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Mobivox Launches Exclusive Affiliate Program in Share Results Network

Mobivox Launches Exclusive Affiliate Program in Share Results Network

Along with a site redesign, Mobivox has launched an affiliate program.

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) October 26, 2008

The Mobille VoIP service provider, Mobivox MOBIVOX (http://www. mobivox. com (http://www. mobivox. com)), has launched both an affiliate program and an improved new website. Part of the Share Results (http://www. shareresults. com (http://www. shareresults. com)) affiliate network, the Mobivox affiliate program will allow affiliates to earn commissions by helping consumers save on their long distance calling, particularly from their mobile phones. Using VoIP technology, Mobivox lets users call anywhere in the world from any phone for as low as 1.9 cents/minute.

The Mobivox affiliate program is open to a variety of affiliates, including those who use email and PPC search marketing. The program offers commissions for referring both customers and other affiliates.

In honor of the program launch, until November 30, 2008, Mobivox affiliates will earn a special 30% commission on the first deposit new end-users. The commission for referring new end-users will return to 20% of their first deposit on December 1, 2008. Affiliates will also earn 5% on what a referred user deposits for six months after they sign up, as well as a 5% commission on other affiliates that they refer.

Affiliates will also enjoy a number of promotional advantages, including the ability to promote Mobivox service to international, US and Canadian users. Affiliate will also enjoy a 90-day program cookie. Special commission structures can also be arranged through a dedicated Share Results affiliate manager.

"The Mobivox affiliate program represents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates with student, business, travel, or technology traffic," said Nick Senyard, CEO of Share Results. "With consumers reaching out to friends and family all over the globe, the demand for cost-effective long distance calling is constantly growing. The Mobivox product is an optimal way for affiliates to capitalize on that demand."

Affiliates can also rely on the Mobivox name to provide customers with premier mobile VoIP service that requires no calling cards or software to download. The service works from landlines and all mobile phones. The Mobivox service also features the convenience of voice dialing, free calls between active Mobivox and Skype users and points of presence in over 40 countries around the world.

Mobivox is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. More information about the MOBIVOX affiliate program can be found at https://www. shareresults. com/local_affiliate_desc. php? mid=13607 (https://www. shareresults. com/local_affiliate_desc. php? mid=13607)

About Mobivox
Mobivox provides its partners and customers with innovative, voice-activated access to a host of Mobile VoIP services and applications worldwide. Its voice-activated mobile services platform, MOBIVOX|PL, offer cost-effective calling from any phone line to anywhere in the world. Several carriers and communities alike rebrand and resell the Mobivox. The company was founded in 2005 in Montreal and is a privately held company backed by a combination of leading U. S. and Canadian-based Venture Capital partners. For more information, please visit http://www. mobivox. com (http://www. mobivox. com)

About Share Results
Focused on building proactive relationships, Share Results offers a complete array of affiliate marketing solutions. The Share Results affiliate network is supported by a team of dedicated affiliate managers. Both merchants and affiliates in the network also enjoy advanced tracking reports and analytics on their campaigns performances. Completely brandable and customizable, the same software that powers the Share Results network is also available for white labeling.


Welcome (back) to the Netherlands

Welcome (back) to the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM (PRWEB) August 5, 2005

After the success of last yearÂ’s event, the biggest fair for expats in Holland returns to AmsterdamÂ’s venerable Beurs van Berlage in October, 2005.

Aimed at the English-speaking expat community in Holland, the Welcome to the Netherlands Fair promises to be bigger and better, according to organisers Expatica Communications.

Event organiser Lee Devereux has taken the most popular features from last year’s event – the comedy troupe’s sketch on “Living with the Dutch” was particularly memorable -- and combined them with even more information and activities for the whole family, from learning about offshore banking to tasting some of Holland’s incredible cheeses.

Dutch bank ABN-AMRO is again lead sponsor and will have banking staff on hand to help newcomers sort out their finances. Dozens of other companies, clubs and organizations will be looking to provide incoming expats with all the information they could possibly need to know, in one day.

In addition to serving newer expats, last yearÂ’s event attracted many longer-term expats looking to make more of their life abroad by joining a social club, learning Dutch or investing their salaries into property, funds or a new car.

The Welcome to the Netherlands Fair 2005 will be officially opened by British consul-general, Bernhard Garside at the historic Beurs Van Berlage in Amsterdam; many nationalities will be represented through various social groups and clubs.

This yearÂ’s event also sees Expatica teaming up with two well-known sponsors, the International Herald Tribune and the new Amsterdam promotion group, Iamsterdam.

The Welcome Fair will also include a series of presentations on expatriate issues, background on Holland and entertainment for both adults and children. Attendees will once again have everything in one place to make the most of life in the Netherlands – all in one day.

Further information about the Welcome Fair can be found at www. expatica. com/welcome (http://www. expatica. com/welcome )

NOTE: A limited number of press passes are available for this event. For more information, please contact:

Lee Devereux

Events Manager

Expatica Communications BV

Kruislaan 400

1098 SM Amsterdam


About Expatica Communications – www. Expatica. com

Expatica Communications publishes news and information for expatriate Europe. The company publishes the top English-language news & information source for expatriates living in, working in or moving to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Spain. Expatica publishes seven websites plus a printed HR newsletter and five, country-oriented Survival Guides. With an intelligent, opinionated and lively style, Expatica informs and entertains with local and international news and feature articles on topics relevant to expatriates. ExpaticaÂ’s comprehensive listings keep expats up-to-date with the latest in travel, arts, shopping, dining and community events.


Stena Line Announce Early Return for Stena HSS

Stena Line Announce Early Return for Stena HSS

Stena Line has announced that due to an increased demand, the HSS Stena Explorer will commence service on its Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire route a month early.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Co. Dublin (PRWEB) May 27, 2010

Stena Line has announced that the HSS Stena Explorer will now commence service on its Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire route a month earlier on 26 May to cope with additional demand over the summer period.

Commenting on the move, Vic Goodwin Route Director Stena Line said: "Our decision to bring back the HSS Stena Explorer (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/our-ships/stena-explorer/ (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/our-ships/stena-explorer/)) onto the route a month earlier has been influenced by the fact that market demands this year are much higher than we had anticipated due in large part to the ongoing uncertainty in respect of the problems faced by airlines in relation to the volcanic ash situation.  We needed to increase our capacity on the route so we have decided to introduce the HSS Stena Explorer a month earlier from its scheduled 28 June date through until 5 September."

The HSS Stena Explorer can carry up to 1500 passengers and 350 cars compared to the Stena Lynx capacity of up to 500 passengers and 140 cars. The reintroduction of the HSS Stena Explorer will also provide Stena Line with the ability to handle higher volumes of foot passengers, which has been a specific feature of the volcanic ash situation and Dun Laoghaire Harbour provides passengers with an adjacent Dart connection straight to Dublin City and the surrounding area.

The HSS Stena Explorer will operate one round trip per day with a 10.00 hours sailing from Holyhead (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/routes/holyhead-dun-laoghaire/ (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/routes/holyhead-dun-laoghaire/)) and a 13.15 hours sailing from Dun Laoghaire (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/routes/dun-laoghaire-holyhead/ (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/routes/dun-laoghaire-holyhead/)).  The Stena Lynx will operate a fast craft service from 10 July on the Fishguard - Rosslare route (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/routes/fishguard-rosslare/ (http://www. stenaline. co. uk/ferry/routes/fishguard-rosslare/)) as originally planned.

About Stena Line
Stena Line, an ABTA member, is an international transport and travel service company and the world's leading ferry operator.

Stena Line operates in three business areas: Scandinavia, the North Sea and the Irish Sea with a network of 18 strategically located ferry routes in Europe. Stena Line has a modern fleet with a total of 35 vessels including fast ferries (Stena HSS), traditional combi-ferries, RoPax ferries for freight and passengers, and pure cargo ships.

Stena Line is the market leader on the Irish Sea, offering the biggest fleet and widest choice of routes between Britain and Ireland, including Stranraer to Belfast, Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire and Dublin Port, Fishguard to Rosslare and Fleetwood to Larne. The company carries almost three million passengers on its Irish Sea routes each year, more than its rival ferry operators combined.

During 2009, approximately 15.4 million passengers travelled with Stena Line. 3.3 million cars and 1.6 million freight units were transported during the same period.

PR Contact:
Eamonn Hewitt
Communications & PR Manager
Stena Line
The Ferry Terminal
Dun Laoghaire Harbour
Co Dublin
+353 1 2047617
Www. stenaline. co. uk


Artisan-Driven Web Store Launches New Blog

Artisan-Driven Web Store Launches New Blog

Independent e-commerce website, ArtistJewelBox. com, features unique jewelry designs by three very talented artisans: Diane (Velia D.) Goldman, Barbara (Eells Mountain Designs) Eells and Beth (Wired Bead Works) Martinez. Recently, the site added a blog as a brand new feature and has some other things in store for those who appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into handmade jewelry.

Oak Forest, IL (PRWEB) January 30, 2009

For some, finding uniquely crafted jewelry can be somewhat of an arduous process. Many big box retailers sell the same kind of earrings and necklaces and supply people with cookie cutter styles, rather than accent someone's individuality.

In August 2008, entrepreneur Sheryl Halwax put together a concern of three artisans - Velia Diane Goldman, Barbara Eells and Beth Martinez - and launched www. ArtistJewelBox. com a website that features several collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more from these gifted designers.  

"These ladies are good friends of mine who each have more than 15 years experience handcrafting jewelry," explained Halwax. "I offered to run a website for them and they accepted."

"These featured artists live in different parts of the country," she said. "They're based in
Oregon, Colorado and Illinois and all three of these artists have earned local acclaim and successfully sell their jewelry designs in their respective home areas. Through these different environments and personalities, we're fortunate to have a really wide selection and different types of jewelry."

According to Halwax, ArtistJewelBox. com plans to have a rotating line up of guest artists with their own signature creations. Halwax often travels and visits craft and jewelry trade shows, so communicating with new and up-and-coming artists is just another part of her job.

In addition to the jewelry, the site also has a unique assortment of bejeweled greeting cards. "And we are also going to be offering 'home jewelry' items such as napkin holders, bookmarks, and cell phone charms. Jewelry can enhance everyday life by augmenting home décor, as well as being worn by the individual as a fashion adornment" Halwax remarked.

These types of sentiments will also be reflected on the freshly added blog, www. ArtisanJewelryBlog. com. The blog contains varied information regarding the care, history and the different uses of jewelry.

Thanks to a website like ArtistJewelBox. com, people can have a way to individualize their fashion styles, while simultaneously supporting an independent business and a force of creative artisans.

About the Company:
ArtistJewelBox. com is run by Sheryl Halwax and features artistic creations by Velia D., Barbara Eells and Beth Martinez. The site plans to feature guest artists in addition to their regular group.

Contact Information:

Sheryl Halwax
Www. ArtistJewelBox. com
(866) 533-1355

IePlexus, Inc.
Www. iePlexus. com

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