Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Central Oregon Fly and Field Outfitters Purchase Global Star Satellite Telephone for Safer, Fun Fishing Trips

Central Oregon Fly and Field Outfitters Purchase Global Star Satellite Telephone for Safer, Fun Fishing Trips

A new piece of equipment used to enhance the central Oregon fly fishing experience.

Bend, OR (PRWEB) August 1, 2007

Fly and Field Outfitters has added an important piece of safety equipment, a satellite phone, to give fly fishermen the safest multi-day fly fishing trips in the Lower Deschutes Canyon. 

"Since we travel at the foot of 2500 ft. tall canyon walls, traditional cellular service providers can not deliver service to us. Now we provide our guests with the convenience and safety of a Globalstar handset while they fish and enjoy them selves in the remote areas of Oregon's Deschutes River (http://flyandfield. com/Pages/guided. multi_day. htm)," said Damien Nurre, head fly fishing guide at Fly and Field outfitters. "The phone will primarily be used only in the event of an emergency, but guests who need to use the phone will be able to do so. We are devoted to providing the most fun, professional, and safe, fly fishing experience in Central Oregon (http://flyandfield. com/Pages/rivers. metolious. htm). All of our guides are trained in white water safety, first aid, and CPR so the addition of emergency communications was the natural next step. We hope to never have to use the phone for reasons other than giving fish reports to our friends stuck behind desks, but now we at least have the option if we need it."

Fly and Field Outfitters offer guided fly fishing trips on a wide variety of water in the Central Oregon area including Fly Fishing Trips in Bend Oregon. For more information on the hunting and fly fishing guide service (http://flyandfield. com) or equipment available visit http://www. flyandfield. com (http://www. flyandfield. com)] or call 541-318-1616.


Indie Bookshop Opening in Underserved Pennsylvania Market

Indie Bookshop Opening in Underserved Pennsylvania Market

Even in the face of declining revenue, there is no better time to open an independent bookshop.

Phoenixville, PA (PRWEB) June 16, 2005

Suzanne Kelly, former General Manager of the legendary Gene’s Books in King of Prussia, will open her store in Phoenixville, PA on July 1, 2005. Kelly caught the bookselling bug while working for Gene’s and has spent ten years preparing for this occasion. “Since November 10, 2000 (when Gene’s closed), I have been cultivating this idea—meticulously moving forward to continue Gene’s independent booksellers spirit”, she states.

In a time when the revenues of the bookselling industry are declining, one group, the independent bookseller, savors steady growth. Kathy Simoneaux, owner of Chester County Book & Music Co. says “the superstores have already done their aggressive approach and passed over corners of the country, so this is a great time to open in underserved markets like Phoenixville.” In the late 90’s, the solid market share that independents enjoyed started to erode. The diversity in titles available narrowed to what the chains wanted to promote and therefore, the discovery of new authors slowed down. “It was an uncertain time for us, but I knew that the character of the independent bookseller, the passion we have for all published works, and the personal service we provide our customers would restore its popularity”, says Kelly.

And their status is rebounding according to research compiled by Ipsos BookTrends. In a syndicated study, they report that independent bookstores’ 2004 sales increased both in dollars and units sold, capping a 3 year period of sustained growth. “The independent bookstore and small chain segment of the book market remains a vibrant and important part of the retailing landscape,” said American Booksellers Association CEO Avin Mark Domnitz. “The American reading public continues to look to the independents to discover new books of quality and as a primary source for the knowledgeable servicing of all their book buying needs.”

Excellence in customer service is the cornerstone of Bridge Street Bookshop. Kelly calls on her extensive knowledge of titles, the feeling she gets from what she reads and the relationship she builds with customers to recommend books and service her customer’s needs. Barbara Meade, owner of Politics & Prose Books & Coffee in Washington DC states “it’s a great time for independent minded women who want to offer the public an alternative to mall stores to get into this business”. “For 20 years, quite a few women have succeeded in running businesses that are both profitable and very customer friendly.”

For more information about Bridge Street Bookshop, Suzanne Kelly or the Grand Opening, please contact 610-933-5064.

About Bridge Street Bookshop: Bridge Street Bookshop, located at 214 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA, is an independent general retail bookstore specializing in unique services not found in any bookstore in the area: out-of-print book searches and foreign newspapers & magazines, providing for the book needs of the community. Stock includes both hardback and paperback best sellers, fiction, and non-fiction, including: cookbooks, travel, childrenÂ’s books, religious, psychology and self-help, science, business, health, etc. Sidelines will include high quality stationery, wrapping paper, greeting cards, book lights, and bookmarks.

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