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Private Jets Could be the Real Winner at 2010 World Cup

Private Jets Could be the Real Winner at 2010 World Cup

Overwhelming travel problems in South Africa fuel another private aviation rebound

(Vocus) June 3, 2010

Over 40% of soccer fans say they have been priced out of attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to spiraling costs in the weeks leading up to the finals in South Africa. The mounting costs have resulted in a 50% drop in expected foreign attendance.

The factors surrounding the dramatic decrease in foreign attendance are legion, but the primary reason often mentioned is the difficulty of travel. The exotic location of South Africa has become a burden for many travelers and those who are fortunate enough to make the long haul trip into the country could potentially be met with further difficulties.

“I’ve been planning on going to the World Cup for three years now” soccer fan, Charlie Morrison says, “but now between booking my long haul flights, and factoring in travel to each game once we get to South Africa, the trip has just become a total nightmare.”

Statements like this have become increasingly more common. What was once supposed to be the country's arrival on the international stage and a symbol of South Africa’s ability to overcome oppression has now turned into a traveler's expensive ordeal. So much so, that some are opting to stay home to avoid traveling woes. As a result of the growing concerns over travel, many viable alternatives other than commercial aviation have surfaced to ease tourists’ travel anxieties.

While many fans find themselves playing the role of their own personal travel agents, many charter services are offering their services to assure fans that they will have efficient and reliable travel during the World Cup. The world’s largest global air charter company, Air Partner, is providing transportation for over ten thousand passengers ranging from whole teams to fans. “The World Cup is a phenomenal event unlike any other. With all the complications already reported we are taking measures to insure that we get fans to where they need to be.” Says Phil Mathews, president of Air Partner, North America.

Air Partner appointed a World Cup representative in South Africa last summer and secured a preferred supplier agreement with a locally based B737 operator for the duration of the tournament. Specialist sports teams in the company’s 20 international offices, but particularly those in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Switzerland, have been organizing flights on the aircraft for groups ranging from 110 to 330.

“Enquiries and bookings related to the World Cup continue to keep our Commercial Jets, Private Jets, and 24/7 Operations divisions busy, said Mathews. “And our ServicePLUS team, which arranges bespoke in-flight services and products, is being kept busy by many clients wanting to transform their charters into unique and memorable experiences.”

Air Partner is available to speak about travel issues surrounding the 2010 World Cup. Please contact PUBLIC for interviews and images.

About Air Partner

Air Partner is a world-class provider of aviation services to industry, commerce, governments and individuals worldwide. The company has earned global recognition as a leading aircraft charter broker and organises ad hoc charters of aircraft of every size for any reason. Its core divisions comprise Air Partner Private Jets, Air Partner Commercial Jets and Air Partner Freight. Air Partner Private Jets offers on-demand charter and the company’s unique pre-paid JetCard scheme. The Commercial Jets division charters airliners with 20 to 500 seats to move groups of every size. Air Partner Freight charters aircraft of every size to fly any cargo anywhere, at any time. With its headquarters in the UK, Air Partner has 20 offices spanning Europe, North America, the Far East and Middle East and operates a 24/7 year-round Flight Support Centre from its London Gatwick base. The Group was formed in 1961, is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange, is debt free and had £14.7m in cash at the end of the half year to 31 January. Air Partner is the only company in the aviation industry to hold a Royal Warrant (as Supplier of Aircraft Charter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II), a globally recognised mark of excellence.

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Travelers Tax Group Helps the Rich and Famous Save Face When Tagged by the Internal Revenue Service for Back Taxes

Travelers Tax Group Helps the Rich and Famous Save Face When Tagged by the Internal Revenue Service for Back Taxes

Travelers Tax Group is the nation's premiere company that helps thousands of people from all walks of life who are plagued with IRS problems.

Los Angeles CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2004

When bad things happen to famous peopleÂ… IRS tax problems can be a potential career-ender for high profile, high-income individuals whose only fault may have been taking bad financial advice. Just ask Pete Rose, Willie Nelson or John Travolta.

In fact, the focus and concentration it takes to succeed as an entertainer, doctor, lawyer  even a Certified Public Accountant  often leaves little time to devote to overseeing the bookkeeper.

When celebrities fall behind on taxes, Travelers Tax Group specializes in working out a settlement with the IRS that benefits everyone, according to Patrick Oakes, company president.

“The IRS takes out a lot of people  Willie Nelson, Pete Rose, Mike Tyson, a lot of actors and boxers,” he says. “We have a lot of lawyers and doctors and dentists who are clients because they can be terrible about keeping track of the books; they are tops in their profession because of what they do, not because they know how to manage their finances.”

Oakes says high-profile high earners often prefer to contact by phone his national team of lawyers, accountants and federally licensed enrolled agents at their offices in Los Angeles and Chicago rather than face the shame of tax trouble in their own circle.

“Tax problems aren’t something you talk about at cocktail parties,” says Oakes. “It’s an embarrassment. They want to be able to call somebody across the country that they know is competent to handle it for them directly with the IRS. They want to deal with it by phone; they don’t want to have to walk into an office and feel self-conscious.”

Unlike other tax services, Travelers Tax Group works with the IRS on a daily basis to classify its accounts receivable. In most cases, they present a settlement offer (called an offer in compromise) that satisfies the collection needs of the IRS while saving their clients thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties and fees.

“The one thing the government has to balance is, if you are a profitable person, you’re going to add to the economy,” says Oakes. “If they throw you into a black hole of debt by coming after your liabilities, it’s going to hurt the economy.”

Travelers Tax Group has even represented CPAs caught in the IRS net. “Yes, even CPAs can get into trouble. We’ve had CPA clients. That’s a pride thing there.”