Friday, December 16, 2005

Movabletypebooks. com launches “When in Emilia Romagna,” the second in the “When in Rome Guidebooks” Series

Movabletypebooks. com launches “When in Emilia Romagna,” the second in the “When in Rome Guidebooks” Series.

These ebooks are for the independent traveler who wants authentic dining experiences in Emilia Romagna, the food-lovers' paradise of Italy.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 24, 2005

The second ebook in the “When in Rome Guidebook” series was launched today at the online bookstore http://www. movabletypebooks. com (http://www. movabletypebooks. com).

"When in Emilia Romagna" by Carol Plantamura is the definitive guide to eating well in Emilia Romagna, the food-lovers paradise of Italy. With this guide in hand, the gourmet traveler won't miss any of the spectacular regional foods of this Epicurean center featuring world-renowned cheeses, meats and sauces. Plantamura gives inside tips on not only where to find these highly-localized dishes but also why this Italian region, above all others, excels in producing dish after intoxicating dish.

Many of the foods of Emilia Romagna are not available anywhere else. Breads, wines and sausages are not exported or if they are, are inferior to those available locally. Some are not even known beyond the region's borders. “When in Emilia Romagna” helps foodies discover what awaits them on the tables of Emilia Romagna and plan their trips accordingly. Neither a restaurant nor a recipe listing, “When in Emilia Romagna” gives the reader the tools to investigate the best dining opportunities within a region or city.

This is a unique guidebook for foodies written by Carol Plantamura, who is an unabashed lover of the authentic regional foods of Italy. She is a college professor at the University of California at San Diego, a professional singer, and a fine cook in her own right. She lived in Italy for many years and criss-crossed the country giving concerts in virtually every major city. She has a special love for Northern Italy and her home-away-from-home in the city of Ferrara in Emilia Romagna. Her other book in the “When in Rome Guidebook Series” is “When in Italy,” which offers advice on when to go to Italy in order to eat the best authentic foods in season, where to stay to guarantee the best dining, how to find which restaurant serves the best regional foods, how to behave in a restaurant, how to make an Italian waiter into a friendly food guide, and more.

“When in Rome Guidebooks” are interactive electronic books (acrobat reader files), designed to be download from the web site bookstore (http://movabletypebooks. com (http://movabletypebooks. com)) for immediate reading. The guidebook series focuses on food and how to eat well while traveling. The books have an interactive table of contents, bookmarks and page turning buttons that allow for navigation with a click of a mouse. A special feature is an Italian pronouncing glossary to help the adventurous traveler speak the language of dining and food. “When in Rome Guidebooks” can be read on the computer screen or printed in their entirety or in part. They can be moved to a palm and taken on the road.

“When in Emilia Romagna” is available at http://www. movabletypebooks. com/wirg_home. htm (http://www. movabletypebooks. com/wirg_home. htm).


Thornborough Music Festival 2006 - Tickets Go on Sale

Thornborough Music Festival 2006 - Tickets Go on Sale

Summary Points: · Thornborough Festival Tickets go on sale from our website – www. hengewarriors. com · The Festival 2006 will have 50 acts and will be spread over three days. · Music slots for Thornborough Festival are full, but we are organising other events, so get in touch. · Artists, helpers and healers required for the festival fringe area – “Medicine and Magic”

(PRWEB) May 17, 2006

Music and festival club Henge Warriors have announced that due to demand from musicians the Thornborough Music Festival has expanded to three days and will have more than 50 artists.

“The response to our call for acts has been even greater than last year” Said Matty Jacobs, one of the organisers of Thornborough Music Festival, which will be held at a farm close to Grewelthorpe (near Masham, North Yorkshire).

Henge Warriors is a club for musicians and music lovers, club members organise music performances and festivals in support of campaigns aimed at saving ancient sites such as Thornborough Henges and Nine Ladies stone circle.

“This will help local musicians raise profile as well as allowing groups such as the Nine Ladies campaigners to spread their message and raise funds”. Said Matty.

But the musicians will not only be local or in need of raising profile, with London based Underground Zero reforming for the occasion and top Hawkwind tribute band Assassins of Silence headlining. In addition, a mystery Irish band will be travelling to Yorkshire with the Save Tara campaign group.

Numbers for this years festival are limited “Everyone attending must be a member of Henge Warriors, which is free. The festival will cost £10.00 and tickets/membership can be obtained via our website – www. hengewarriors. com.”

Whilst there are no more slots for acts at this years Thornborough Festival, Henge Warriors are still looking for groups to perform at a number of music events they are planning over the coming year. “We intend to organise quite a number of events Throughout Britain, in fact there’s a Henge Warrior gig in Buckingham on the 20th May.”

“We are also still looking for fringe acts for the festival and for healers to help in our “Medicine and Magic” area” said Matty, “There are still slots for sponsors and in addition we need volunteers to help set up and run the festival”.

‘Henge Warriors’ is a club dedicated to arranging musical events in aid of, and drawing attention to, ancient sites under threat from the ravages of the modern world.

Membership of Henge Warriors is free and this entitles members to attend Henge Warriors festivals and events. Some events are free, others will entail a minimal cost. Members attending such events agree to be bound by our club rules and ethical policy. In general this means that while attending Henge Warriors events you commit to minimising your impact on the environment and have respect for other people.

Henge Warriors is a “not for profit” organisation staffed by volunteers, funds raised are donated to heritage campaigns and also to fund other Henge Warriors events.