Friday, March 30, 2007

Another "Why didn't I think of that" invention, gearing for Holiday, MusicTote(tm) transforms your personal CD player into a portable stereo system

Another "Why didn't I think of that" invention, gearing for Holiday, MusicTote(tm) transforms your personal CD player into a portable stereo system.

MusicTote(tm) is a newly introduced personal electronic product, when coupled with a headphone CD/MP3 player it becomes a completely portable stereo system. Targeted at the teen and pre-teen market, the tote is anticipated to make holiday shopping easy for parents. It's a one of a kind!

(PRWEB) September 23, 2002

Las Cruces, NM September 23, 2002, "Almost everyone has found a new product and said "why didn't I think of that". This is a common reaction to the MusicTote(tm) MT-1(tm)", says inventor James Carter. "Almost every kid in the country owns a portable CD player". This patent pending product converts a personal CD/MP3 player or flash memory device into a carry and share anywhere stereo sound system ($29.95). "It makes a great first stereo for the kids and a neat get away music system for Mom and Dad."

"The concept is easy", says Carter, "provide a compact attractive carry anywhere CD bag and equip it with internal amplification and external speakers. Almost anyone who loves music and owns a personal headphone player can use this product". The completely portable system weighs less than three pounds; it is powered by a single 9-volt battery or can be used with a home or auto adapter".

Carter continues, "unzip the front of the bag, place your player in one of the two pockets, plug the pigtail from the MusicTote(tm) amplifier into the headpone jack of the player and turn them both on. The MusicTote(tm) will amplify and project your players music through it's own detachable twin speakers. The speakers can be pulled away from the sides of the bag and spaced apart approximately 14 inches on either side. If you are going to travel, simply press the speakes against the bag side and rewind the speaker wire into the bag using the wire rewind on the rear. The MusicTote(tm) is equipped with a carry handle, shoulder strap, auxiliary power jack, 12 CD storage compartment and zippered storage pocket. The system is a convenient means of taking your player and CDs anywhere; office, gym, beach, park or traveling in the car." "It's a great entertainment device for moms and kids, or anyone just getting away from it all, take your favorite tunes to the patio and unwind" says Carter.

The MusicTote(tm) is available at www. musictote. com and will be offered on www. timelife. com and www. amazon. com by the third week of September. A product review by Marc Lemay of Imass radio is posted at www. imassradio. com. For details and order information contact Mary Carter Director of Marketing at 505-527-0018 or e-mail to ccp@zianet. com.