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Search Engine Marketing Competitive Analysis Methods - Lodging Interactive White Paper Series: 3 of 7

Search Engine Marketing Competitive Analysis Methods - Lodging Interactive White Paper Series: 3 of 7

This week’s white paper is focused on providing you with more information related to how you can evaluate your competitor’s website to gain a marketing advantage.

PARSIPPANY, NJ (PRWEB) November 10, 2005

In last week’s installment The Do’s & Don’ts of Search Engine Marketing we discussed ways in which you can check your competitor’s website source code to uncover a valuable resource of keywords which can serve as a basis for your own PPC advertising campaign. This week’s white paper is focused on providing you with more information related to how you can evaluate your competitor’s website to gain a marketing advantage. While there are many “blackhat” tactics used by unscrupulous marketing companies, our commentary is strictly based on ethical search engine marketing tactics and completely above board.

One of the best ways in which to propel your own search engine marketing (SEM) program is to spend your time properly researching what your competitive set might be doing with SEM. While there are many ways to evaluate your competitive landscape, we have amassed a few tools to help you get on your way. These tools will provide insight into how well your competitive set is positioned and how to beat them by being smarter about SEM.

By now you know that one of the most important factors the search engines use in determining your page ranking is based on how many inbound RELEVANT links you have pointing to your hotel’s website. The way the search engines view it, is the more legitimate sites you have linking to you the more relevant your content must be. And since they’re all about relevancy, the more links the better off you are. You can use this handy Back Link Analyzer tool to determine how many links your competitor has and also who those links are! Then simply contact each of those websites linking to your competitor’s website and request a link to your site wherever appropriate. You can find this tool here: http://www.555webtemplates. com/backlinks-tool. asp (http://www.555webtemplates. com/backlinks-tool. asp)

It’s also a good idea to see how well your competitor’s website is indexed by the major search engines. By this we mean finding out what their search engine saturation level is. This refers to the number of pages a given search engine has indexed for your competitor and which pages have been activated. You can visit the following website which has a handy tool which allows you to easily find out your website’s level of search engine saturation as well as your competitive set websites. You can find this tool here: http://www. marketleap. com/siteindex/default. htm (http://www. marketleap. com/siteindex/default. htm)

To-date we have covered what is Search Engine Marketing; search engine optimization and pay per click. The Do’s and Don’ts of Search Engine Marketing and this information on staying ahead of the competition. Our next will take a look at managing the cost of SEM. In other words, should you do your own SEM or is it wiser to outsource and manage your marketing service provider.

About Lodging Interactive

Lodging Interactive is a leading provider of Internet Marketing Services to the travel and lodging industries. The company provides a portfolio of effective Internet Marketing Services to hundreds of hotels, resorts, timeshares and bed and breakfasts worldwide. We also offer hotelBLAST. com, a self-service email marketing system and MyWebsitePromotions. com, a self-service online promotions marketing system.

Lodging Interactive clients include branded properties such as Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Radisson, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Doubletree Hotels, Candlewood Suites, Best Western, Wyndham Hotels plus numerous independent properties. The company is headquartered in Parsippany, NJ and can be reached at 973-402-4970 or by visiting its website at www. LodgingInteractive. com or www. MyWebsitePromotions. com.

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Popular Use of Aluminum Laptop Cases Doing More Than Protecting Dropped Computers

Popular Use of Aluminum Laptop Cases Doing More Than Protecting Dropped Computers

Briefcase company finds that lockable laptop cases provide security for business travelers.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 17, 2011

MEZZI, a renowned briefcase manufacturer, is finding that customers are buying aluminum laptop cases for more than simple protection from an occasional bump or dropped computer. Solid aluminum laptop cases are adding a sense of security for business and leisure travelers.

“While it’s true that an aluminum laptop case provides sturdy protection against day-to-day dings, nicks and scrapes that nearly all laptop cases succumb to,” explains MEZZI President David Mezzi, “we’re hearing from our customers that being able to lock their computer inside their case gives them greater peace of mind when traveling with their computer for business or leisure.”

One insurance company recently reported that over 500,000 laptop computers are stolen in the United States every year. Unfortunately, ease of access can contribute to theft, so in order to reduce the risk of losing a laptop to a thief it must be harder to access. This is how lockable aluminum laptop cases provide increased security.

And though it is unlikely many laptop briefcases are stolen directly out a person’s hands when they are being carried, there are times during business or leisure travel when people assume their laptops are safe. Whether left unattended in hotel rooms or in a colleague or client’s office, laptops can be susceptible to theft.

Another possible contributor to the sense security MEZZI customers have toward their aluminum laptop case is the image MEZZI cases has in mainstream media. Aluminum MEZZI cases have been used to safely and securely transport many high-value items in movies, television shows and music videos. Most recently, a MEZZI case will appear on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” A MEZZI case also hit the big screen in 2010 with an appearance in 13, starring Jason Statham, 50 Cent and Mickey Rourke. MEZZI cases have always been a staple on NBC’s “Deal or No Deal.”

With this exposure, aluminum cases are becoming iconic symbols of safety and security, especially for business travelers who find themselves in unfamiliar places frequently.

“In addition to security from theft,” says David Mezzi, “our customers are buying aluminum laptop carrying cases for the superior damage protection they offer over any leather or vinyl case. In the end, it’s hard to beat a well-constructed metal laptop case to guard against what the world throws at our valued electronics.”

For more information about MEZZI or to see its full line of affordable, high-quality aluminum laptop cases, visit MEZZI. com. Or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

MEZZI has been manufacturing and retailing fashionable, affordable aluminum cases for more than 15 years. In that time, MEZZI has grown its business from only a couple briefcases to a full line of cases suitable for a variety of uses. Its cases are often sought by celebrities for movies, television shows, music videos and gifts.


Oh, Pioneers! New Novel Follows Families' Journey of Courage to 1830s American Frontier

Oh, Pioneers! New Novel Follows Families' Journey of Courage to 1830s American Frontier

A new book from author Richard Puz, "The Ohioans," brilliantly captures the essence of America's pioneer experience in the 1830s.

Denver, CO and Olympia, WA (PRWEB) April 17, 2008

In a time of tremendous American growth, transformation and exploration, they led the wayliterally. Now, a new book from Outskirts Press author Richard Puz brings readers along for the ride as a group of pioneers carve out new lives for themselves on the 1830s American prairie, revealing in the process the roots of a nation's greatnessand its darkest shame.

"The Ohioans," now available through the author's Web site at www. outskirtspress. com/richardpuz (http://www. outskirtspress. com/richardpuz), is the first entry in the Six Bulls series. It weaves a warmhearted story with historical events for an engrossing tale that provides an up-close look at the hopes, struggles, prejudices and triumphs of a generation.

The novel follows the families of Captain Renke Vogel and Andres Sommer as they travel along the fast-moving rivers from Ohio to Missouri seeking a better life. Both main characters illustrate the diverse reasons that compelled thousands of similar treks west: Just returned from the Black Hawk War, Vogel loves raising horses but finds farming repetitive and better left to his sons. He yearns for new adventures on the American frontier. Fellow farmer Sommer is frugal and thoughtful, but contracts the pioneer bug from stories about the frontier and the prospect of ample farmland.

Whetting their appetites for adventure is Big Jen, the sidekick of Daniel Boone. He spent seventeen years living with the Osage Indians in southwest Missouri, and spins yarns of the Six Bulls country, with its prairie grass as high as a horse's eye, abundant game, and sweet, flowing waters.

On log rafts that take the families from Ohio to the Missouri frontier, their courageous journey will bring them face-to-face with the new-fangled steamboats and the awe-inspiring Ohio and Mississippi Riversas well as tragedy and the bravery that gets them through it.

"The people who founded frontier communities like Seneca, Missouri and Millersburg, Ohio were special in my view," Puz says. "They risked everything to follow a dream and poured their lives and energies into creating a new life and a new nation. They are my heroes, and their travels are truly journeys of courage."

In a rich prose that deftly evokes the time period and characters' individual social and geographic backgrounds, Puz also explores the complex emotions that swirl around American and Indian relations. Set against the backdrop of President Andrew Jackson's 1830 Indian Removal Act, the novel examines the clash of cultures through Captain Vogel's struggle to reconcile Indian atrocities he witnessed as a boy with the brave actions of an Indian boy who saves his life. What emerges sheds light on a period that transformed America through these heroes' self-reliance and faith.

"The Ohioans" is now available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon. com, barnesandnoble. com, and the online bookstore of Outskirts Press, at outskirtspress. com/store. php.

About the Author:
Richard Puz has been writing non-fiction books for more than a decade. "The Ohioans" is the culmination of extensive travel and research into the places that American pioneers encountered on their westward journeys. This is the first in a series of Six Bulls novels with work progressing quickly on the follow-up, "The Carolinians."

ISBN: 978-1-4327-2020-9
Format: 6.14 x 9.21 paperback/6.14 x 9.21 hardback w/ jacket Pages: 296
SRP: US$18.95/$26.95 CAN$19.95/27.95 Genre: Fiction - Historical

Author Contact: Visit him on the Web at www. outskirtspress. com/richardpuz (http://www. outskirtspress. com/richardpuz) or www. richardpuz. com

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