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CareerMVP. com Network Officially Announces Tempe, AZ Career Site

CareerMVP. com Network Officially Announces Tempe, AZ Career Site

TempeCareers. com provides complete guide to Tempe Employment Market.

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) April 19, 2006

The CareerMVP. com Network is proud to announce its career site in Tempe, AZ. The site is appropriately named TempeCareers. com, leaving no doubt that the purpose of the site is to provide career information for the Tempe, AZ area.

TempeCareers. com is partnered with the other 1,000 business and career sites in the CareerMVP Network which allows applicants and employers to target their search to a specific industry, job type or geographical area.

The network is built on the philosophy of President and 30-year recruiting veteran, Doug Sparks, who was one of the first Certified Personnel Consultants in North Carolina. “We want to share our recruiting knowledge and strategies with applicants to empower them to make informed career decisions by researching all options exactly as a good recruiting firm does. Even sites with a million listings only carry one-third to one-sixth of the job openings in the country. So instead of relying just on current job listings, applicants need to research and build relationships with all companies in their desired area whether those companies are advertising or not.”

TempeCareers. com is built on this philosophy with the goal of being a complete guide with all the information applicants need to find a career in the Tempe area. It’s simple. Instead of searching through one massive site with generic information, applicants can go straight to one site carrying specific information for Tempe including company profiles, career listings and area information. So applicants get all the information they need in one convenient place, the site also carries more general information and services such as career advice, salary research, professional and social networking, travel planning and booking, national business news and real estate listings.

This philosophy also benefits the employers through increased recruiting efficiencies. An employer’s career listing can easily disappear on a site with a million listings. So, they have to continually increase their advertising budget to get noticed by their desired applicants as well as the millions of applicants they don’t need. Targeted sites like TempeCareers. com allow employers to attract the specific applicants they need with a reasonable budget while decreasing the administrative burden of handling extraneous applications. The wide range of content on the sites also attracts the highly desirable and hard to find, ‘Passive Applicants’, who are not actively searching.

Employee retention can increase because applicants who make educated career decisions are more likely to stay with a company because their expectations of the job and company culture are more realistic. Plus, they are not as likely to wonder about all the other opportunities that may be available because they have already researched them.

“We’re delighted by the expansion of our CareerMVP recruiting brand in Tempe,” said Chris Sparks, Vice President and Co-Founder. “CareerMVP sites have proven to be extremely popular with applicants and employers who desire high-quality, efficient services for targeting their search. We are confident that TempeCareers. com will be an integral part of the employment process for applicants and employers interested in the Tempe area.”

CAREERMVP. COM operates the largest number of individual business and career sites in the world. It’s more than 1,000 sites include over 250 industry sites, 55 state sites and 600 US city sites. Each site in the network is partnered with some of the largest brands on the web who provide co-branded content and services including career advice, salary research, professional and social networking, travel planning and booking, national business news and real estate listings. Its clients include some of the largest advertising agencies and companies in the world. The company is headquartered 45 minutes from Research Triangle Park in Greensboro, N. C. It is consistently ranked as one of the recruitment advertising industry’s most admired networks by industry experts. For more information, please visit our web site at www. CareerMVP. com.

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