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Celebrate National Boss’ Day

Celebrate National Boss’ Day

It is time, once again, to celebrate the knowledge, hard work and commitment of managers around the world. Author and expert Roy Lantz provides advice on how taking the time to recognize a current boss or manager can help an employee later down the road.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) October 10, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006 is National Boss Day. A day when employees are able to recognize those in supervisory positions. While the day was first celebrated in America in 1958, it has become an international celebration in recent years. It is used to help improve relationships between employees and management.

Many employees don’t realize the challenges bosses face in running a business. Taking a moment to recognize them for all their hard work and energy is the first step to improving relationships, creating opportunities and paving the way for future successes.

Roy Lantz learned his appreciation for management the hard way. As he recounts in his book, “Never Beat the Boss at Horseshoes,” Roy showed up his boss at a company picnic by beating him at a game of horseshoes. The following Friday, Roy was fired. While the two events were not entirely connected, he did learn that the event is not as important as the way in which he reacted to it.

“A manager has the ability to make or break an employee’s career,” said Lantz. “The first step to achieving success is recognizing your bosses’ abilities and knowledge.”

By utilizing their boss as a resource, employees will be much more prepared for the road ahead, including promotions, firings, management and more. Taking the time to recognize a manager is the first, and often most important, way to being promoted into a management position.

“Employees often just need to be reminded of all the hard work that bosses do every day,” Lantz said. “By setting aside one day to appreciate their manager, they are helping cement a relationship that can help propel them to future successes.”

About Roy Lantz:

Roy has been traveling the globe since 1986, sharing his unique perspectives on winning the game of life. Roy is a professional speaker and author of The Care and Keeping of Customers, and his newest book, Never Beat the Boss at Horseshoes...102 Ways to Pitch Ringer After Ringer in the Game of Life. He is sought after internationally as a speaker, trainer and facilitator.

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