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Tennessee T-Cakes Travels with Food Network

Tennessee T-Cakes Travels with Food Network

Tennessee T-Cakes is loved by everyone, Food Network, Deen Brothers, Food Road show and has been picked as one four best cakes in the US....taste Tennessee T-Cakes.

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) June 22, 2007

When their beloved mom, cookbook author and Food Network Host Paula Deen sent her sons Jamie and Bobby on the road, they made a beeline for Tennessee T-Cakes. The Food Network's "Road Tasted" show had to stop in Nashville to experience the "ultimate Southern confection".

"As soon as Jamie's wife, Brooke, heard we were headed to Tennessee, she told us about Tennessee T-Cakes, which Oprah voted one of the four best cakes in the country," Bobby Deen remarked.

"These little cakes are dynamite. Take a bite and you're in for a sweet surprise," continued Bobby Deen.

So impressed with this delicacy, Jamie and Bobby have included Tennessee T-Cakes in their recently published cookbook, "The Deen Bros Cookbook."

Bobby Deen writes in the cookbook, "Frances (Tennessee T-Cakes owner) says everyone tastes something different, from nuts to ginger to bourbon to cinnamon, and it's true. First they reminded us of a gooey, chewy brownie, then gingerbread. Simply amazing!" (www. tntcakes. com)

Long a favorite dessert among locals, these heavenly-tasting bite-sized T-Cakes have accompanied picnickers and party goers to many traditional festivities such as the Nashville Steeplechase and the Kentucky Derby.

With the 4th of July approaching think about delighting your party friends with these tasty treats. Pack your 4th of July picnic basket with an assortment of Tennessee T-Cakes. When serving the T-Cakes, swirl a little cream on top of each and decorate them patriotically by garnishing with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

Now, just what would the Deen brothers think of that?

For those of you who missed the original TV screening, you have an opportunity to watch the Tennessee T-Cakes segment on "Road Tasted" three times this month on the Food Network.

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