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Pittsburgh Business Woman Donates Percentage of Sales to Cancer Research

Pittsburgh Business Woman Donates Percentage of Sales to Cancer Research

RUFFS DALE, Pa. (PRWEB) October 29, 2005

Tammie Aaron-Barrada of Ruffs Dale, PA, a widow with 2 toddlers, invented a successful portable reward system for toilet training focused on positive reinforcement. As a busy parent she needed a system to be consistent during daily travel.

Aaron-Barrada lost her husband to cancer in 2001. After his death she was faced with financial challenges but was determined to make it. She developed her toilet training system and wrote a business plan that won the 2003 WriteIdea contest and launched her business. A percentage of all Aaron Barrada, Inc. sales go to Cancer Research, in loving memory of her husband.

Aaron Barrada, Inc. was the first company to provide a toilet training reward system designed specifically for today’s traveling children. The multi-award winning toilet training method makes toilet training easier with less hassle for moms and childcare providers. “I have tried a lot of potty training techniques over the past 18 years of family day care services. This product is a welcomed exciting and interesting way to make my job a little easier,” said Cathy Trout Child Care.

Aaron Barrada, Inc. is dedicated to supporting and developing children’s educational products that help children learn new tasks that promote independence and enhance self esteem while making life easier for mothers and child care givers.

Go to www. pottiestickers. com to get the toilet training expert’s secrets and tips that can toilet train your child in 7 days.


Hotel Booking Engine Quikbook. com Presents 7th Annual Customers’ Choice Awards

Hotel Booking Engine Quikbook. com Presents 7th Annual Customers’ Choice Awards

Quikbook. com tallied up hotel bookings in NYC, Chicago, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Miami, and shared where their travelers stayed the most in 2010.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 21, 2011

Quikbook. com, the well-established hotel booking service, releases booking preferences on hotels where their travelers stayed most during the calendar year 2010. As the year came to an end, Quikbook. com reviewed the total reservations numbers in the past year and will disclose the top three most popular hotels for each of the six major destination cities.

The official 7th Annual Customers’ Choice Awards, including guest comments and special offers, is scheduled to be published through Quikbook. com’s Weekly Hotel Deal Alert on Tuesday, January 25th. Guests can receive the Awards email by signing up prior to the 25th.

Quikbook. com selected their six most booked cities, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Miami. Along with the top three most booked hotels, Quikbook. com shared guest comments that reinforce the reasoning behind guests’ hotel preference.

New York City topped the Quikbook. com list as their most booked city for the 7th year in a row, with Smyth – A Thompson Hotel being the top hotel that their guests booked the most. The complete list of top booked follows:

New York City Hotels
1/ Smyth – A Thompson Hotel
2/ Affinia Shelburne
3/ The Time Hotel

Chicago Hotels
1/ Dana Hotel and Spa
2/ Affinia Chicago
3/ Whitehall Hotel

Los Angeles / Santa Monica Hotels
1/ Sofitel Los Angeles
2/ Loews Santa Monica
3/ Thompson Beverly Hills

Washington D. C. Hotels
1/ Donovan House
2/ Liaison Capitol Hill
3/ The Churchill

San Francisco Hotels
1/ Clift, A Morgan’s Original
2/ The Huntington Hotel & Nob Hill Spa
3/ Sir Francis Drake, A Kimpton Hotel

Miami Hotels
1/ Gansevoort
2/ Angler’s Boutique
3/ The National

For the NYC market, Affinia Shelburne returns as a long-time favorite with travelers. Smyth and The Time Hotels are new but not surprising entrants to the Choice Awards as they have been continually offering enticing deals for the New York travelers in 2010. Many guests comment that their hotel choices are usually influenced by current promotions, hotel amenities, and hotel location.

While Clift Hotel remains the first choice for San Francisco travelers just as in the previous year, all of the other favorite hotels in the “sunny” cities LA, San Francisco, and Miami, have been replaced by hotels that continuously provide great service to their guests and offer competitive prices. This set of hotels stands out for Quikbook. com customers for their luxury hotel features and attention to detail.

Chicago’s favorites include Dana Hotel – a boutique style hotel on Michigan Ave, the sleek and modern Affinia Chicago, and a recently restored Whitehall Hotel.

Washington D. C. travellers chose Donovan House and Liaison Capitol Hill, just as in the previous year. The Churchill Hotel is a new favorite for D. C. goers – mainly for its prime location in the heart of Washington D. C. and recent renovation.

What Travelers Want Most in a Hotel in 2011?

Hotel Deals & Discounts

Price is a major factor when selecting a hotel and will remain the #1 consideration for travelers in 2011. Quikbook. com negotiates directly with hotels, which in turn allows consumers to get the very best deals on their stays. These deals are not available anywhere else online. The best way to stay informed of all current deals and hotel sales is Quikbook. com’s E-mail newsletter that arrives every week with exclusive sale announcements.


Consumers love to get free stuff and special treatment and the hotel industry is no different. Free high speed wireless internet is becoming an increasingly desired amenity. Another sought after convenience is free access to a fitness center and complimentary breakfast.

About Quikbook. com – First established in 1988 as a toll free call center, Quikbook. com offers a select list of hotels across the US, often at rates lower than anywhere else. For over 20 years, Quikbook. com has solely specialized in booking hotel rooms at the lowest rates for consumers. Voted the #1 travel Website for booking hotels by SmartMoney magazine, Quikbook. com boasts an inventory of more than 1,200 upscale and boutique properties in more than 75 cities and resort destinations throughout North America. The website is free to consumers and charges no membership fees, no fees to change or cancel existing pay-at-checkout reservations, and does not tack on booking fees or surcharges. For further information visit http://www. quikbook. com.

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