Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two Excellent Dark Romances from Chippewa Publishing

Two Excellent Dark Romances from Chippewa Publishing

Chippewa Publishing has just released two wonderul dark romances from Rebecca K. Rhodes and Melissa Swaim. If you like vampires and sci-fi, you'll love these two writers.

(PRWEB) March 13, 2005

Congratulations to Rebecca K. Rhodes and Melissa Swaim! Today we released two exciting new ebooks from these authors.

Alexandru by Rebecca K. Rhodes

Nikki has made the most important choice in her life. She has decided to join her lover in immortality and stay by his side forever. He promises he will help her learn to live the life of the vampire, but only a few days of her forbidden change, he leaves her alone to solve the most horrific and terrible mystery she has ever had to deal with. She joins forces with Detective Frank Passare to solve the crime and ends up with a new friend, and a new life.

ISBN 1-933400-06-4 (Adobe PDF)

Rating: Sensual and bloody. Not intended for children.


The three of us started up the sharp rocks toward the top of the bridge. Cheri and Frank made it to the top when something grabbed my leg. The bones at the end of the charred fingers scratched into my skin. I kicked at the woman, but she kept pulling, bringing me back down into the rubble.

She laughed at me, staring right where I stood, with those red sockets of nothing. Parts of her skin bubbled and welted, while other areas fell from the bone and muscle. With the grace of a fawn, she leaped toward me with fangs bared, ready to sink her teeth into anything she could grasp. I fell back, grabbing the stake I held on to so tightly earlier. Her body fell toward me; the gaping hole of what was once her mouth, chomping as it headed for my neck. When she fell on top of my body, the stake plunged deep into her heart. A shriek, louder than anything I ever heard, echoed through the Bay. Her body jerked and quivered over mine. Something oozed out from where the stake stabbed her heart. She laughed. The bitch still was not dead.

Release Me by Melissa Swaim

May he who suffers through the darkness searching for the sun be a light, a shining star to those behind him who are seeking themselves. Each of us is a torch for whoever is behind us. If we close our eyes, do we not shut the rest of the world in darkness? So, come, now, whoever reads this, and pick up a lantern. It has been dark too long.

We are all in the labyrinth, and truth lies in the treasure hidden in the unreachable core. Lies, falsehood, and deception await you, but you can escape them by waking yourself from a society that sleeps in imagined safety. Set out alone and wipe the mud from your eyes. Can you see? Do you want to see? If so, you must travel deep into the musty corridors of confusion, and the thick cold walls of your own making. Where do these dreary, dark tunnels lead to? My friend, this harsh journey goes through the most rugged, unexplained territory possible. Not many people dare. Come here into the clutches of my words, so I may whisper it to you. My dear love, this mysterious place is you. The wisest words I have found thus far are “Gnothi Seauton,” which is “know thyself.” That is the key to the treasure you seek, so why do you throw it away? The masks you wear will stick to your face and your own lies shall eat you. Come, pick up a lantern. It’s getting late.

ISBN 1-933400-07-2 (Adobe PDF)

Rating: Sexy and Sensual

These ebooks are now available in our catalog at http://www. chippewapublishing. com (http://www. chippewapublishing. com). They can also be purchased through eBookAd at http://www. eBookAd. com/default. php3?partner=11145 (http://www. eBookAd. com/default. php3?partner=11145)
And soon to be at fictionwise. com at http://www. fictionwise. com/servlet/mw (http://www. fictionwise. com/servlet/mw) a=jump&u=/eBooks/ChippewaPublishingLLCeBooks. htm&id=213020

Fictionwise takes about a week for the books to be placed in the store. We will be adding all titles to fictionwise. com

Amazon is still in the works. It takes awhile to get everything setup for Amazon.

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