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Prentice Hall Releases New Book Crucial To Successful Hospitality And Tourism Marketing

Prentice Hall Releases New Book Crucial To Successful Hospitality And Tourism Marketing

New book on hospitality & tourism marketing. Published by Prentice Hall. Author is Ivo Raza.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 16, 2004

One of America’s newest authors hits home with a practical “kick in the pants” review for hospitality, travel and tourism executives. “What is brand body language? Do you meet the immediate gratification challenge? And who’s the healthy indulger?” These are just some of the questions answered in Heads in Beds: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, in which author and marketing veteran Ivo Raza supplies the “hard to find” details essential for today’s students and practitioners.

Just released by Prentice Hall-Pearson, Heads in Beds provides readers with a cohesive picture of travel marketing with practical insight into topics from developing products, nurturing brands and managing the entire marketing process. Throughout 14 chapters, the author uses vivid, candid examples to pinpoint the trends and actions essential to achieving higher occupancies, increased revenues and better yields.

The Chapters:

1. Hospitality & Marketing

2. The Market

3. Products

4. Branding

5. Advertising

6. How To Create Better Brochures And Collateral Materials

7. Public Relations

8. Promotions

9. 25 Proven Ways To Reach Travel Agents

10.  Coop Marketing: How To Get The Best Results From Marketing Through Wholesalers And Tour-Operators

11. Internet Marketing

12. Loyalty Marketing

13. Marketing Operations

14. Behind The Budget

 Appendix: The Marketing Plan

“Every day hospitality, travel and tourism managers face the problem of diminished returns, lower occupancies and growing market clutter,” says Raza. “This book provides the reader with the essentials of marketing and getting results … all the information I wish I’d had when I started my own career. Plus, they don’t teach you how to run a loyalty program or manage co-op marketing in college. It’s mostly trial and error. That’s why I wanted to cover these important areas that just can’t be found elsewhere.”

ReviewersÂ’ Comments:

“The book is great! It focuses on marketing and branding of the product, the most important factor in today's competitive business world. Heads in Beds is a great branding reference book and a recipe for success.” - Natko Nincevic, Senior Vice President Hotel Operations

Carnival Cruise Lines

“I see the book's primary use as being a great desktop reference and bible for every person in the hospitality industry that is touched in some way by marketing--in other words, everyone in the industry. The book deals straightforwardly with the many marketing issues that hospitality marketers, general managers, and other executives must routinely cope. Following the explicit guidelines set forth in the book should help move the industry as a whole in a forward direction so that hoteliers become more sophisticated and strategic in the marketing of their properties and brands.” - Judy Siguaw, Professor of Marketing, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration

The insight of Mr. Raza as it pertains to the marketing perspective necessary to excel in the rapidly changing distribution environment is most welcomed and a definite read for those in the Hospitality Industry who are willing to adapt to change. A win-win for the industry.” - Robert Troni, Managing Director, International Sales & Marketing, American Airlines

About the Author

Ivo Raza is a marketing veteran with more than twelve years experience in consumer products and travel marketing. Prior to forming his Miami, Florida based agency, Brandhaus, Ivo was head of Marketing for Allegro Resorts and Occidental Hotels, which he helped grow into the largest all-inclusive hotel chain in the world. Before venturing into hospitality marketing he developed marketing campaigns for such renowned brands as Kraft FoodsÂ’ Gevalia Coffee, Boston BeerÂ’s Samuel Adams, Schick, and Blue Diamond Almonds. He has been recognized with various national awards for his creative approaches to marketing.

“Heads in Beds” (ISBN: 0-13-110100-5), published by Prentice Hall, is available in quality trade paperback for a list price of $40.