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Ex Soldier Joins Forces with IT Consultant, to Make the World a Happier Place

Ex Soldier Joins Forces with IT Consultant, to Make the World a Happier Place

Www. wearefine. org has been created following the recent tragic events around the World. It is free to use via the Web.

(PRWEB) October 17, 2005

We unfortunately live in dangerous times where all of us can be affected by world events beyond our control. We are not going to see any dramatic change to this in the near future. The best we can attempt to do is fully co operate with the Security forces who have limited resources and vast amounts of information to digest. Let us help them by taking away distractions and let them get on with the task at hand.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to helping people message each other efficiently in a safe manner that will allow relief from immediate worries and concerns that they have for relatives or friends. We will provide this service internationally without favour or prejudice.

Why www. wearefine. org


1. You are travelling around Europe and have just left Rome arriving in Spain. You hear that a terrorist incident happened just before you left. Your family & friends are worried about your safety but aware that you are a www. wearefine. org user. You leave a message saying that you are o. k. and are now in Spain for example as many people who know that you are a www. wearefine. org user are now instantly aware that you are fine.

2. You are caught in a major incident and after a delay you arrive at Work. The mobile networks have been switched off by order (This is common practice) of the Police and Government. Land Lines are also overloaded or are not working. But as with most Companies the Web is still functioning as the infrastructure enabling this is by nature more robust. You navigate to www. wearefing. org and send one message to potentially thousands saying that all is well. You may also be helping the Security Services remove you from any searches that they may be conducting as a result of worried relatives or friends alerting services that you “Possibly” have been in the vicinity of that particular incident and indeed are missing….

Q1. Why not just send an email?

A1. Many companies have restricted access to email often only allowing internal emails. But most employees in large corporations have Web access. Also you may have to send to more than one person. This site allows you to send a message “Once” to potentially thousands of people.

Q2. How successful will this site be?

A2. That depends on you and letting your friends know.

Q3. How do we know that the name posted is in fact the person we wish to find a message from?

A3. When promoting the site to reveal a significant family fact such as “Albert was our next door neighbour” or “Mum hated white Bread”, this information is a unique tie to you. How many Bob Smiths are there who would put the identical fact?

Q4. How easy is to leave a message?

A4. All you need to do is type NAME – FACT – MESSAGE The Webpage will insert the date and time this was left.

Q5. How long will my message remain?

A5. This will depend on current World events and the context of your message but all messages will remain for a period of 28 days.

Q6. Who can use this information?

A6. Any official Government body or official registered charity that may be involved with a particular incident. The more information we can provide enabling the Security services to provide effective support and tracing the better. We will release without hesitation any information that may aid in the location of displaced persons without hesitation to the correctly identified official authorities. This would mean police forces throughout the world.

Q7. How do you intend to stop spoof messages being sent by other people, claiming to be persons they are not by using the name and significant fact from previous entries?

A7. The user when sending a Web based message can use a variety of “Facts that would be known only to those relatives or friends. The cats name was Charlie, Albert used to live next door! We used to live at 192 Balmoral Rd. Susan Car is a Blue Astra. The list is endless.

Q8. How do you justify charging a fee for the insertion of mobile phone based messages.

A8. We regret having to charge for this facility but it is a cost we have to bear for each message we receive. This is an overhead forced on us. However we do promise never to make this a subscription service. The user would never receive a charge for a message that they had not themselves initiated. Remember the Web is Free.

Please pass this on to loved ones and let them know that you will leave a message should you need to.


John Keane - The Inconvenience of History Paintings from Gaza and the West Bank

John Keane - The Inconvenience of History Paintings from Gaza and the West Bank

Christian Aid launches John Keane exhibition at London Institute gallery. Broadcast quality Beta footage and pictures from the trip and of John KeaneÂ’s work available. Acclaimed artist John Keane and Christian Aid are launching an exhibition of paintings from the West Bank and Gaza Strip at the London Institute Gallery at the end of January 2004.

(PRWEB) January 21, 2004

John Keane accompanied Christian Aid staff on a tour to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 2002 in the immediate aftermath of the Israeli incursions into the West Bank. Based on this trip, John has produced an insightful series of paintings entitled The Inconvenience of History, which will be shown at the London Institute Gallery from 29 January to 11 March 2004. It will then go on to tour regionally including Belfast and Derby, as well as going to Ramallah in the West Bank later this year.

John Keane was appointed official artist by the Imperial War Museum for the Gulf War of 1991 and gained notoriety for his controversial depiction of Mickey Mouse in Kuwait City after the hostilities. His work has often addressed conflict and has included subjects ranging from Central America to Rupert Murdoch, as well as an interpretation of the events around 9/11. John has had numerous exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the US. His most recent exhibition resulted from an Amazon trip with Greenpeace during their campaign against illegal logging and was shown in London and Los Angeles in 2001/02 to much critical acclaim.

On his trip with Christian Aid, John visited the town of Jenin to see a Palestinian refugee camp which had been all but destroyed by Israeli tanks and bulldozers during the fighting. He also travelled to Bethlehem, Ramallah, Gaza and Megiddo (the biblical Armageddon).

John took video images and pictures of bombsites and spoke to people experiencing hardship and poverty because of this human-made catastrophe. He used these interviews and images as inspiration for this exhibition. The Inconvenience of History is a deeply personal account of what John saw on his trip with Christian Aid.

‘My visits to Israel and the West Bank left me feeling the utter inadequacy of attempting to convey the reality of daily lives there to anyone who has not witnessed it first-hand, despite the prolific news coverage we receive,’ John said.

‘So in full comprehension of that fact I have tried in the work I have produced to explore ideas generated by what I saw through a very personal filter, bearing in mind that history can have an awkward habit of confounding preconception.’

The trip and the making of the exhibition have been recorded by award-winning photographer Paul Hackett and BBC4 has produced a documentary about JohnÂ’s work, which will be broadcast to coincide with the opening of the show at the London Institute Gallery. JohnÂ’s paintings will be available for sale with a percentage of proceeds going to Christian Aid.


For more information please contact

Christian Aid: Saskia Wirth on 020 7523 2404 or swirth@christian-aid. org

The London Institute: Lynne Trembath on 020 7514 8083 or l. trembath@linst. ac. uk

Notes to Editors

1. The Inconvenience of History will be at the London Institute Gallery, 65 Davies Street, London W1K 5DA from 29 January to 11 March 2004, Monday - Friday, 10am 8pm. It will then tour to the Belfast Naughton Gallery, Queens University

(30 March to 12 May 2004), Ramallah/West Bank (16 June to 30 June 2004) and Derby Museum & Art Gallery (4 September to 17 October 2004). The paintings are available for sale with a percentage going to Christian Aid - for more information please contact Saskia Wirth.

2. Christian Aid approached John Keane in April 2002 and took him on two trips to Israel and the Occupied Territories to meet local NGOs and gain an insight into the work Christian Aid funds in the region. The exhibition at the London Institute Gallery is based on this trip. To find out more about Christian Aid’s work in Israel and the Occupied Territories read our report ‘Losing Ground’ at www. christian-aid. org. uk/indepth/0301isra/losing. htm (http://www. christian-aid. org. uk/indepth/0301isra/losing. htm )

3. Christian Aid is an international development agency working with nearly 600 partner organisations in 55 countries worldwide to fight poverty and injustice. It works with some of the poorest communities, helping people irrespective of race, religion, culture or background to expose the scandal of poverty. Christian Aid works on issues from HIV/AIDS, peace building, emergency response and sustaining livelihoods to trade and human rights. It also works in the UK, educating, lobbying and campaigning on the causes of global poverty. To find out more about Christian AidÂ’s work visit www. christianaid. org. uk

4. Christian Aid is a registered charity number 258003. To make a donation to Christian Aid please call 0845 7000 300, go to www. christianaid. org. uk or send a cheque payable to Christian Aid to: Christian Aid, FREEPOST, London SE1 7YY.

5. The London Institute brings together five of the world's most famous colleges for art, design and communication: Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion, London College of Printing. The London Institute was established in 1986 to promote and enhance the strengths and distinctive character of the colleges and offers courses to more than 32,000 students. Alumni include: John Bird, MBE; Ralph Fiennes; Colin Firth; Lucian Freud, CH; Gilbert and George; Sir Kingsley Amis, CBE; Sir Howard Hodgkin, CBE; Alexander McQueen, CBE; Chris Olifi; Rankin.

7. John Keane is a Professor and Visiting Research Fellow at the London


8. Flowers East has represented John Keane since 1985 and will be hosting a retrospective, concurrent with the London Institute Gallery exhibition, examining his work. Back to Fundamentals will run from 14 February to 14 March 2004. For more details visit www. flowerseast. co. uk or contact Sam Chatterton Dickson on 020 7920 7777 or Sam@flowerseast. com.


Exhibition dates:

London Institute: 29 January - 11 March 2004

Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pm

Admission free

The London Institute Gallery

65 Davies Street, London W1

Www. linst. ac. uk/ (http://www. linst. ac. uk/ )

Naughton Gallery, Belfast: 30 March - 12 May 2004

Monday to Friday 12 - 4pm

Saturday 10 - 4pm

Naughton Gallery

Queens University

Lanyon Building

University Road

Tel: 028 9027 3580

Www. qub. ac. uk/visarts/start. htm (http://www. qub. ac. uk/visarts/start. htm )

Ramallah: 16 June - 30 June 2004

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre

Ramallah/West Bank

16 - 30 June 2004

Www. sakakini. org

Derby Museum & Art Gallery: 4 Sept - 17 Oct 2004

Monday - Saturday 10 - 5pm

Sunday 2 - 5pm

The Strand


DE1 1BS.

Tel: 01332 716659

More venues and dates to be confirmed.