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Vintage Workshop® Milano, Vintage Fashion Exhibition, will Present Two Different Events in February and March, 2008

Vintage Workshop® Milano, Vintage Fashion Exhibition, will Present Two Different Events in February and March, 2008

The show dedicated to Vintage clothing and accessories will cross its dates with some other events dedicated to fashion operators as Milanounica, Moda-In and Anterprima Pelle. The appointment is set at the Admiral Hotel in Milano, via Domodossola 16, just in front of the Domodossola Gate of Fieramilanocity, from February 12th through to February 15th 2008 for a preview contemporaneously with the Expo fair MILANOUNICA and MODA-IN and from March 4th to 6th, in occasion of ANTEPRIMA PELLE.

(PRWEB) January 31, 2008

Vintage Workshop® will duplicate its dates presenting two show sections particularly aimed at fashion operators and Vintage fans. The exhibitions will present a variety of novelty Vintage accessories and clothing offering to designers, cool-hunters, fashion producers, product managers but also to the wide public of Vintage fans and fashion victims the opportunity of joining the moment to visit a great Vintage selection that the exhibitors affiliated to the "Cultural Association of the Vintage researchers" has hunted and studied to help in forecasting and giving creative inputs, inspirations and ideas for the future fashion collections Spring/ Summer 2009.

The two sections of the Workshop will take place with different exhibitors and items making each show section a highly interesting event not to miss.

From Victorian dresses, to the splendour of the Belle Époque of the '20's, from the conceptual sobriety of the '30's and '40's, to more eccentric and futurist proposals of the mythical '50's, from the radical rags of the '60s with ethno and tribal Afro and Native-American contaminations, to the creative and functional casual-chic trends of the '70's up to the beginning of the '80's and to the minimal mood of the end of that decade. Everything will be exhibited as a preview, above all what can be rarely seen at flea markets or even at Vintage fairs.

On show there will be dresses, suits, sweat-shirts, knitwear, coats, swimwear, under - and sleepwear with precious embroideries. Who dreams one of a kind clothing, refined and rare, will find garments of research suitable to meet the most sophisticated tastes. There will be period high-fashion items, signed pieces but also unbranded anonymous garments with a high stylistic meaning as well as unique pieces.
There will also be a wide assortment of costume Jewelry and accessories as period purses, shoes, belts, buckles, leather travel items, huts, scarves, to please the beauty lovers, to amaze even the most profane of the genre, to give fashion creators and designers a total full immersion in hints, images, ideas aimed at inspire them towards new creative adventures.

According to the philosophy of the Vintage Workshop®, the exhibition location, characterised by a real working show-room far from big crowded fairs and with items proposed for sell and rent, will host for the first time a specialized library and bookshop entirely dedicated to publications on design, fashion, graphics, textiles, clothing, trends, street wear, patterns and scrapbooks. There will be hardly to find books, magazines, and other collectable paperbacks on fashion, history of costume, Vintage and modern design furniture.
At the book store inside the Vintage Workshop it will be possible to request and instantly obtain books on specific subjects and titles in every language, thanks to the experience of Happy Books of Modena, which has been chosen by the organizers as "special guest" of the event.

With this new entry, the cultural Association of the Fashion Vintage Researchers (Associazione Culturale Ricercatori Moda d'Epoca) wants to complete its package of initiatives by adding the help of the book as further educational element besides the Vintage garments and the accessories of research aimed at giving ideas and inspirations for the research and development of future fashion collections.

A curiosity: for this Spring/Summer edition Angela Eupani, exhibition inventor, curator and talent scout of the show, has proposed a bizarre but very incisive concept: the invitation card will look like a real refrigerator, of course a vintage one, which will contain garments and accessories, meaning the Vintage Workshop will be a sort of container of fresh ideas that were once hibernated and now brought up to the ancient splendour in present days by a team of expert and enthusiastic Vintage hunters.

The trendy mood of the colours proposed for the Spring-Summer 2009 will be neon flashy green and turquoise, sometimes combined with pink in all its shades form pastel to fuchsia.

Entrance for visitors will be free. The invitation and the pre-registration can be requested via e-mail to the organizer at: info @ vintageworkshop. it or directly at the hospitality desk of the event ad the Admiral Hotel during the exhibition days.

VINTAGE WORKSHOP® 12th edition,
On February 12th 2008: from 3 p. m. to 8 p. m.
From February 13th through to 15th: 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. non-stop

VINTAGE WORKSHOP® 13th edition,
From March 4th through to 6th: 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. non-stop

VINTAGE WORKSHOP® "I ricercatori della moda d'epoca"…
"Only for Vintage fashion addicts"

Admiral Hotel, Via Domodossola 16, Milano, Italy
(front Gate Domodossola of Fieramilanocity)
Infoline via sms: +39-339-6729704

For any other information it is possible to visit the official Web site of the Cultural Association of the Fashion Vintage Researches at: www. vintageworkshop. it
And the following blogs on vintage events:
Www. vintagevents. blogspot. com
Www. blogdrops. com/StefanoWolf (http://www. blogdrops. com/StefanoWolf)

Press release source: Press office "Comunicazione e Marketing Perla" Vicenza, Jan. 20 2008


Body Designer is Open and Ready to Offer Easy and Unique Exercise to Houston Area Residents

Body Designer is Open and Ready to Offer Easy and Unique Exercise to Houston Area Residents

Body Designer utilizes the Thera-Plex Unit which provides easy and unique exercise for anyone from medical clients to those trying to maintain general wellness. Located in Rosenberg, Texas this unique facility would like to invite Houston area residents to visit our location to see what this easy exercise is all about.

Rosenberg, TX (PRWEB) July 17, 2009

Easy exercise is here and Body Designer has it! Body Designer utilizes the Thera-Plex Unit which provides easy and unique exercise for everyone from a quadriplegic to an athlete. Body Designer was purchased by Kathie Owen in late 2008. Kathie would like to announce to all of Houston that Body Designer is open and would like to invite customers in to see what the Thera Plex Unit can do for them.

The unit is a self contained system with five planes of passive motion which works at variable speeds that range from 0-10. So the athlete can get his or her workout at a speed of 10 while the quadriplegic may use a speed of 3 or 4. The client basically reclines on the unit and the machine does the work for them. Little to no effort is necessary for a work out.

Because the unit can be used for so many different types of fitness. Of course rehabilitation is a huge beneficial factor but exercise is also a factor when using the unit. Many people use the unit to maintain weight loss, aid in muscle recovery, and general health. And the exercise is easy and private. One could even purchase a unit for use in the privacy of their own home. But the unit is expensive so going to a studio or business that uses the unit is generally more feasible. So Houston area residents are invited to come see what we are all about. However, the purchase of a unit can be arranged by Body Designer as well.

There are many remarkable aerobic benefits to this type of exercise such as increased circulation, oxygenation of the blood and movement of the lymph fluid, which can be beneficial to the immune system. Other benefits of this type of exercise include:

  •  Stress Reduction
  •  Tension Relief
  •  Favorable pulse and blood pressure changes
  •  Improvement in sleep patterns
  •  Improvement in anxiety, mood, and depressive reactions
  •  Weight loss
  •  Cardiovascular conditioning

Many clients use the unit for medical reasons too. This type of exercise is recommended by neurologists and orthopedic surgeons for handicapped and physically impaired patients. Use of the unit by these patients has also shown to be beneficial for gait training, traction, joints and soft tissue mobilization, and muscle memory re-education. The client receives adequate range of motion without any impact whatsoever on the joints. Some of the medical clients include:

  •  Post Polio
  •  Stroke Recovery
  •  Accident Recovery
  •  Muscular Dystrophy
  •  Muscular Sclerosis
  •  Parkinson's
  •  Arthritis
In sum, the Thera-Plex Unit utilizes five different positions designed to stimulate the entire circulatory system, in sequential order, starting with the upper body and working throughout the entire body. It uses an undulation (a massaging type of movement), not a potentially harmful vibration. The timer can be set to give the individual user more time on the positions where the most benefit is desired. Usually a treatment is 30 minutes but the unit can be used up to 60 minutes per day. But 60 minutes is the maximum time that is acceptable for unit use.

Generally it is required that a client use the unit at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes per treatment for adequate benefit. Medical clients usually use the unit for 45 minute treatments about twice a week. And that is sufficient time on the unit for them. Body Designer offers many different packages depending on one's goals and needs. We also offer discounts to medical clients and clients who travel 40 miles or more to visit us (some restrictions apply). Visit www. bodydesignerhouston. com for more information.

About Body Designer and Kathie Owen:

Kathie Owen possess a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston, is a Certified Fitness Trainer, a Certified Specialist in Older Adult Fitness, and a Certified Specialist in Sports Conditioning. Kathie has been active in the Richmond/ Rosenberg Community as a fitness specialist since 2000 and is the new owner of Body Designer. She writes wellness articles for websites on the internet and works as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in local gyms in the community.

Body Designer is located in Rosenberg, TX and serves the entire Houston area. Body Designer utilizes the Thera-Plex Unit. They also run a small exercise studio in which they offer unique fitness classes & yoga taught by certified instructors. This studio and Body Designer can be reserved by a private group for unit use or for private wellness classes. For more information please visit: www. bodydesignerhouston. com

To schedule an interview with Kathie, please contact:

Body Designer
Telephone: (281) 232-9142
1021 8th Street
Rosenberg, TX 77471

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