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"Da Vinci" Unleashed by Incient of Dubplanet Records

"Da Vinci" Unleashed by Incient of Dubplanet Records

The Song "Da Vinci" is the first single release from the upcoming album "Blurred" slated to release October 2006.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2006

Travel through time with Incient as this mystical track takes you to places where powerful secrets are released.

Prepare yourself for the next chapter in the chronicles of Incient of Dubplanet Records with the highly anticipated release of his first single "Da Vinci" he takes his listeners on a trip into the world of secret societies, church secrets, and the possible existence of codes hidden with in masterpieces created by Leo nardo Da Vinci. So listen and enjoy, try to unlock the code as the track tackles many of the topics which are taboo these days.

The running concept in the song is the hiding of a the truth for evil gains. The track itself produce by H Parsons truly embodies the epic feel of the song. Incient hopes to shed more light on this very important and controversial topic of Da Vinci and the truth about the scared order of the Nights of Templar. The information in this track once released is sure to..spark more conversation in regards to the codes the secret and the possible truth that could change the world so please enjoy and see if you too can break the code.

Dubplanet Records in partnership with the music portal http://www. soundclick. com (http://www. soundclick. com) is proud to present the track "Da Vinci" available for preview and for sale direct link to Da Vinci

Http://www. soundclick. com/pro/view/01/default. cfm? bandid=530025&songid=3903372&content=song (http://www. soundclick. com/pro/view/01/default. cfm? bandid=530025&songid=3903372&content=song)


The Utility Company Adds to its Usage-based Computing Portfolio with Release of 1-866-My-Utility "Per Minute" Live Helpdesk Service

The Utility Company Adds to its Usage-based Computing Portfolio with Release of 1-866-My-Utility "Per Minute" Live Helpdesk Service

Computer Support On Demand service provides small and medium-sized businesses over 90% remote remediation for only $2 per minute.

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) March 19, 2008

The Utility Company, a single-source provider of technology, communications and business management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) across North America, today announced the release of its long-anticipated 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute Live Helpdesk Service. The new service looks to eradicate the traditional break/fix onsite technology service model still utilized by the majority of SMBs today and mark "The End of the Break/fix IT Guy".

1-866-My-Utility Per Minute forms the entry level service into The Utility Company's Connected Office Technology-as-a-Service Program, the only single-source solution addressing ALL things technology for SMBs focused on the five main areas of technology for business: IT (network, desktop, security, and storage), business applications, Web/Internet, copier/printer and telecommunications.

"We believe our 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute Live Helpdesk service marks a significant shift in managed IT service delivery and addresses THE area of frustration and inefficiency for the majority of businesses," stated Mark Scott, president and founder of The Utility Company. "The fact is most computer support issues can be triaged and solved remotely, therefore this service saves businesses 50-80% off their current break/fix service contract along with alleviating wait times and disruptions to operations. These savings can then be re-invested into more business-critical or strategic initiatives."

The Utility Company now addresses the three types of SMB technology customers, including:

  •  Tactical - "Do more with less", reactive customers with 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute
  •  Reliant - Technology critical to business, proactive customers with Connected Office (CO)
  •  Strategic - Technology as profit-driver customers with CO Business, CO Web, CO VoIP

The 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute service includes the following key features:

  •  8am-8pm ET access to live helpdesk service and support
  •  Over 90% remote remediation
  •  No minimum charges or travel
  •  Dramatically reduced waiting times and time to resolution
  •  Universal ID code for corporate use
  •  Great supplementary support for internal IT departments
  •  50-80% savings over typical break/fix support contracts
  •  Easy sign-up and service activation through www. theutilitycompany. com/perminute (http://www. theutilitycompany. com/perminute)

"What's exciting about 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute is that it introduces new customers to the strongest element of our service delivery 'system' - our world-class, Ottawa-based helpdesk team. Typically this is the area most technology organizations try to hide from customers due to lack of investment, poor support systems and robotic customer service," concluded Scott. "Our goal is to map our services to the specific type of customer and their needs. For a lot of businesses this is a great first step toward moving to a more proactive managed services model in the future, and beyond that, to ultimately invest in technologies that can actually drive revenues and streamline costs and business processes."

The 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute Live Helpdesk service is now available across North America with local onsite service and support provided by our growing network of Utility Service Provider franchises.

New customers can activate a 1-866-My-Utility Per Minute account as follows:

1. Register for service at www. theutilitycompany. com/perminute (http://www. theutilitycompany. com/perminute)
2. Receive Universal ID code
3. Call 1-866-My-Utility (698-8454) to start receiving support!

About The Utility Company
The Utility Company is a single-source provider of technology, communications and business management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across North America. Our Connected Office Technology-as-a-Service program provides a single point of contact for ALL things technology delivering the required hardware, software and service for a monthly fixed fee per user. Customers are supported by local Utility Service Providers delivering on-site service and business-technology consulting to reduce spending and increase utilization - our Beyond Managed Services franchise opportunity is available by prospectus only. Learn how to make technology work for your business today at www. theutilitycompany. com.

For more information contact:
Aaron Bradley
Director of Marketing
1-866-My-Utility ext.7675
Abradley(at)theutilitycompany. com