Friday, February 1, 2008

FASTAFF Travel Nurses Provide Much Needed Care in Hurricane-Ravaged Texas

FASTAFF Travel Nurses Provide Much Needed Care in Hurricane-Ravaged Texas

FASTAFF, a leading travel nurse company in the United States, has been dispatching travel nurses to areas of Texas that were ravaged by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) October 4, 2008

Hurricanes Gustav and Ike wreaked havoc on Louisiana and Texas coastal communities throughout the month of September. Evacuees from both states relocated to inland communities as far away as San Antonio, Texas, but some of the areas accepting evacuees were ill-equipped to handle an emergency situation of this scale. Therefore, disaster relief officials contacted FASTAFF Travel Nursing to help with relief efforts.

FASTAFF is a rapid response traveling nurse staffing agency known for its highly skilled healthcare professionals. While relief officials had never used the travel nurse company to help with hurricane reprieve before, they knew FASTAFF could deliver nurses quickly, and fast service was exactly what the evacuees needed.

Following Hurricane Gustav, 50 FASTAFF travel nurses were dispatched to San Antonio and Tyler, Texas within 48 hours. Then again following Hurricane Ike, 200 travel nurses were deployed to San Antonio and Houston, Texas within 24 hours. Extra healthcare professionals were needed to help relieve burdened shelters following both hurricanes. In addition to helping set up triage units in shelters and caring for all types of patients, travel nurses were asked to do whatever was needed to help evacuees. From being charged to act as the manager of an entire shelter to sweeping the floors, FASTAFF nurses were given a variety of duties during the hurricane disaster relief efforts that they performed without question.

The travel nurses were not only providing care in warehouse-like shelters, they were also living in the shelters. Sleeping on cots and living with evacuees, FASTAFF nurses were immersed in the crisis. Once the initial critical phase passed, however, many nurses were able to move to hotels.

FASTAFF is uniquely qualified in quickly responding to assignments for traveling nurse staffing. The Hurricane Gustav and Ike relief efforts were testament to the flexibility, professionalism and qualifications of FASTAFF travel nurses.

For more information about FASTAFF Travel Nursing or to apply to become a FASTAFF nurse, visit www. fastaff. com.

About FASTAFF Travel Nursing:

FASTAFF Travel Nursing offers rapid response healthcare staffing for travel assignments in nationwide healthcare facilities. FASTAFF works with travel nurses to help them meet their goals - financial freedom, flexible schedules, career development and more. The average annual earnings of a FASTAFF nurse who works 36 weeks or more is $101,288. FASTAFF also offers complimentary travel and quality housing, benefits starting on the first day of work and loyalty bonuses for every eight-week assignment that a nurse completes.