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Brand New Breakthrough Home-Study Program Shows How to Get Rid of Your Glasses Without Resorting to Laser Surgery, by Exercising Less Than One Hour Per Day

Brand New Breakthrough Home-Study Program Shows How to Get Rid of Your Glasses Without Resorting to Laser Surgery, by Exercising Less Than One Hour Per Day

Evgania Mehler, author of "The Truth About Eyesight - The Paradox Of Glasses" and the "Unleash Your Vision" home-study course unveils an one-hour daily exercise system to not only improve one's eyesight, but also one's overall health and get rid of eyeglasses.

(PRWEB) June 4, 2008

Evgania Mehler, author of recently launched book, "Unleash-Your-Vision" asks, "Are you wearing glasses or contacts? If so, throw them away and see perfectly without ever having to resort to vision aids ever again!"

Here's how this discovery occurred: Young and beautiful actress Evgania Mehler discovered a book on her dining room table, about improving one's eyesight, written in her native Russian. After reading it, she travelled to Russia and studied with the author and his master teachers. She discovered and mastered this miraculous cure for the problems that humans experience that caused them to need glasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery.

"Unleash Your Vision", by Evgania Mehler is an awe-inspiring story of how Evgania threw away her glasses, and created the entire method after teaching hundreds of others, personally, to throw away their glasses. In her book, workbook and DVD series she's created a complete step-by-step plan.

"Unleash Your Vision" explains in simple English terms:

  • How it works.
  • Why it works?
  • The life changes that occur.
Along with the exercises on DVD that the participants can do to improve their vision and return it to 20/20 vision, the way nature meant it to be, they'll gain with an option for a lifestyle change using food and fruits, vegetables and other great foods to naturally heal many diseases in the body.

Evgania's book "Unleash Your Vision" is a chronicle of her miraculous journey. It's filled with techniques and exercises along with her inspiring story, so that also the reader can throw away his glasses, contacts, and avoids dangerous laser eye surgery with its high failure rate. Simply, it's an opportunity to get rid of any vision impairments and see clearly.

Evgania's words stir the soul and create miracles for thousands who have taken the course. Losing her mother at the age of eight, and moving to Israel from her native Russia at the age of 13 left Evgania with emotional pain and visual impairment that she struggled with until she found that book of the secrets from her Russian Masters she was destined to study with.

In "Unleash Your Vision", Evgania Mehler tells the reader how she overcame her sadness and physical traumas to become successful, healthy, and full of spirit and life. She will share her secrets of improving one's whole self to improve one's vision. A well known doctor only read the book and reported improved vision by just using a few of her life changing techniques. He reports, "I could not believe the power of this book. As I read the words and followed along with Evgania's story of desperation and finally her life changing discovery, I realized that my vision had become stronger."

"Sadly, many people will go through their entire lives without EVER experiencing the freedom and independence of 20/20 vision, or the vision they truly desire," Evgania says in "Unleash Your Vision". "I don't want you to be one of them."

Evgania makes a promise to those reading her book:
"Unleash Your Vision" by Evgania Mehler - the book, workbook, and DVD system will teach the reader exactly what they have to do to achieve the 20/20 vision they've been waiting for. They'll learn to do it in a way that will make them feel good and happy inside because they'll know that they're giving themselves the eyesight they really want - a clear, sharp and detailed vision. Evgania says, "I personally guarantee it."

Hundreds of people have written letters to Evgania thanking her for her book because of the results they are getting with their vision improvement. They are also thankful for the happiness they have in their lives, the joy, the connection they developed to other people and themselves, the emotional stability they build up, the health and control they gained over their lives, and for feeling much more attractive.

"Unleash Your Vision" contains a Russian secret that has never been revealed to the Western World until now. It was originally written in the Russian language, but Evgania wanted to reveal this Russian secret of improved vision to the rest of the world.

It's the companion book to Evgania's DVD course that includes eye Aerobics, called "Eye-Lypmix" and other exercises that will keep you out of the eye doctor's office and allow the reader to finally throw away those glasses or contacts forever. The techniques are based upon eye exercises, the reader's emotional state and their diet. All of it without laser surgery, eye infections, expensive chemicals or glasses that cover up the beauty of the person behind them.


Winner of Honeymoon Contest Dreams of Exotic Foods and Cultures

Winner of Honeymoon Contest Dreams of Exotic Foods and Cultures

Johanne Auerböck of Somerville, Massachusetts, is the most recent winner of the ongoing honeymoon contest sponsored by Traveler’s Joy, an online honeymoon registry, and Creative Honeymoon Ideas, a website that helps couples dream up a creative honeymoon. The honeymoon contest encourages couples to describe their dream honeymoon in 300 words or less for a chance to win $100; the next entry deadline is May 31.

Winona, MN (PRWEB) April 26, 2006

Johanne Auerböck of Somerville, Massachusetts, is the most recent winner of the ongoing honeymoon contest sponsored by Creative Honeymoon Ideas (http://www. CreativeHoneymoonIdeas. info (http://www. CreativeHoneymoonIdeas. info)) and Traveler’s Joy honeymoon registry (http://www. TravelersJoy. com (http://www. TravelersJoy. com)). Her short description of her dream honeymoon was judged most original and well-written, earning her and her fiancé $100 toward making that dream a reality.

Here’s the beginning of Johanne’s winning entry: “Carlos and I fell in love while traveling, he asked me to marry him while we were traveling, and it feels important to start off our married life with a trip to set a precedent. We know what we want. Our dream honeymoon is somewhere completely foreign, where simply walking down the street feels like an education. A place where the question of the day is, ‘What is that?’ and where the desired response is usually, ‘I don’t know, but let’s eat it!’” The rest of her dream honeymoon to China can be found at http://www. CreativeHoneymoonIdeas. info/contest. htm (http://www. CreativeHoneymoonIdeas. info/contest. htm).

The honeymoon contest runs every two months, with the next entry deadline coming up on May 31. Previously, Jennifer Callahan of San Francisco, California, won in March for her evocative description of a tropical honeymoon. "There have been so many wonderful ideas rolling in for the honeymoon contest, it's hard to choose a winner,” said Brandon Warner, president of Traveler's Joy.

Traveler’s Joy is an online honeymoon registry that specializes in helping couples to make their dream honeymoon a reality. Couples create a free account, build a customized registry complete with honeymoon details and photos, and then send registry notices to their wedding guests. The couple receives a wedding gift they will remember for a lifetime: the perfect honeymoon. Creative Honeymoon Ideas helps couples think creatively as they dream about their honeymoon. The site lists some fun, offbeat honeymoon destinations -- like a tropical treehouse, or a hotel made of snow and ice (both of which boast honeymoon packages). But it also suggests more ordinary honeymoon ideas with a creative twist -- hidden Hawaii, for instance, or a honeymoon cruise aboard a paddlewheel steamboat.

The two websites teamed up to sponsor the ongoing honeymoon contest, in which couples describe their dream honeymoon in 300 words or less for a chance to win $100. The prize money is deposited in a Traveler’s Joy honeymoon registry account; the winning couple has the option of either withdrawing the money, or using the registry to give their wedding guests the chance to contribute toward their honeymoon. Entries will be judged on quality and originality. The winning entry, along with honorable mentions, will be featured at both Creative Honeymoon Ideas and Traveler’s Joy as a way of inspiring other couples to dream more creatively about their own honeymoons.

For complete terms and conditions, and to enter the contest, visit http://www. CreativeHoneymoonIdeas. info/contest. htm (http://www. CreativeHoneymoonIdeas. info/contest. htm).

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Paradise Brokers Alerts All Investors to Act Now on Prime Costa Rica Properties for Sale

Paradise Brokers Alerts All Investors to Act Now on Prime Costa Rica Properties for Sale

There are endless opportunities for investors for Costa Rica property due to the progression of this country.

(PRWEB) October 11, 2007

Paradise Brokers (http://www. paradisebrokers. net (http://www. paradisebrokers. net)) is the ultimate leader when it comes to Costa Rica property for sale. The relationship between the Costa Rica government and Paradise Brokers has turned into huge profits. Costa Rica is the place to invest in. Major Corporations are opening in Costa Rica. Tourism is at an all time high. The export industry is thriving. Costa Rica real estate has a high supply with moderate demand. Costa Rica Land is being sold at bargain prices. Investors can currently buy Costa Rica land 50% to 75% less than what an equivalent purchase would cost in the United States or any other tropical area.

The return on the investment of Costa Rica land is tremendous. The key to this success is to buy smart now. Costa Rica property is surrounded by its natural beauty of waterfalls, mountain peeks, colorful birds and other animals. Friendly citizens, low crime rate, white sand beaches and so much more. Costa Rica is a safe place to invest in terms of not losing your investment. Property taxes are one quarter of one percent of the value of the property. Potential investors are walked step by step through the process. After viewing the free DVD, (Investors Blueprint to Costa Rica Riches) the deal is in motion.

About Paradise Brokers
Paradise Brokers (http://www. paradisebrokers. net (http://www. paradisebrokers. net)) is 'developing paradise' in Costa Rica as a full service real estate investment, development and property management company. Whether you are interested in panoramic ocean views, waterfalls, golf course lots, or mountain and river views, Paradise Brokers has it all: financing available. Their four offices provide unparalleled service and accessibility and that's why COO Nick Halverson says, "We didn't create paradise, we made it accessible." Paradise Brokers' lucrative program has a 100% money back guarantee and they will arrange all your travel, lodging, and excursions. For a limited time, get a $1,500 reimbursement upon visiting your new property.

For more information call 1-877-CRLand1, (275-2631). Grab your FREE 40 minute DVD and the 'Blueprint to Costa Rica Riches' NOW at http://www. developingparadise. com (http://www. developingparadise. com).

Nick Halverson
Paradise Brokers, S. A.
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San José,
Costa Rica,
Apdo. 314-8000
Phone 506.770.3662
1-877-CRland 1 (1 877 275-2631)
Nick(at)paradisebrokers. com
Http://www. developingparadise. com (http://www. developingparadise. com)

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