Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Online Lesbian Shopping Mall Provides One-Stop Shopping for Lesbians

New Online Lesbian Shopping Mall Provides One-Stop Shopping for Lesbians.

A Lesbian-oriented online shopping mall containing stores for everyday products as well as lesbian oriented products. A special section contains reviews of lesbian books.

Grass Valley, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2005

Lost in the Sauce Solutions., a small business consulting and web design firm has announced the development and launch of the Lesbian Shopping Mall (www. LesbianShoppingMall. com), an online shopping mall website designed for lesbian shoppers and those looking for gifts for lesbians. The new website has the added feature of listing those hard-to-find Coupon Codes and Promotional Codes for all the stores listed in the mall. These Codes are often overlooked or unknown to shoppers so the inclusion of them on the site will save the shoppers both time, in trying to find them, and money, for those not taking the time to look for them.

A recently added feature to LesbianShoppingMall. com is a lesbian book review section. Lesbian books rate high on the list for both personal enjoyment and as gifts with lesbians. There is an abundance of quality lesbian fiction, novels, erotica and self-help books on the market but few reviews can be found. Since many of these books never reach the paperback stage, the cost is high for avid readers. Checking out the top 10 listings is of no help in deciding which books to buy since they never reach these mainstream lists. Thus there is a high need for a quality site willing to publish reviews of lesbian books. Users of the site are encouraged to submit their opinions on any lesbian books they may have read.

With the growth of online shopping and the need for a lesbian-oriented mall, the staff will continue to review and add stores, put emphasis on obtaining and publishing book reviews and expanding their content to include other articles of interest to lesbian shoppers. The goal is to provide the lesbian community with not just one-stop shopping but to also provide articles and reviews that are focused on lesbians and their daily lives.

Another emphasis of the site is to provide one-stop shopping for lesbian-oriented products as well as products used in day-to-day living without having to search site after site on the web for quality products. All of the stores available on the site are top quality and many are nationally known. According to Christy Stevens, the owner of Lost in the Sauce Solutions, “Searching the web for lesbian-oriented products that are not exclusively or overly adult oriented is a frustrating experience for most lesbian shoppers. They end up having to wade through page after page of adult gay sites. Now, with LesbianShoppingMall. com, an upscale one-stop shopping experience for lesbians and women in general, these consumers no longer need to spend time reading through endless pages of search results.”

This is not to say that the site does not carry “adult” products – it does but they are confined to one store. Since LesbianShoppingMall contains an adult store, shoppers are afforded a sometimes necessary privacy when shopping for adult-oriented products. Some of the items are very personal in nature and by being able to shop online lesbians can make purchases of items from the privacy of their own homes. There are also many lesbians who do not live in areas where these types of products are available. By including an adult store along side the home and garden, pet, bed and bath, movie, book, travel and other stores, the LesbianShoppingMall is truly a lesbian shopping mall.

About LesbianShoppingMall. com

LesbianShoppingMall is an online shopping mall with over a hundred partnered stores selling everyday products as well as lesbian-oriented products. Special features include the listing of online Coupon Codes and reviews of lesbian-oriented books. The site is dedicated to providing quality one-stop shopping for lesbians as well as articles and reviews in areas of interest to lesbians. The site is owned and operated by Lost in the Sauce Solutions of Grass Valley, CA.

About Lost in the Sauce Solutions

Lost in the Sauce Solutions is a small lesbian-owned business specializing in business development, business consulting and small business web design.

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Radical Sixties Culture, Anti-War/Anti-Establishment Class Warfare Inspire Exhibition Examining Daisy as Peace Icon

Radical Sixties Culture, Anti-War/Anti-Establishment Class Warfare Inspire Exhibition Examining Daisy as Peace Icon

Flower Power: A Subversive Botanical (February 1, 2008--May 11, 2008), an exhibition at the New Mexico Museum of Art, will examine anti-war sentiments, anti-establishment demands, class realignments, gender divisions, and utopian desires associated with the single petal, daisy flower that was an icon of the sixties.

Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) December 5, 2007

Flower Power: A Subversive Botanical (February 1, 2008--May 11, 2008), an exhibition at the New Mexico Museum of Art (www. nmartmuseum. org), will examine anti-war sentiments, anti-establishment demands, class realignments, gender divisions, and utopian desires associated with the single petal, daisy flower that was an icon of the sixties.

Love-ins, the peace movement, anti-establishment protests and happenings all were united and symbolized by this single flower. The icon resonated with people of all classes across the globe and traveled easily between high art and popular culture. Andy Warhol, for example, used it to create prints destined for galleries and museums and MariMekko design group placed it on household goods created to foster egalitarian, modern living.

In recent years, designers have recycled the iconic daisy for adornment on clothing and mass-manufactured goods, and artists have used it for the basis of their art. For example, Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist/designer, has produced paintings, prints, and consumer products with the daisy as the primary element. The reasons for the revival of the daisy are many, but the flower seems to resurface whenever communal hopes and desires appear to have been abandoned.

The exhibition will do more than draw parallels between the cold war or Vietnam era and today. Rather, it will allow viewers to consider the ways in which the daisy serves as a timeless emblem of cultural questioning and a signifier of social change. To accomplish this, well known 20th century artists such as Betty Hahn, Corita Kent, 11101954SC$Andy Warhol, and the MariMekko design group will be associated with contemporary artists such as Tim Jag, Murakami, Yumi Roth, and Erika Wanenmacher. The relationships created in the exhibition will allow lesser-known contemporary art the opportunity to be in visual dialogue with better known works.

In the exhibition spaces, Corita Kent's anti-war prints will be seen in relation to Erika Wanenmacher's painting/sculpture of the bombing of Baghdad in which the plumes of smoke have been symbolized with three-dimensional, painted daisies. Relationships will be established between fabrics produced by the MariMekko design group with the one hundred porcelain daisies by Yumi Roth that can be installed in any space to provide decorative enhancement. Tim Jag's painting/sculpture installation of daisies will be linked with Andy Warhol's prints to highlight ideas of repetition, abundance, consumption and design.

Warm sentiments and radical desires will be at the heart of this lush exhibition. 

Flower Power: A Subversive Botanical was co-curated by Tim Rodgers and Merry Scully, New Mexico Museum of Art.

Media Contacts:
Tim Rodgers, Chief Curator
Tim. rodgers @ state. nm. us

Merry Scully, Curator, Governor's Gallery
Merry. scully @ state. nm. us

Steve Cantrell, PR Manager
505-310-3539 - cell
Steve. cantrell @ state. nm. us

The New Mexico Museum of Art was founded in 1917 as the Art Gallery of the Museum of New Mexico. Housed in a spectacular Pueblo Revival building designed by I. H. and William M. Rapp, it was based on their New Mexico building at the Panama-California Exposition (1915). The museum's architecture inaugurated what has come to be known as "Santa Fe Style." For more than 90 years, the Museum has collected and exhibited work by leading artists from New Mexico and elsewhere. This tradition continues today with a wide-array of exhibitions with work from the world's leading artists. The New Mexico Museum of Art strives to bring the art of New Mexico to the world and the art of the world to New Mexico.

The New Mexico Museum of Art is a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.

Information for the Public

Location: Santa Fe's Plaza at 107 West Palace Avenue.

Information: 505-476-5072 or www. nmartmuseum. org

Days/Times: Tuesday through Sunday, 10:00 A. M.-5:00 P. M. Open Free on Fridays, 5:00-8:00 P. M., with the exception of major exhibition openings.

Admission: School groups free. Children 16 and under free. New Mexico residents with ID free on Sundays. New Mexico resident Senior Citizens (age 60+) with ID free Wednesdays. Museum Foundation members free. NM Veterans with 50% or greater disability free. Students with ID $1 discount. Single visit to one museum: $8.00 for non-state residents, $6.00 for New Mexico residents. Four-day pass to five museums including state-run museums in Santa Fe plus The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art $18.00. One-day pass for two museums (Museum of International Folk Art and Museum of Indian Arts and Culture OR New Mexico Museum of Art and Palace of the Governors) $12.00. Group rate for ten or more people: single visit $6.00, four-day pass $16.00.

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