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AirportLIMO. com Launches Worldwide Online Corporate Ground Transportation Company

AirportLIMO. com Launches Worldwide Online Corporate Ground Transportation Company

AirportLIMO. com, a South Windsor, Conn. - based Limousine Company announced the launch of their new online booking tool which caters to Corporate, Executive, Charter, and Private Aviation Travelers. Led by President and CEO Michael Lindsey, who has over 25 years experience in corporate ground transportation, AirportLIMO. com will be an extension of the well established Lindsey Limousine, Inc, Connecticut's leading corporate ground transporation service.

South Windsor, Conn. (PRWEB) May 12, 2009

AirportLIMO. com, a South Windsor, Conn. - based Limousine Company announced the launch of their new online booking tool which caters to Corporate, Executive, Charter, and Private Aviation Travelers. An extension of Lindsey Limousine, Inc., which was founded in 1989, AirportLIMO. com will bring together two great brands and the knowledge and experience that is necessary to facilitate a seamless reservation process for the customer.

AirportLIMO. com eliminates the hassles of finding and screening multiple limousine companies in multiple locations. With just one phone call, clients can make reservations in every major U. S. metropolitan markets and over a dozen other countries including the U. K, Australia, France, Italy, Mexico, India, and Hong Kong.

"AirportLIMO. com is unlike other so-called Worldwide Ground Transportation Providers, because we are actually managed by a company that owns vehicles and operates a Real Limousine Service", said Michael Lindsey, President and CEO of AirportLIMO. com and Lindsey Limousine, Inc. "We are not just a booking agent; we understand every facet of the business from handling client requests to professionally training Chauffeurs, and overseeing a preventive vehicle maintenance program. Our goal is to provide a consistent level of service throughout multiple markets by hand-selecting a reliable base of Affiliates."

AirportLIMO. com is not a directory or lead generation service, and therefore manages each reservation from the time the client makes the reservation to the moment they are dropped off at their final destination.

"The brand is unmistakable, AirportLIMO. com is the one source for Worldwide Airport Limousine and Ground Transportation service - period" said Lindsey, "After having a bad experience with other limousine services, our customers instantly realize they are dealing with a different breed of Limousine Company when they make their very first phone call to AirportLIMO. com"

Another big benefit is AirportLIMO. com's consolidated billing service. Customers only need to make one phone call for all of their ground transportation services, and all the billing for their services are generated by one source with the same name conveniently listed on their charge card statements.

"AirportLIMO. com specializes in Executive Ground Transportation, and we understand wants, needs, and demands of the Corporate, Executive, Charter, and Private Aviation Traveler" says Lindsey. Customers can also enjoy the convenience of online reservations and access to their account where they can make, change, or even print out receipts from previous reservations.

About AirportLIMO. com
AirportLIMO. com is a privately-owned Limousine Service located in South Windsor, Connecticut and has become a trusted source for the corporate, executive, charter, and private aviation market through a proven track record of customer-focused service.

For more information: www. AirportLIMO. com


Imperial Feng Shui Master Tips for Prosperity in 2007

Imperial Feng Shui Master Tips for Prosperity in 2007

Kwai Lan Chan, internationally known Master of Imperial Feng Shui, offers her annual tips on the occasion of this Chinese New year of the Fire Pig to improve your luck in the coming months.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2007

Kwai Lan Chan (http://www. kwailanchan. com), president of ImperialFengShui. com, releases her annual advisory for the coming Chinese New Year, the year of the Fire Pig, complimentary for all her students world-wide and for those who may be seeking answers to perplexing problems that seem to be keeping them stalled on the path to prosperity. Her students and those who have attended her seminars attest to the facts that, by redirecting the energies of homes and offices, vast improvements have come about.

As Chinese all over the world prepare for the coming New Year which begins on the Gregorian calendar February 18, 2007, Master Kwai Lan Chan (http://www. kwailanchan. com) urges others to join in the processes of clearing the clutter away from home and office environments and thank their personal God for gifts received in the past year and anticipated for the coming year.

Master Kwai Lan Chan (http://www. fengshuibesttips. com) finds this time of year her busiest as worldwide students contact her for assistance in preparing for the New Year which heralds a change in the energies that affect every person on the planet. For example, last year, the Year of the Dog, Master Kwai Lan Chan noted that it would be a very good year for lottery wins and many students reported having done just that. The energies of the New Year are different, as any student of Feng Shui will attest, and, therefore, Master Kwai Lan Chan (http://www. fengshuibesttips. com) offers simple tips for the coming year.

Based on thousands of years of observation by the Chinese Feng Shui scholars, her predictions are centered on the energies of both the universe and immediate surroundings which affect life progress at any given time. For that reason, her annual tips are of a general nature and more specific assistance may be acquired by contacting her personally. In general terms, then, the following are characteristics that may be expected in the Year of the Fire Pig:

  •  This year contains many elements of water and metal indicating that we can expect a great deal of water and cold weather. Mud slides may occur where there is not enough vegetation to absorb the water.
  •  Romance (http://fengshuiromance. com) is indicated but not commitment. It is strongly suggested that romantic attachments remain in just the close relationship stage until a more auspicious time for carrying it further into a commitment.
  •  Entertainment is stronger than usual in the Year of the Fire Pig and will be a good year for this industry.
  •  Travel and business are strongly indicated as positives in this New Year. However, the energy is not strong for investing. Real estate investing should be winners if caution is taken to insure a cushion of profit before the investment is made.
  •  Remodeling (http://www. fengshuibestseminars. com) of houses this year should not be started in the northwest, southeast, or north east portions of the house. The work should begin in another location before proceeding.
  •  For people who were born in the Year of the Pig, there is a travel advisory to allow plenty of time to go from point A to point B. Rushing to get somewhere because you are late may result in traffic accidents.
  •  People born in the Year of the Pig should be extremely careful about lending money or gambling in any way.
  •  Year of the Pig birth sign people are advised to carry a Rabbit symbol with them. By seeing the Rabbit often and concentrating on that energy (known as chi in Chinese), any negative chi for the Pig birth sign people can be altered favorably.
  •  Women are advised to pay special attention to health issues this year. Although it is a good year for having children, pregnant women should be extra attentive to their over all health. Elderly women should seek treatment for any stomach issues. In general, any woman who is not feeling well is advised to have an immediate check-up.
  •  Water fountains placed in southwest, south, or southeast locations are auspicious for attracting wealth and this year.
  •  The theft star is in the north and can be countered by placing a blue carpet in that area.
  •  Northeast is the sickness location for the Year of the Fire Pig and should be counteracted by the placing of a calabash (see website http://www. KwaiLanChan. com (http://www. KwaiLanChan. com) for information on this.
  •  For romance, place 9 roses in the east. You may visit www. fengshuiromance. com
  •  The center point in your environment this year relates to sickness energy. A heavy metal ornament is recommended for this area.

For those who already understand the basics of Feng Shui including the placement of objects in the environment which redirect negative energies, care must be taken not to put those objects in the wrong place. The aim is to align the environmental energies with those of the individual. As the chi cycle is in constant change, those placements need to be reconsidered for the coming year. More specific information can be found by contacting

Master Kwai Lan Chan (http://www. fengshuibestseminars. com) personally. Master Kwai Lan Chan's new edition of her Ebook (http://www. kwailanchan. com) "Cracking The Feng Shui Code" with 38 years of auspicious tips is now available for purchase, please email her magicalfengshui @ gmail. com

The purpose of making the proper alignments is to attract health, wealth, and happiness for the individual. Master Kwai Lan Chan's new book (http://www. kwailanchan. com), endorsed by several prominent motivational speakers, is scheduled for publication in October 2007.

Notes about Master Kwai Lan Chan: She is the world's only female recognized as a recipient of the Chan Clan family secrets of Imperial Feng Shui, passed down through generations from the Chan Clan who were once rulers in (http://www. kwailanchan. com) China. She was an associate producer of the recently released movie, Millionaire: Awaken Your Secret (http://www. millionaireclone. e3flix. com), based on the 100-million seller book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. You can order a pre-release copy of the film by visiting http://www. millionaireclone. e3flix. com (http://www. millionaireclone. e3flix. com).

©Kwai Lan (Lana) Chan Cook 2007

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