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There's a New Restaurant in Town, or is There? - Gol! The Taste of Brazil Re-brands to Nelore Churrascaria in Orlando, FL

There's a New Restaurant in Town, or is There? - Gol! The Taste of Brazil Re-brands to Nelore Churrascaria in Orlando, FL

Previously known as 'Gol! The Taste of Brazil', Nelore Churrascaria is gracing Orlando with the chance to explore a realm of flavors unmatched by most upscale steakhouses. The name change and new look and feel was necessary in achieving a more upscale brand to represent the quality of the food and restaurant itself.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 9, 2008

Previously known as 'Gol! The Taste of Brazil', Nelore Churrascaria (http://www. neloreorlando. com) is gracing Orlando with the chance to explore a realm of flavors unmatched by most upscale steakhouses.

In fact, churrascaria, which translates into Brazilian steakhouse, should be your first hint that Nelore doesn't just offer slabs of quality meat, but instead a dining experience unlike any other. Nelore uses the Brazilian style of grilling meat that's called churrasco, which was created by Brazilian cowboys called gauchos. When dinnertime came around, the gauchos would gather whatever meat they had on hand that day and grill around a large open pit. The boys would learn the art of grilling from their fathers and in this way, the churrasco method would be passed down for years with each generation adding new aspects to this culinary art. These days Nelore, which translates literally to the highest quality breed of cattle in Portuguese, isn't just serving what they have on hand, but the finest cuts of meat available.

As with many mentionable steakhouses, Nelore provides a hearty meal, although this is only the beginning. Scrumptious meats are always a plus, but meat paraded to your table on skewers by gauchos is a whole new level of excellence - authentic Brazilian cuisine. Seventeen lavish meats ranging from salmon to fillet mignon wrapped in bacon are served all for the price of just one steak. And, other than the effort of flipping over a disc provided at your seat (which indicates if you're still in the feasting game) you have only to relax and focus on what matters: the food!

An excellently assorted salad bar is also available for vegetarians, or for alongside the seemingly endless, main course.

" …you'll find various greens, dressing and other recognizable salad accouterments. But you'll also see such things as hearts of palm, big artichoke heart bottoms, freshly sliced prosciutto, thick asparagus spears, taboule, chunks of Parmesan cheese, mozzarella, balls of red beets, earthly mushrooms and potato salad. There are also some hot items in silver chafing dishes, including Brazilian-style rice and beans, black beans, white rice, mashed potatoes, fried yuca, grilled plantains […] The quality of the sirloin and rib eye was as good as you'll find in a high-priced steakhouse. And usually the server can accommodate requests for rare or medium-rare from the same skewer." - Scott Joseph, Orlando Sentinel (http://royallmediapr. blogspot. com/2008/03/dining-table-matters-review-nelore. html)

Private rooms are also available for reservations should the occasion arise for the need of such accommodations.

RMI (Royall Media, Inc) (http://www. royallmedia. com) has been alongside the transitional phase Nelore has undergone during the re-branding from the former 'Gol! The Taste of Brazil', assisting with the designing and placing advertisements, photography, and general brand transitioning.

"The old brand was quite catchy and although it had all of the colors of the Brazilian flag, most people didn't understand the concept of the restaurant. The new colors and logo are more representative of the quality and upscale dining experience that you'll get at Nelore, and the name has a good story behind it for PR purposes."

  • Shaun G. Whalen, RMI Creative Director

Nelore Churrascaria (http://www. neloreorlando. com) houses a magnificent, glassed-in wine cellar with a strong emphasis on Latin wines from Chile, Argentina, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, as well as wines from the United States, France and Italy. As should be expected, Nelore features wines rarely tasted in the United States that are true jewels from around the world. For Instance, Nelore has the country's best collection of wines made from the Carmenere grape found in Chile. This grape was planted in Chile over 50 years ago by French winemakers and forgotten by the world. The Rothschild family rediscovered this varietal some years ago when a plague wiped out the original Carmenere planting in France.

Similarly, Nelore also presents the finest wines from the Malbec region. Malbec grapes need great care, and therefore many Malbec wines are produced that are rough and unpleasant. On Nelore's wine list, however, you will find the world's best Malbecs at accessible prices that will thrill your taste buds.

After three months of operation, Nelore was given the Wine Spectator Award, verifying their know-how in the world of wines.

Additionally, Nelore offers to their clients a minimum of 10 wines rated 90 or better by famed wine critic, Robert Parker, for less than $100. A large selection of wine by glass is also available to allow clients to taste many wines during their meal until they find that perfect combination. Nelore uses only Riedel glasses and decanters.

A Happy hour takes place weeknights from 5 - 7 p. m., which boasts two for one drinks.
Nelore is excellent for family dinners, offering free meals for children 6 and under, meals half off for children 7 - 12, and special pricing for those interested in just one entré or just the salad bar.

Located on I-Drive in Orlando, it's something new for those who live in the area, or an experience for those who plan to travel to Orlando soon. You can book your reservation (http://neloreorlando. com/) here in advance and score dining points through Open Table.

"There's really no way to come to a place such as this and not eat too much. As long as you're going to overeat, it might as well be on good food." - Scott Joseph

Nelore Churrascaria
5350 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819

Http://www. neloreorlando. com (http://www. neloreorlando. com)
Http://www. royallmedia. com (http://www. royallmedia. com)


Westchester Company Battles Suburban Bed Bug Invasion

Westchester Company Battles Suburban Bed Bug Invasion

There’s a frightening invasion underway and the tiny invaders are seemingly everywhere --- from luxury hotels to college dorms to retail stores to your very own home. Top Dog Scent Detection’s secret weapon is Trace, a rescue dog with a nose for the bloodthirsty pests.

Armonk, NY (Vocus) August 16, 2010

There’s a frightening invasion underway and the tiny invaders are seemingly everywhere -- from luxury hotels to college dorms to retail stores to your very own home.

Bed bugs, largely eradicated in the developed world in the early 1940s, are back with a vengeance. While recent headlines have focused on the growing bed bug infestation in New York City’s apartments, retail stores and hotels, the small bloodsucking pests are finding a home in the northern suburbs.

Standing ready to combat this insidious assault is a Westchester company whose secret weapon is a one-year-old rescue dog named Trace.

Top Dog Scent Detection Inc. of Armonk combines 30 years of pest control experience with a highly trained bed bug detection team to accurately identify sites of bed bug activity. The family owned company’s “green” approach to battling bed bugs seeks to minimize the expense and inconvenience of controlling and eliminating bed bugs from a home or business property.

“Everyone seems to think that bed bugs are just a city problem. But bed bugs are just as comfortable in a suburban home as a big city apartment building. We’re finding there is a strong and growing market for our services in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties,” said Marcia Tokson, who owns Top Dog Scent Detection with her husband Seth.

Top Dog Scent Detection is unique in that it only provides targeted detection services and does not handle bed bug treatments. “By being independent, we have no conflict of interest in targeting areas designated for treatment. As a result, there is lower treatment cost, less pesticide application and less time consumed in preparing for treatment,” said Seth Tokson, who has more than 25 years experience in the pest control business.

Top Dog Scent Detection provides a written report for its clients and will recommend reputable pest control companies to handle the treatment. The company also provides guidelines for preparing for bed bug treatment that should be used in tandem with the recommendations from a pest control operator. Inspection fees for private residence average $375 for a 3-bedroom home. For entire apartment complexes the fees per unit range from $20 to $40.

The “top dog” at Top Dog Scent Detection is Trace, a lab/pointer mix who was rescued from an animal shelter and trained at the renowned Florida Canine Academy. Trace graduated with more than 800 hours of bed bug scent detection training. Seth Tokson, who is the senior dog handler for Top Dog, has spent many years training dogs in obedience and is certified by the Florida Canine Academy in Safety Harbor, Florida. Marcia, who has an MBA in marketing, is also a certified dog handler.

The company’s clients include owners of single-family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, nursing homes, colleges, hospitals, retail stores, movie theaters and dry cleaners, to name a few. “As you can see from our client list, no one is safe from bed bugs. They’re everywhere,” said Seth Tokson. Because of the social stigma of having bed bugs, the company’s clients seek to remain anonymous. “No one wants to be associated with having bed bugs. But the reality is that bed bugs don’t discriminate. They will prey on the rich, the poor and everyone in between.” 

The recent surge in bed bugs has been attributed to a number of factors including the lack of potent pesticides and the increased ease of international travel. Adult bed bugs, which are about the size of an apple seed, can move from one person’s belongings to another person’s belongings on plane rides, mass transit, and in movie theaters. The nymphs, which measure about one millimeter, are even more difficult to spot. While most people think of bed bugs as living in mattresses or couches, they will live in any crack or crevice where a business card can fit into which includes electrical outlets, picture frames and electronics.
Bed bugs are active mainly at night when they can feed unnoticed on their hosts. Bed bugs also have a unique ability to hide which means inspections must be more thorough than for other pests like cockroaches and mice. Bed bug bites vary in size and itchiness. In many cases, there are no visible signs of bites or bites may appear weeks after a person was bitten, which makes identifying and eradicating infestations difficult. And because bed bugs have not been around for so many years, some physicians are not accurately diagnosing the symptoms.

“Dealing with bed bugs can be a financially and emotionally draining experience. At Top Dog, we pride ourselves on providing highly professional and targeted inspection services that will help eradicate the infestation while minimizing costs and the disruption of your home or business,” said Seth Tokson. 
For more information about Top Dog Scent Detection, visit http://www. bed. bug. sleuth. com