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Economy & Uncertainties Great for RV Industry

Economy & Uncertainties Great for RV Industry

Economy and other uncertainties are boosting RV sales, travel and forecasts. Sales outlook remains positive, RV attendance on the rise, campground bookings increasing and demographics are changing.

(PRWEB) May 5, 2003

Economy & Uncertainties Great for RV Industry

Michigan (PRWEB) May 5, 2003 – The soft economy and homeland security issues are boosting RV sales and increasing American RV travel plans.

Franklin Frith, administrator of www. RVbrokerUSA. net says that the increase in RV travel as an alternative to air travel will remain strong through the end of 2003. Demographics for RV buyers have changed as well, broadening the RV buyer base. Frith refers to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s – RV Business Indicators (April 2003) as one of the sources for data.

"RV wholesale shipments are forecasted to be unchanged in the first half of the year and increase in the second half of the year, due to apprehensions about war as well as concerns about future job and income prospects, according to Dr. Richard Curtin, director of surveys of consumers at the University of Michigan. RV sales will continue to outperform other areas of consumer spending, as 2003 unit shipments are expected to be 2% higher than in 2002, when 311,000 units were shipped.”

“Because RVs provide travelers with greater freedom, flexibility and control, they have demonstrated appeal to Americans in times of national emergency. Domestic by its very nature, RV travel is less affected by international crisis and relies less on foreign visitor traffic for support. In spite of uncertainties in the months leading up to the war, RV shipments remained strong. The RV industry is currently in a growth cycle, and the long-term prospects for RV sales remain quite bright, analyst point out.”

Frith says that low interest rates are also playing a role in RV sales. Mortgage rates have been at their lowest and have provided consumers opportunity to refinance their homes. Mortgage refinancing increased over 200% in 2002. Consumers paid off high interest credit cards and other debt, which subsequently freed up money for RV purchases.

Frith also believes that the Internet will be a growing means for RV buyers to locate the RV of their choice. “The Internet is a great tool in as much as buyers have the ability to shop like never before”, says Frith.

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