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EnterVision. com brings real time television to the Internet

EnterVision. com brings real time television to the Internet

(PRWEB) March 7, 2000

Television, the way we have come

Toexpect it, is now available over the Internet at most data rates. 

Montreal, Canada, March 1 / / -- Entervision. com today announced the launch of two outstanding products, both which will add a new element to the Internet craze. The EnterVision Professional Broadcasting System ™ and the ET Video conferencing system ™ add the "missing link" to the Internet experience. (www. entervision. com)

 Both systems use a revolutionary, proprietary method for sending video to the net. In order to view the broadcast you only need an Internet browser. No need for any additional software or plug-ins. 

The EnterVision Professional Broadcasting System will allow all television, movie and cable broadcasters the ability to broadcast in real time over the Internet.

The system is not a video encoding system, but instead uses flow-through buffer technology in order to bring the signal quickly up onto the Internet. The content providers will save time and money since there is no need to capture and encode the original source prior toInternet delivery. Broadcasts will reach the net much faster than current standards.

The EnterVision Professional Broadcasting System processes at a rate of 30fps and runs virtually in sync with broadcasts on television. Streaming video, on the other hand, lags behind real time television broadcasts by 15 to 30 minutes. 

"The days of streaming video are over. I think people are tired of watching choppy, congested streaming video in little player windows. With our technology you will see big screen or even full screen broadcasting over the Internet at most data rates," said Herbert L. Becker, CEO of EnterVision. com and its parent company BEE Multimedia. 

According to a senior member of one of Wall Street's largest investment brokerage houses after he had seen a demonstration,"I had a number of conversations with my colleagues in the Technology and Media Groups Â…Â…., we are unanimous regarding our conviction that your company represents enormous global commercial potential." 

There are many uses for thistechnology. Video rental companies would be able to rent movies for viewing over the net. Pay per view events will take on a whole new scale. Anyone who wants to become a broadcaster, reaching millions of viewers, will be able to use the EnterVision Professional Broadcasting System in order to get their message out.

In the area of copyright protection, the television and movie industry will embrace the fact that the broadcasts cannot be downloaded or saved during or after the event. Once the broadcast is complete, it is gone. Copyright secured.

 The ET Video conferencing system solves the age-old problem of face-to-face meetings. With a clarity unsurpassed by any existing solutions, people will be able to speak face to face (up to 30 people at one time) without the excessive costs of communications.

The ET Video conferencing system seamlessly hooks up to the corporate network and it is ready to use. Primarily a business-to-business tool, it will also help the business traveler. It is the best way to saygoodnight to loved

Ones when you are far away from home. 

The conferencing system, much like the broadcasting system using proprietary software to run the video broadcast. At no time does the system encode or save the transmission. Instead it sends 30 crystal clear frames per second to the receiving side of the conference.

About BEE Multimedia and EnterVision. com

Founded in January 1999, BEE Multimedia began as a video encoding company, then rapidly moved into the Internet broadcasting arena. Located in New York City with its head office in Montreal, Canada, they are a pioneer of this new medium revolution. Seeing streaming video as a stop-gap for the Internet, BEE took the initiative to develop a solution which would bring real time broadcast transmissions onto the Internet and is determined to allow people with any speed connection, as low as 28.8k, to be able to view television on the Internet.

About the technology 

A combination of proprietary software and conventional hardware, BEE brings simplicity tobroadcasting, allowing anyone to become a broadcast powerhouse. The technology is not an encoding algorithm or video capture system. Instead it grabs each frame, 30 frames per second, and sends them to the Internet to be viewed as a television style broadcast in any modern web browser. No plug-ins or special software is needed to view a broadcast. Any computer, just about any connection speed, any operating system platform and any modern web browser is all that is needed.

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