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9-11 Survivor Shares Relevant Lessons for Overcoming Today's Difficult Challenges

9-11 Survivor Shares Relevant Lessons for Overcoming Today's Difficult Challenges

Eight Years after 9/11, Blind WTC Survivor helps others cope with economic devastation. "Today's economic challenges have 'attacked' what most Americans have considered 'safe,' their home values, retirement plans, their careers and even family life," says Michael Hingson, who's dramatic escape from the 78th floor with his Guide Dog moves and inspires people across the country.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2009

How can the lessons of 9-11 help this country get through today's economic crisis? Ask Michael Hingson. This fall, Michael Hingson (http://www. michaelhingson. com), a blind survivor of the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, will be traveling the country speaking about his experiences and the tools he used to survive the most terrifying attack ever experienced on United States soil. Blind since birth, Hingson's unique and fascinating story began the morning of September 11 as he was working on the 78th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center (http://www. michelhingson. com) when the building was struck by terrorists.

"I survived that day because of lessons I had learned about teamwork and team building. It took all my experiences, confidence and discipline, as well as the support and relationship I had with my guide dog Roselle, to lead a group of people safely down the stairs, escaping the building just moments before Tower Two collapsed less than 100 yards away from me," Hingson recounts.

In speeches he will give throughout the US this September and October, Hingson shares how to use the lessons he's learned from his experience to thrive, even in the midst of today's adverse challenges.

According to Hingson, "Today's economic collapse for some is every bit as personally devastating as the terrorist attacks of 9-11. In this country, what many believed to be "safe," our retirement accounts, home values, even our careers and family life, has been threatened. As our world is being shaken, it is time to develop a good support system, to adopt a team approach to help you work through the economic disaster and pave the way to fight back and truly live again."

Michael incorporates his unique experience as WTC survivor (http://www. michaelhingson. com) and Guide Dog user to motivate audiences around the world. Well-recognized nationally and internationally, Michael Hingson's clients include ATT, Exxon-Mobil, Frigidaire and leading associations, bringing new relevance to important topics such as Trust and Teamwork, Diversity and Inclusion and Assistive Technology (http://www. michelhingson. com).

This fall, Michael will be sharing his experiences at diverse events across the country, motivating annual convention attendees, inspiring young people, and honoring fire and search and rescue workers for their service on 9-11. Eight years after the initial attack, his message still strikes a deep emotional chord in his listeners, even more so with those seeking to successfully adapt to change.

"Our organization was ready for a message of hope from someone who's overcome challenges most of us can only imagine. We hear so much that is discouraging. Michael Hingson helped our attendees put things in a new perspective, calling people to work together and forge a new path to success," says Andy Palacios, CTE and Meeting Planner for Oregon Business Travelers Association.

In the Antelope Valley region of California, where unemployment has just hit 17.4% in July, there is already a shift towards a new sense of teamwork. "Many people in our community are starting to feel that the 'change' we were expecting from the government really needs to come from us, through teamwork and personal responsibility within our communities. The government is overwhelmed. The way to recovery starts with our own perspective, then branches out one neighbor at a time," according to Vernita Lynn Scott, a real estate professional helping families with their financial education. She subscribes to Michael Hingson's newsletter for ideas and support.

"Eight years ago, we united as a nation in response to unprecedented attacks on our values, beliefs and freedom. Today, we have a similar opportunity to unite to help each other overcome these challenges," reflects Hingson.