Wednesday, April 12, 2006 to relaunch Urb1 HipHop Fashion PC Awards - Will Possibly Lead to Launch of Awards Ceremony at the Annual Urb1 Hip Hop Fashion Show to relaunch Urb1 HipHop Fashion PC Awards - Will Possibly Lead to Launch of Awards Ceremony at the Annual Urb1 Hip Hop Fashion Show has decided to relaunch the Online, People's Choice Hip Hop Fashion Awards. Votes will start being accepted on christmas day, right after they announce the 2nd Annual Urb1 Christmas Wardrobe giveaway winners.

(PRWEB) December 20, 2004

At the end of the year comes many reviews for Hip Hop and other music categories in general. People celebrate album of the year, best video, best single, and other categories but 2004 is now different. is relaunching the official "2004 URB1 Hip Hop Fashion PC (People's Choice) Awards".

"After suspending the online voting ceremony which received around 3,000 votes in it's first year (2002), I feel it's a great opportunity this year to restart the fashion vote. The frequent users of have questioned if I will bring it back and I already had interest in bringing it back myself, so now I've put it into motion. The next step is finding how I can get the celebrities to accept awards and hopefully run this in conjunction with my physical fashion event, the URB1 Hip Hop Fashion Show, held in Greenville, SC." says Rod Rainey, the owner of URB1.

Categories for the 2004 URB1 Hip Hop Fashion PC Awards include:

Best Dressed Male Artist, Best Dressed Female Artist, Best Dressed Group, Most Unique Style, Best fashion styling in a Hip Hop Video, Best Dressed Professional Male Athlete, Best Dressed Professional Female Athlete, Most Influential Hip Hop Fashion Trend Setter, Best Composer of Hip Hop fashion related Lyrics, Best Major Male Hip Hop Fashion Line, Best Major Female Hip Hop Fashion Line, Best Male Underground Clothing Line, Best Female Underground Clothing Line, Most Unique Clothing Designer, Best Online Hip Hop Fashion Retailer, Best Physical Store Chain, Worst Dressed Male Artist, Worst Dressed Female Artist, Worst Hip Hop Video Styling Job

While the event organizers admit there could be more categories, they want to stick to the fundamentals in this 2nd try of reorganizing this online event. "If this was to turn into a part of the actual fashion show, I'm skeptical that we would keep the worst dressed categories as once we control nominees ourselves, there's no point of taking away from someone's creative idea. But while it's online, it's the people's choice, so I'm one that's partial to the people's request!" says one of the event organizers. Over 150 celebrities and clothing brands were voted for by the visitors and fashion forum users. Of those, only the top 5 selections for each category were selected as official nominees. Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, KanYe West, Beyonce Knowles, Camron, P. Diddy, Usher, and Missy Elliot are just a few names from the list of Hip Hop celebrities nominated in the different Hip Hop fashion categories. Major clothing brands such as Akademiks, Marithé et François Girbaud, Baby Phat, Rocawear, Sean John, Apple Bottoms, and L-R-G, were among some of the clothing lines the public selected as nominees for the fashion awards.

While most aren't familiar with a lot of the emerging Hip Hop fashion designers that Urb1 attempts to keep up with through the year, the public certainly is. Budding brands such as Air Wear NYC, Rohaun Designs, Legendary Game, Accent Your Vibe, Aja Imani, Street Wyze, and a few others, rocked the vote, getting selected by hundreds of site users., the Original Hip Hop Fashion Focused website plans to launch the Online Fashion voting ceremony on Christmas Day, December 25th, after announcing the winner of their 2nd Annual Hip Hop fashion Wardrobe giveaway. In the giveaway, one male and one female will win a lot of locational exclusive clothing from new designers across the United States and Canada. Over 20 brands have made their promise to participate in the giveaway, including some brands which have been known to only deal with celebrities in a high percentage of cases.

The 2nd Annual Urb1 Fashion show has not been dated yet, but will be held again in Greenville, South Carolina in 2005. Last years guest designers came in from across the United States to be a part of the show. Being the 1st year of the show, things did get a little rough but many enjoyed their stay as there were quite a few networking opportunities to be made at the event. The head liner of the show, the Juelz Collection by Juelz Santana of the Harlem Diplomats gave's online users the first viewing of the highly anticipated artist Â’s line, which is managed by his mother, Ms D.

Other lines that participated also had a great showcase lined up for the Urb1 Fashion Show, and did just as well as the Juelz Collection all around. Legendary Game, Rohaun Designs, Accent Your Vibe, Alex Lajoie, Zebra 83, were just a few of the lines to debut their new line, as well as make connections with retailers that came to the show.

Clothing lines interested in being in the 2nd Annual Urb1 Fashion Show are asked to call (864) 275 - 6601 by March 1st, 2005. The 2nd fashion show will be limited to 25 entrants maximum, with numbers possibly being lowered depending on the extensiveness of designer's collections.

Celebrities, Designers, Media, and others needing VIP seating and accommodations are asked to make reservations as early as possible. Urb1 will coordinate flight, hotel, travel, and other accommodations free of extra charges if notified by March 1st, 2005. Spectators are also welcomed to call in and make their reservations at any time.

Sponsorship opportunities will be available in limited availability as well. Those interested in promotional opportunities should email