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Upcoming Interstate Exits At A Glance With The New iExit iPhone App

Upcoming Interstate Exits At A Glance With The New iExit iPhone App

What if you knew at just a glance that an upcoming exit had a favorite restaurant, hotel, gas station and store? Maybe you would hold out a little longer to combine stops and enjoy it more.

Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) January 8, 2010

Have you ever gotten off at an interstate exit only to later realize a much better one was a few miles down the road? If so, there’s now an iPhone app that makes sure that never happens again. Or maybe you know that you can drive another 60-100 miles before stopping for food, gas and some sleep but you don't know if you can do it all comfortably at one exit. Now you can.

Many GPS systems make travelers search for one thing at a time. Gas. Food. Lodging. Supermarket. It can be tedious. It can also be difficult to find and search for other towns that may be two hours down the highway. The driver may not be able to carry the car GPS unit inside a restaurant and plan the road ahead. And one can't just push a button and call the establishment to ask about hours or make a reservation.

Travel website Allstays. com, in partnership with Atlanta-based software company Metrocket, has created iExit, a interstate-based travel guide iPhone app that takes care of all those issues. And it is already available in Apple’s App Store at a reduced introductory price. It contains over 200,000 points of interest that range from the obvious like gas stations, restaurants and hotels to gourmet grocery stores, auto services and RV repair centers. More details can be found at http://www. iexitapp. com (http://www. iexitapp. com)

IExit informs users which points of interest are coming up when driving on interstates in the continental United States. Using the iPhone’s location, iExit determines what points of interest are coming up and displays them in several user-friendly formats. Users can see all upcoming exits in either a list view or map view. Users can also create a list of "favorites" and only watch for those places. You can also easily call most places listed in the data.

“I personally like knowing where the next Chick-fil-a is when I’m on the interstate,” says Metrocket founder, Evan Metrock. “iExit is designed to give me this information within seconds of loading up without a press of a button.” iExit stores its data locally on the iPhone, meaning it works even when the phone has no AT&T service. It also supports an offline mode that allows users to lookup points of interest at any exit on any interstate. This allows you to plan the road ahead in an easier way than ever before.

AllStays. com, a ten year old travel website with a focus on road travel, is trying to make it easier to enjoy the journey itself. “We've had data like this available on the website for years but it was always static. You had to look up where you were and where you were going,” explains Adam Longfellow, founder of Allstays. com. "Because of the iPhone’s location capabilities, we now have the ability to deliver precisely what users want to know at both their current and future locations.”

Pricing & Availability
IExit will be eventually priced at $4.99 but for a limited introductory time, it is $2.99 on the iPhone App Store
At: http://itunes. apple. com/us/app/iexit/id349052631?mt=8 (http://itunes. apple. com/us/app/iexit/id349052631?mt=8)

Additional Information
For additional information about iExit, including screenshots, the
Demo video, and more, please visit http://www. iexitapp. com (http://www. iexitapp. com)

AllStays. com, based in New Mexico (US), lists all kinds of lodging, from primitive campgrounds and RV Parks to luxury hotels and spa resorts. AllStays also links directly to official websites to make sure you have the real scoop on the latest and most accurate information.

Metrocket is a software development company in Atlanta, GA specializing in iPhone and web development and is found at http://www. metrocket. com (http://www. metrocket. com).

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