Tuesday, November 7, 2006

TravBuddy. com Introduces Revolutionary Personal Travel Maps

TravBuddy. com Introduces Revolutionary Personal Travel Maps

TravBuddy LLC has announced that it has completed a revolutionary new technology upgrade that fully integrates its travel database with Google’s world mapping feature, allowing users to create personal travel maps – complete with satellite images and road diagrams.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) April 3, 2006

TravBuddy LLC has announced that it has completed a revolutionary new technology upgrade that fully integrates its travel database with Google’s world mapping feature, allowing users to create personal travel maps – complete with satellite images and road diagrams.

Every time a registered user contributes a travel blog or review to the TravBuddy. com site, a digital "pin" is inserted into the user's personal travel map. This generates a customized world map richly populated with pins that automatically display summaries of that user's travel experiences.

For non-registered users, the maps serve as a visual way to follow other travelers and explore possible travel destinations. The travel maps display user-generated information over Google-licensed maps, and can be configured to display high-resolution satellite images, street maps, or a composite of both.

The result is an easy-to-use site that leverages social networking and advanced programming to deliver high-quality travel information to users around the globe.

In addition to personal travel maps, TravBuddy. com has implemented a unique “Review Request” feature that allows users to ask the TravBuddy. com community for help, providing a wealth of first-hand information about specific travel destinations.

TravBuddy. com was named the most innovative Web 2.0 application of 2005 on Articledashboard. com. Along with full AJAX and RSS implementations, the new Google-based mapping feature solidifies TravBuddy. com’s position as a technology leader in the field of travel Web sites.

About TravBuddy LLC and http://www. travbuddy. com (http://www. travbuddy. com):

Started by two brothers, Eric and David Bjorndahl, TravBuddy. com is a travel community Web site where users can easily review travel destinations, blog about their journeys, and post photographs to share with friends and family. Having recently graduated from UC Berkeley and the University of Texas at Austin, the brothers know many young adults enjoy traveling, but find it hard to access quality travel information.

Unlike other sites, TravBuddy. com is driven almost entirely by user-generated content. There are other sites on the Web where you can blog or share photos, but TravBuddy. com is one of the only sites dedicated to travelers. TravBuddy is also one of the only travel sites to integrate social networking, photo hosting, dynamic mapping, and Web 2.0 features.

Of the nearly 2000 registered users, many are students in the United States, but a significant portion come from foreign countries. Recent statistics indicate that tens of thousands of hits have come from Australia, Europe, Japan, and China. Some of the most active users even post while they are traveling, using internet cafés and hotel wireless connections.

Media Contact:

Derek Lazzaro

Vice President of Marketing

TravBuddy LLC


Http://www. travbuddy. com (http://www. travbuddy. com)


Coastal Vacations Club: Level 3 Directors, Jeff Mills and Dean Marino to Podcast Highlights Again from Semi-Annual Orlando Convention

Coastal Vacations Club: Level 3 Directors, Jeff Mills and Dean Marino to Podcast Highlights Again from Semi-Annual Orlando Convention.

The Coastal Vacation Club Conference will again have content podcasted to members and will be hosted by top coastal directors Jeff Mills and Dean Marino. The podcast will include invaluable information for those not able to attend the event live, and especially for those considering career possibilities with the top rated home based business. http://www. coastalvacationspodcast. com

Cottage Grove, MN (PRWEB) August 21, 2006

Coastal Vacations Directors will podcast highlights of their semi-annual worldwide membership conference to be held next month in Orlando Florida at http://www. coastalvacationspodcast. com (http://www. coastalvacationspodcast. com).

This is the second time in their 12 year history that the top rated home based business has offered podcast highlights from the conference. This podcast is an independent podcast by two of the most celebrated and successful directors of the Coastal Sales Center Team.

Level 3 Directors Jeff Mills (http://www. coastal-vacation-club. com) and Dean Marino (http://www. coastalpassiveincome. com) have chosen to be the co-hosts for the Coastal Vacations Club Podcast Show again.

The two Directors in the Coastal program often host training and Q&A conference calls for Coastal's fastest growing group, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, located in Tempe, AZ and run by Secure Business Solutions, LLC.

The podcast will originate from the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort, where the conference is residing, over labor day weekend, September 1, 2 and 3, 2006.

In addition to the unique insight and color commentary of Mills and Marino, the show will also feature interviews with speakers, board members, and attendees.

Coastal members are invited to seek out Mills and Marino during the event for inclusion in the podcast.

"It will be a great way for members to create free publicity for their own business," said Marino.

Coastal Vacations members live in over 70 countries around the globe. While the last two conferences have set attendance records, not all members can make the long trek twice a year.

This podcast gives members another way to stay in touch with the event. For those considering getting started with a Coastal Vacations home based travel business, the podcast will offer invaluable insight that should not be missed.

Coastal Vacations (http://www. coastalvacationspodcast. com) members have embraced new technology over the last year and their membership sales have exploded.

With over 90% of Coastal members failing to make sales going the traditional route, (buying and calling leads) those who use the sales center have account reps doing all the sales and follow up work for them and it has allowed many people to join the sales center and finally make sales.

"Using the Coastal Sales Center has allowed me to earn over $600,000 in profit in just one year," stated Mills.

One current coastal member, rejoined under the Sales Center recently, paying the fee to join, and made two sales in 7 days, while she could not make ANY sales after 7 months of doing it the 'traditional' and outdated way. She was ecstatic about her results and could not believe how simple and easy it was.

The Sales Center pioneered a business model last year in which they provided live representatives to follow up and close sales for associates. Members flocked to it and competitors scrambled to compete with it and try to copy it.

Many new business opportunities now copy the methods the Sale Center first introduced, but so far, no systems have been able to match the over all success rate of their group.

The podcast is another move toward modernization for a business that started 12 years ago with just a fax on demand system and a few conference calls.

"At times Coastal was criticized for not keeping up with technology and tools to help out their directors, but now, with the Podcasting phenomenon, Coastal is definitely on the bleading edge of technology and is one of the first Direct Sales programs to offer a podcast and I am proud to host this show with my protegee Dean Marino," stated Mills.

Access to the podcast is available not only to members, but to anyone interested in acquiring more knowledge of the business and is offered free of charge at http://www. coastalvacationspodcast. com (http://www. coastalvacationspodcast. com).

To learn more information on how you can join Coastal vacations, visit Mills and Marino's websites.

For more information about former Youth Pastor, Jeff Mills, visit www. coastal-vacation-club. com

For more information about Dean Marino, visit www. passivecoastalincome. com

Feeds for RSS readers, iTunes, and Yahoo Podcast can be found at http://feeds. feedburner. com/CoastalVacationsPodcast (http://feeds. feedburner. com/CoastalVacationsPodcast) and http://phobos. apple. com/WebObjects/MZStore. woa/wa/viewPodcast? id=129513139&s=143441 (http://phobos. apple. com/WebObjects/MZStore. woa/wa/viewPodcast? id=129513139&s=143441)