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Boracay Hotels Invites Travelers to Trade-in their Winter Clothes for Suntan Lotion this Winter

Boracay Hotels Invites Travelers to Trade-in their Winter Clothes for Suntan Lotion this Winter

Boracay Hotels in the beautiful island paradise of Boracay Island, Philippines is inviting travelers to trade-in their winter clothes for suntan lotion this winter season.

(PRWEB) November 2, 2010

For most of the places in the world, it will be a gloomy, cold, and sometimes harsh winter season. But in a tiny island on another part of the globe, the sun is always out, the waters warm, and the people, friendly. This tiny speck of an island is called Boracay. The Boracay Hotels Association is inviting travelers to come and visit our beautiful island paradise.

This 10.32 square kilometer island in the heart of the Philippines is home to over 300 hotels, 659 restaurant establishments. All kinds of water sport activities can be had from scuba diving, to kite surfing, to dragon boat racing. Boracay is famous for its 4-kilometer long fine, powdery white sand that is lined with resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars and other tourism related establishments. The nightlife in the island is also very much alive all year round and is said to be the best nightlife spot in the Philippines.

Relatively unknown to the rest of the world when compared to famous Southeast Asian beaches such as Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia, Boracay Island has been attracting beach combing travelers from every part of the globe since it received international publicity in the 1970s. Visitor arrivals have been growing about 10% a year and growth rates are expected to double due to more promotional efforts, according to the Philippine Department of Tourism.

This year, the Philippines and Boracay have been given numerous awards from travel fairs and rave reviews from major publications such as the New York Times and CNN.

Last April 29, 2010, the Philippines won a gold award in service quality at the China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM) Fair in Beijing. On June 12, 2010, The Korean Herald featured a spread on Philippine tourism during the Philippine’s Independence day celebrations and cited Boracay as the top destination for South Koreans visiting the Philippines. Boracay also won the “Best Travel & Leisure Destination Award” by TravelWeekly China last August.

Boracay is the top destination in the Philippines for tourists. In 2009, tourism receipts from 649,559 visitor arrivals amounted to Php11 Billion. This year, Boracay’s 9-month visitor arrivals are already at 607,537 and tourism receipts at Php11 Billion. Forecasts indicate this year’s tourism receipts to hit Php12 Billion, a growth of 9% year-on-year.

Boracay Hotels are bracing for the influx of tourists this winter season. Leah Remora, marketing director for the Boracay Hotels Association remarks “We are expecting at least 15% growth this winter season, some of our member hotels have earmarked plans to expand capacity or have already expanded."

Getting to Boracay is easy. Fly to the Philippine capital, Manila, then hop on a domestic plane to Caticlan Airport. Once in Caticlan, Aklan, take a five-minute ferry ride across the channel to Boracay.

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