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P. F. Chang's Introduces Chinese Grill Menu and New Mini Desserts: New Mini Desserts Include Mini of Signature Great Wall of Chocolate

P. F. Chang's Introduces Chinese Grill Menu and New Mini Desserts: New Mini Desserts Include Mini of Signature Great Wall of Chocolate

P. F. Chang's China Bistro, Inc. (NASDAQ: PFCB) rolls out its new Chinese Grill Menu and new Mini Desserts nationally. The Grill Menu features several new dishes including a Grilled Sichuan Chicken Flatbread, Citrus Soy Wild Salmon and an Asian Marinated New York Strip Steak. In addition, P. F. Chang's has created eight tempting Mini Desserts including a Mini of its signature Great Wall of Chocolate so guests can indulge in something sweet at the end of the meal and not feel guilty.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (PRWEB) February 7, 2008

 When preparing Chinese food, grilling is often overlooked as a cooking technique because of the prominence of the wok. But like all cultures, the Chinese learned how to cook first on an open flame. Today, Chinese grilling is often associated with street food where vendors serve grilled breads, meats, fish, and fruit. Our chefs traveled to China to learn the art of Chinese grilling and brought it back to P. F. Chang's.

Chinese cuisine is based on the philosophy of Yin & Yang or balance in food. Yin represents cool mild foods and Yang represents hot or spicy foods. P. F. Chang's Grill Menu balances both Yin and Yang in every dish.

The Grill Menu

Chang's Sichuan Chicken Flatbread

We've updated the classic Chinese scallion pancake and serve it grilled with sliced Sichuan marinated chicken, layered with melted cheese and a side of creamy citrus mustard slaw and a tangy dipping sauce. 7

Lemongrass Prawns with Garlic Noodles

Grilled Jumbo Prawns brushed with herb-infused lemongrass butter and served with garlic noodles. 16

Citrus Soy Wild Salmon

Wild Alaskan line-caught salmon seasoned with Lemon Wasabi Oil, grilled and served with a citrus soy sauce and steamed rice. 17

Asian Marinated New York Strip

You can eat our steak with chopsticks! 12 oz New York Strip grilled to perfection, sliced and served with a savory sesame soy sauce on a bed of grilled bok choy. 20

In addition to The Grill Menu, P. F. Chang's has introduced The Minis nationally. There are eight tempting flavors to choose from, including a Mini of The Great Wall of Chocolate. Minis can be ordered individually or you choose an assortment to try, and the best part is you never have to feel guilty about eating dessert again! Guests like to finish the meal with something decadent, but often a full size dessert is too much. The Minis give guests the option to indulge in something sweet that isn't overwhelming. The Minis are made fresh in house and feature The Great Wall of Chocolate, Tiramisu, S'Mores, Tres Leche Lemon Dream, Banana Split, Strawberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and Apple Pie. Minis are $2 each.

Additional information about P. F. Chang's can be found at www. pfchangs. com.

Media Note: Recipe for the Grilled Lemongrass Prawns with Garlic Noodles is available.



Art appraiser returns home to desert cities after working for movie stars, traveling the world and starting a family.

(PRWEB) January 19, 2003

In 1989 Michael Hinkle left the Coachella valley to work for movie stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. He spent the next decade traveling the world, studying art markets, collecting pieces and eventually becoming an art appraiser. Michael knew quite early on that his life would forever include a dedication to the art world, but he never thought he would be returning to the desert to pursue it. Building one of the largest private collections of contemporary figurative art not only satisfied a hunger for the arts, it gave him a future. In 1998 he launched his own company representing figurative artists. In 2000, on the advice from a friend he enrolled in New York University’s appraisal program and earned a certificate in the appraisals of fine and decorative art. Hinkle says, “My time at NYU changed everything. Creating a certified appraisal is a very challenging and analytical process…I love it!” The growth in the art communities of the valley can be seen from La Quinta to Palm Springs and the need for qualified appraisers continue to grow with it. Whether collectors are interested in the value of their art, the need to submit an appraisal for insurance purposes, or if they are donating a work of art, they all need a certified appraisal and someone who knows the proper elements of the document. Under the guidance of the Appraisers Association of America and the International Society of Appraisers, Michael continues to expand his knowledge and resume. “ My association with these organizations has assisted me with the tools needed in my field, I am always learning, I always will be.” In addition to appraisals, art and movie stars there is something even more important to Michael. Married for over 12 years, he has four young children. “ We didn’t want to raise our children in a big city, we wanted them to have space.” In 2002, the family relocated to a home in old town La Quinta. “The kids have space, we have space, now we can really start to enjoy life. Coming home has been very fulfilling. It’s the old story, you spend the first part of your life getting out of here and the rest trying to get back…now we’re back.”