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ERotica From Eras Past, Available in eBook Format 24/7/365

ERotica From Eras Past, Available in eBook Format 24/7/365

Sir Richard Francis Burton’s 19th Century translation of The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana is available for purchase and easy downloading at the DPPstore, www. dppstore. com.

Palm Springs, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2006 -–

DPPpress (www. dpppress. com) and DigitalPulp Publishing (www. digitalpulppublishing. com), a year and a half-old ePublishing company launched their online bookstore just over seven months ago.

The DPPstore (www. dppstore. com) features eBooks by new authors and the best eBooks from independent publishers, creating an eclectic array of literary offerings.

The store continues to build one eBook at a time and this week is pleased to announce the addition of the most popular of all erotic literature: The Kama Sutra.

Although written in India over 1600 years ago, its teachings are timeless - useful even today for understanding and expressing human sexuality. This eBook edition of The Kama Sutra Vasyayana (republished by Blue Glass Publishing) is an improved high-quality reissue of the outstanding, unexpurgated 1883 translation by Sir Richard F. Burton, the famous British explorer and scholar.

Included in this eBook publication are additional prefatory and annotative materials, plus twelve delightful (and sexually explicit) illustrations, courtesy of Exotic India, depicting various Kama Sutra themes in the traditional Indian art motif.

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821–1890) was a British explorer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, ethnologist, linguist, poet, hypnotist, fencer and diplomat. He was known for his travels and explorations within Asia and Africa as well as his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures.

Blue Glass Publishing, an imprint of Glass Publishing, publishes classic e-books on human sexuality and erotica.

The DPPstore offers eBooks from first-time authors to well-established experts. There is definitely something for everyone. Titles that were once only available in traditional print, and eBook titles that once upon a time were not as readily accessible, are now available through DPPpress (www. dpppress. com) at the DPPstore.

The store offers some free titles with prices ranging through $47.00, and a rewards program is available for frequent buyers. Purchasing and downloading books is as safe and easy as ordering from the bigger online bookstores.

The DPPstore (www. dppstore. com), a division of DigitalPulp Publishing (www. digitalpulppublishing. com), offers the best in eBooks from new authors and independent presses. Our eBooks are downloadable on an assortment of readers. The DPPstore – reinventing reading.


Internet Entrepreneur Buys Ellion Ltd of Tonbridge

Internet Entrepreneur Buys Ellion Ltd of Tonbridge

Internet Pioneer and equity investor, Mike Hardcastle, has bought a controlling interest in local development company Ellion Limited.

(PRWEB) June 27, 2008

The Kent-based business, founded by local entrepreneur Mark Scott eight years ago, has quickly established itself as a leading provider of web-based software and services. In that time the company has built-up an impressive client portfolio which includes Bourne Leisure, Haven Holidays, Butlins, Warners and Wanderlust in the travel sector, insurance firms Lutine and Cassidy Davis as well as a number of local organisations such as Kent County Council, TickTock Publishing, and Unipar Services.

Jane Knight, Technical Director at Ellion said: "I am delighted to welcome Michael to the team, and look forward to working with him to develop and invest in our developer community here at Ellion."

Mike Hardcastle, has had previous success with Densitron Technologies a family built global PLC which he drove through the dot com boom building the share price from around 50p to well over £5. He was also involved in building the famous friendsreunited site which sold to ITV in 2005 for £150 Million.

Fergus McCloskey, Marketing Director at Ellion stated; "I am looking forward to moving Ellions' London presence to prestigious offices in the heart of Covent Garden through Mike's relationship with SUPINFO the French Technical Institute."

Plans include expansion of the development team within Tonbridge, the creation of several overseas partnerships to enhance the technical capability of the existing Ellion team and the launch of several new web-based products and services.

For further information please contact Fergus McCloskey on +44 (0) 8981 9222, email fergus. mccloskey(at)ellion. co. uk or visit www. ellion. co. uk.


"Mike Hardcastle" www. ellion. co. uk/images/Mike_Hardcastle. jpg (http://www. ellion. co. uk/images/Mike_Hardcastle. jpg )



Ellion was formed in January 2006 by the merger of technology firm Mitsu-W Ltd and media agency Template. The new company has its headquarters in Tonbridge, Kent but also has offices in Central London.

The Ellion Group comprises a number of divisions which are dedicated to helping our clients exploit new and emerging technologies. Core skills include consultancy, development, data integration and project management in the following disciplines: customer centricty, marketing automation and web. Services are pertinent to all vertical sectors although we have particular experience in the travel, leisure and insurance industries.


The International Institute of Information Technology, also called "SUPINFO", is the new name of the "Ecole Superieure d'Informatique" de Paris, formerly called "E. S.I".

SUPINFO is today a worldwide higher school in Computer science thanks to its own international network dedicated to information technology. SUPINFO has become in France the first higher school in Computer science in term of trained student number and also in term of national coverage. SUPINFO is one of the few higher education schools where information systems training is at the core of postgraduate courses from the very first year of the programme. The Academy provides a general IT training covering all the latest technologies used in today Information Technology industry: software engineering, systems and networks, artificial intelligence, data analysis, internet and intranet technologies, business intelligennce, ERP, multi-media, etc.


Please contact: Fergus McCloskey

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8981 9222 Fax: +44 (0) 870 094 1067 Email: fergus. mccloskey(at)ellion. co. uk