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Dynamic 8 Year Old Child Prodigy Releases Debut Album

Dynamic 8 Year Old Child Prodigy Releases Debut Album

Sam Fischer, has been described as "a show kid just waiting to happen", "destined for Broadway", "beyond his years as an entertainer". Along with his Dad, Mike, they recently completed recording their debut CD entitled, "He's My Daddy, He's My Son". This dynamic father and son duo has been charming audiences in Nashville for the past two years and now, with the release of their album, they plan to take their music to the rest of the country.

Nashville, Tn. (PRWEB) February 2, 2006

The Fischers' live show is definitely “Rockin’-Fun-Filled-Family Entertainment” and the songs on their album, "He's My Daddy, He's My Son" are no exception. The songs cover a wide range of topics on life’s lessons, such as not giving up, having a good sense of humor, conquering a bad temper, and much more. You’ll also find some socially charged songs such as the humorous “Did Charlie Make A Monkey Out Of You?” which openly pokes fun at the theory of “Evil-u-tion”.

Rather than attempting to be politically correct, Mike Fischer chooses to write and perform songs that not only entertain but reflect Christian values. The Fischers are pro life and believe that life begins at conception. This is highlighted in Sam’s rockin’ rendition of “Baby Boogie”, which takes the view of an unborn child with such humorous and thought provoking lyrics as:

When I was conceived and became a living soul

I knew I was created to rock ’n roll

Yeah, just a baby in my mama’s womb

I wanted to rock but there was no room!

In a CD review for the popular internet magazine 1340mag. com., Mark Fisher had this to say:

"This kids/family album is top notch as far as production and songwriting. The centerpiece is young Sam Fischer. I believe this young man is bound for a Broadway show. Sam is a lot of fun on this album, and his trade-off vocals with Mike have a very genuine feel to them. It’s awesome to hear something so positive. If you are concerned with finding quality music that you can enjoy WITH your young children then you should check this out because I think you’ll love it!”

There's no doubt in Mike's mind that it's Sam's fire, charm and stage presence that makes The Fischers what they are. "Sam is special like every other child, but it becomes apparent when he takes the stage that he has a God given talent. He has absolutely no fear and loves and feels right at home in front of a crowd."

Sam's greatest joy is in making people happy and making them laugh. At the end of every show he's out in the crowd giving hugs and handshakes. He thrives on giving love to people.

The Fischers got their start as an act quite by chance at a church picnic in Houston when Sam was 5 years old. Mike had been asked to perform some of his original songs and had no sooner struck a chord on his guitar when Sam jumped up on the park bench next to him and began belting out the songs with his Dad. The crowd went wild and the Fischers were born.

Home schooling affords the Fischers the ability to travel and perform and more importantly it allows them to choose how and what they teach Sam and his younger brother, 4 year old Reuben. Most importantly they are Christians and in a society where traditional Christian values are eroding at such a tremendous rate, Mike and his wife, Karyn, believe that their family needs to stay close together and that they need to teach their children those things that will build their character and give them a foundation in truth that will enable them to be a force for good in this world.

The Fischers intend to spend the next year performing and writing material for their next CD. The CD is available at Amazon. com, and their website, thefischers. net. For more information visit their website. For bookings call(615) 668-3369.