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Single Momz Magazine Debuts On Internet

Single Momz Magazine Debuts On Internet

(PRWEB) March 26, 2001

Brooklyn, NY - She wakes up every morning at 5 a. m. to start her day. By 7 a. m., she gets the kids dressed, fed, then sends them off to school. By 9 a. m., sheís at the office. In between deadlines, sheís scheduling piano lessons, soccer carpool, and tutoring sessions for the kids. At 5 p. m., she dashes off to pick her children up and heads home to prepare dinner. After eating a deliciously healthy meal, thereís homework, story time, then sleepy-time for everyone. The next day? Itís the same routine.

This hypothetical scenario is actually the reality of the average single mother. For this, she is to be celebrated and cherished. Understood and supported. Loved and educated. Entertained and encouraged. Thatís why she can turn to Single Momz Magazine and feel good for all that she does.

Single Momz Magazine is a bi-monthly e-zine that will launch on the world wide web on March 22, 2001. The publication, created by Feona Sharhran Huff, herself a single mother, explores issues all solo parenting females can relate to and are interested in. With regular departments including: health and wellness, personal finance, relationships, travel, lifestyles, entertainment, food, the exchange room, and the resource center, single moms alike will come away rejuvenated and empowered. The magazine will also include feature articles, monthly contests, and a feedback section. An emphasis will be placed on The Exchange Room and The Resource Center.

In the Exchange Room, single mothers will be able to post their needs (i. e. baby clothes, furniture, toys) in a message board like manner and other single mothers will be able to respond and connect to get the items they need. At The Resource Center, single mothers will find a comprehensive listing of organizations within the United States that assist single mothers with things such as money for school, food, childcare, support groups, finding jobs, etc. Plus, good reads for mom and child and website links will be available.

Ms. Huff is extremely excited and hopeful about her magazine venture. "I've always wanted to produce my own magazine, but was waiting for the right time and

Appropriate cause," says the 25 year old mother of Clara. "After having Clara and coming to terms with the reality of being a single mother, I decided to combine my writing skills with the need for a single mother support system."

Ms. Huff also credits long-time friend, Eric "DeAnthony" Powell for giving her the extra push. "One evening while I was working on a freelance project for another magazine, DeAnthony asked me, "Why don't you start your own magazine? What's the hold up?" Ms. Huff didn't have a legitimate answer. The next day, she started conducting research and making some phone calls. And, four months later, Ms. Huff has

People eagerly anticipating the arrival of the internet magazine.

"Producing Single Momz Magazine is my pleasure," continues Ms. Huff. "As long as single mothers have access to the internet, they can read informative yet non-preachy and fun articles. I hope that single mothers will log onto to the site and get the help they need and deserve."

If you have any story ideas, wish to contribute as a volunteer writer, or have a product/service you'd like reviewed, please contact Feona Sharhran Huff via e-mail at singlemomzmag@yahoo. com or write her at: 225 Covert Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207.