Sunday, July 6, 2008

If Richard Branson can do it - so can we!

If Richard Branson can do it - so can we!

Over recent years Richard Branson has completely changed the general acceptance and usage of the word 'virgin'. An Australian believes this can be done again with another 'unmentionable' term.

(PRWEB) April 28, 2004

Have you ever given a thought to how use of the word ‘virgin’ has changed over recent years? Since starting with the creation of Virgin Records in the early seventies, Richard Branson now heads a group of around 150 enterprises that all carry the Virgin name.

In Australia the name Virgin Blue is now commonly used in households and businesses across the country. In most cases this is without any thought of the much more conservative and less frequent past usage of the word ‘virgin’.

So is it possible to replicate Richard Branson’s success in turning an ‘unmentionable’ word or phrase into common parlance through marketing? Steve Jarron believes it is.

Steve has recently created a web-site designed to provide a low-cost way for private individuals and hobbyists across Australia to advertise or locate spare or unwanted motor vehicle parts. And the name he has chosen for the business – Private Parts Online.

Although it accurately describes the function of the business, the name has already raised more than a few eyebrows. Several people have been seen taking photographs of the "www. privateparts. com. au" sticker on the back of his car as he travels around Brisbane. To avoid confusion as to what the web-site is all about Steve has added a picture of a yellow hot-rod (the business logo) in front of the web address. Yet people traveling behind his car continue to point and chuckle in amusement at the white lettering.

Is it crudity or smart marketing? Steve would like to think that either way there is a strong chance that eventually the term ‘private parts’ will become more commonly used throughout Australia in quite a different context than at present.