Friday, January 27, 2006

Americans Empowered to Achieve New Year's Resolutions with Onlingo

Americans Empowered to Achieve New Year's Resolutions with Onlingo

One of the top five most common resolutions can be attained through Triple Dimension Language-Living program.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2007

Learning a new skill is in the top five New Year's resolutions for Americans surveyed in a recent FranklinCovey study. As the New Year approaches, Onlingo (http://www. Onlingo. com), creator of the unique Triple Dimension Language-Living approach to language learning (http://www. Onlingo. com), is well positioned to help Americans achieve their goals of self improvement and acquiring a new skill through its language learning software.

"Learning a second language is a fantastic way for people to improve themselves and gain a new sense of accomplishment in 2008," said Andrea Scarnecchia, VP of Product Marketing for Onlingo (http://www. Onlingo. com). "Part of the personal challenge to keeping resolutions is the absence of early success. With Onlingo's fun, cultural immersion method, users have early success because they have so much fun learning that it helps keep them focused on their goal."

FranklinCovey, a global leader in effectiveness training, surveyed over 15,000 customers in its New Year's resolution poll. In addition to ranking the most popular personal commitments, the poll discovered that of those who make New Year's resolutions, only 23 percent actually keep them, and 35 percent fail by the end of January. Onlingo's unique, cultural immersion method of self-study is designed to develop students' conversational skills immediately, rather than through slower-paced traditional, textbook-based language instruction.

"Learning a new language is often the first step towards achieving many other personal goals - from career advancement to international travel," said Scarnecchia. "As so many Americans assess their lives and look for ways to improve themselves in 2008, Onlingo is proud to be able to assist people in broadening their horizons and reaching their personal goals."

About Onlingo:
Launched in 2005, Onlingo (http://www. Onlingo. com) has quickly risen to become a leading language learning program that utilizes the proven methods of cultural immersion, repetition and interactivity to teach Spanish, French, German and Italian. Onlingo's core belief is in "Language Living" which is the idea that truly knowing a language requires an understanding of both the culture and the spirit of the country. The team at Onlingo believes that Language Living is achieved by hearing, seeing and reading as though immersed in a culture. Onlingo's multi-modal approach allows a consumer to learn the way they learn best. Onlingo is a product of Syndero (http://www. syndero. com), Inc., a consumer products company based in San Francisco, CA. Please visit www. onlingo. com to learn more about the unique and personalized language learning programs.


Acclaimed Modern Art Rock Band APEYGA Promotes New Album with 3 SoCal Show Dates

Acclaimed Modern Art Rock Band APEYGA Promotes New Album with 3 SoCal Show Dates

The recent release "Forward" (July 10, 2007) by fusion instrumentalists, Apeyga, will be performed 11/29/07 in Long Beach, 11/30/07 in San Diego and 12/7/07 in Los Angeles.

Culver City, Ca (PRWEB) November 21, 2007

The recent release "Forward" (July 10, 2007) by fusion instrumentalists, Apeyga, will be performed 11/29/07 in Long Beach, 11/30/07 in San Diego and 12/7/07 in Los Angeles. The set list will consist of nine songs; 6 from the album, including fan favorites, 151, Liberatus, and Traveler, plus three new compositions. Tickets and merchandise will be available at the venues the night of each show. The current line up includes Justin Peloian - guitar, John Peloian-bass and Pete Pace - drums.

Established in 2003 by brothers Justin and John Peloian, Apeyga has since released two independent albums. The new release "Forward" is receiving rave reviews and has earned the band the "Outstanding Melodic and Instrumental Rock Band " Award by a popular L. A. music publication. For more information and music clips please go to http://www. apeyga. com (http://www. apeyga. com).

"Forward is a vibrant incorporation of light, lush melodic numbers like Liberatus and harder tracks like Rise And Shine. Effects pedals are kicked into fifth gear across the disc, flavouring five of the seven tracks. And these jams are tight, with each song under four minutes. Apeyga seem to be shooting here for quality, not quantity. There are a few evident comparisons to other bands here, most obviously King Crimson. Pinstripe and Liberatus evoke Discipline-era Crimson and would not be out of place during the 1983 Champaign-Urbana record sessions for that band's Three Of A Perfect Pair release. The End Of Reason, with its monstrous wall of noise, would sit well aside The Construkction Of Light. Other influences abounding here and there, whether deliberate or otherwise, include Rush, Television, Providence, R. I. experimental noise-core duo Lightning Bolt, The Cocteau Twins, and indie instrumental band Tortoise.

The self produced disc shines with excellent sound quality and deft musicianship. And judging by the amount of fan testimonials on the band's website, they are apparently a phenomenal band to see live. According to the date and cities listed on their site they have not toured outside of California. It would be great to see them do that someday.

This is a band with a great future ahead of them, no doubt."
-The Dutch Progressive Rock Page Review

Show Dates:
Thursday, November 29, 2007 @ 10:00pm The Que Sera -1923 E. 7th Street,
Long Beach, Ca 90804 www. thequesera. com 562.599.6170 $5-  ages 21+

Friday, November 30, 2007 @ 10:30pm Dream Street Live - 2228 Bacon Street,
Ocean Beach, San Diego, Ca 92107 www. dreamstreetlive. com 619.222.8131 $10- ages 21+

Friday, December 7, 2007 @ 11:30pm The Derby - 4500 Los Feliz Blvd.
Hollywood, Ca 90027 www. clubderby. com 323.663.8979 $12-  ages 18+
**Email your name to apeyga@yahoo. com anytime before the day of the show and you
Will be on our list at the door to pay only $5 at The Derby.

Apeyga can also be heard on the internet radio stations, Progulus. com and Cracklin' Radio which belong to the radio collective.

Website: http://www. apeyga. com (http://www. apeyga. com)
Contact: Justin 661-803-2651
Email: apeyga(at)yahoo. com