Wednesday, January 18, 2006

First Dallas Life Coach Named Associate Life Strategist Trained in Dr Phil's Approach

First Dallas Life Coach Named Associate Life Strategist Trained in Dr Phil's Approach

Margie Warrell, a Life Coach and Speaker is the first person from Dr PhilÂ’s hometown of Dallas Texas to receive the Associate Life Strategist designation in the Dr Lawlis on Dr. PhilÂ’s Approach Series training by Professional CEU. As an Associate Life Strategist Margie has been trained in the theories and techniques behind Dr PhilÂ’s methodologies. Margie has been trained by Dr PhilÂ’s own teacher and the chief advisor to the Dr Phil show, Dr Frank Lawlis.

(PRWEB) April 29, 2005

Margie Warrell, Life Coach, Speaker and internationally published writer coaches clients from around the world to help them effectively deal with the issues that keep them stuck, undermine their relationships, their sense of wellbeing, their career success and their life in general. Though Margie currently resides in Dallas with her husband and four children, she is originally from Australia and works with clients across both hemispheres. “For clients who are not in my area or simply don’t have extra time available to come into my office we utilize the phone and the net”.

Margie trained in Dr Phil’s techniques and theories because she resonated with his “Get Real” approach. Like Dr Phil, Margie believes that quitting the blame game and taking personal responsibility for the state of one’s life is key to helping individuals recognize and break through the barriers that are holding them back from the success and happiness they really want. “Dropping the excuses and taking responsibility for where you find yourself is the basic first step to achieving anything," she says. It is also the focus on the first chapter in her upcoming book “Finding Your Courage: 12 Acts of Courage to Transform Your Life”.

Margie helps her clients get “unstuck” by providing a safe environment where there is no judgment. Like Dr Phil, Margie’s coaching style is direct and to the point. “I don’t serve my clients by buying into their stories. In fact I see myself as a “story buster” whose job it is to uncover the stories my clients have about themselves and what is possible for them in their lives”. Like Dr Phil’s approaches, Margie has a solution oriented style that is action focused. However she says her ultimate goal for her clients goes much deeper than just achieving goals. “I work to help my clients transform their very experience of what it is to be alive in the world. I help them tap into their innate courage to do what really inspires them”.

Margie brings her own unique experience and style into her coaching. She is a mother of four children, she has Degrees in Business and Psychology, she is a Certified Ontological Coach and a member of the International Association of Certified Coaches and International Coaching Federation. She is also the mother of four children. In her “previous life” Margie worked as a Marketing Executive for several international corporations including BP Oil and KPMG. She has traveled independently to many remote corners of the world. She believes that travel is a great way to gain perspective on

Although Margie works with a variety of clients in her coaching practice, she specializes in working with professional women and working moms to help them achieve the career goals which inspire them whilst leading more balanced and fulfilling lives – less the stress! Margie is also a speaker and runs workshops and seminars on communication, life balance (something she knows all too well with four young children herself) and living with more courage.

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