Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Coastal Vacations Director Triples Income to Pay Off Debt with New Training System

Coastal Vacations Director Triples Income to Pay Off Debt with New Training System

Coastal Vacations Director Renae Heikkila announces major changes in training for Coastal Vacations Directors. Stacy O’Quinn, Jackie O’Quinn, and Heikkila saw the power of the Dani Johnson Training system and combined that training with a powerful marketing system unlike anything Coastal Vacations has ever seen. This system has tripled the DFI organization in 4 months.

(PRWEB) August 30, 2007

For Renae Heikkila there was no such thing as a slow day. With five children, a seemingly endless job as a purchasing manager for a major governmental organization, and over 400,000 dollars in debt, nearly everyday of her life was a long one.

"I had to drop to my knees and ask God for help. I was feeling as if there was little hope left in my life for a rich and fruitful life. After saying a prayer I stumbled across Coastal, and after reviewing a good bit of information I realized they were the right company to lead me in a new direction," explains Renae Heikkila in regards to her profound discovery.

The Coastal company Renae Heikkila mentions is a powerful discount travel company based online that provides affiliates with a profitable product to sell, and a recruiting structure that rewards the recommendation of new members.

The success of Renae Heikkila, is credited to a new training system that takes two successful business training models and molds them into one supermodel.

"In September of 2005, I was first introduced to this training system and attended a live First Steps to Success event the following month. In the year to follow, I was able to triple my income and pay off over $100k in debt. Recently, Jackie O’Quinn, Stacy O’Quinn and I combined a powerful marketing system with the Dani Johnson Training System and have already seen dramatic results in the lives of many Coastal Vacations business owners in our organization."

The training system by Dani Johnson combined with the new Coastal Vacations marketing system can be found on Renae Heikkila’s website, www. FreedomChoiceNow. com

FreedomChoiceNow. com offers visitors information on a lifestyle that many had thought impossible to live. Time with the family, disposable income, a trustworthy training team, and a low cost of startup are just some of the perks that FreedomChoiceNow. com offers.

Renae Heikkila continues to grow her business, and inspire others to do the same.

"For me life is about living abundantly and giving back to those that need it most. I honestly believe that this program will facilitate the process in others to live abundantly and at the same time be able to give back to others in the process. It’s a beautiful cycle."

For more information on the site and the training program please visit www. FreedomChoiceNow. com

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