plus a skin map editor to help you designing any interface and all that also is given away for free.

IÂ’m sure to be falling short with the capabilities and possibilities this amazing software has. The though about the benefits and peace of mind it will bring to you can not be described easily so if you accept a piece of advice, I say, download the software and experience it. There is no risk and no payment necessary to try it. See it, use it, love it. For any or all of that visit http://www. caracolix. com/lockngo/index. html (http://www. caracolix. com/lockngo/index. html)

To me there is no doubt, Lock'nGo is the most important acquisition you should make after purchasing a computer.