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Sri Lanka In Style Celebrates Christmas and New Year Aman Style

Sri Lanka In Style Celebrates Christmas and New Year Aman Style

Sri Lanka In Style celebrates the Festive Christmas Season and Welcomes in the New Year at Amangalla with a mix of activities for all ages; a fun-filled Aman-style Christmas in the heart of a historfort on the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka (PRWEB) December 22, 2008

Sri Lanka In Style celebrates the Festive Christmas Season and Welcomes in the New Year at Amangalla with a mix of activities for all ages from seasonally traditional to fun, intriguing to remembrance; a fun-filled Aman-style Christmas in the heart of a historic fort on the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

If there could be an "extreme" place to celebrate Christmas and New Year, Sri Lanka's Amangalla (http://www. srilankainstyle. com/property. php? id=64&name=Amangalla&type=Hotel) might just be the venue. As opposed to the adrenalin-filled "extreme", this is Aman's version of "extreme" with a feature-packed fixtures list created to ensure that the 2008 Festive Season will remain etched in ones memory.

"Once again the Amangalla in Sri Lanka excels itself" says Miguel Cunat, CEO of Sri Lanka In Style, "The Aman family of hotels have a totally unique flavor and Amangalla is no exception. Couple this with Christmas and New Year festivities and one just knows that guests are in store for an utterly unique and memorable experience".

Deriving its name from "Aman" which means Peace in Sanskrit and "Galla" which is the Sinhalese name for the historic town of Galle (http://www. srilankainstyle. com/area. php? name=Galle&id=4&cat=main&type=Hotel), Amangalla occupies an amalgamation of buildings within the walls of Galle's fort which dates back some 400 years. Over the years the buildings have been used as headquarters for the Dutch Commandeur and his officers and later as a billet for British soldiers.
From 1865 the buildings became the New Oriental Hotel which traded for 140 years.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aman Resorts restored and renovated its buildings within the fort with utmost respect for their historical status, skilfully unveiling and restoring original features, furnishing the polished jack-wood floors with fine antiques and period-styled reproductions to create a Sri Lanka Colonial adventure (http://www. srilankainstyle. com/sri_lanka_experience_page. php? expid=4&name=Colonial%20Heritage) in an oasis of contemporary luxury. Its expansive list of awards and accolades garnered since opening in February 2005 are testament to its success.

The schedule of events begins on Saturday 20th December with Amangalla's monthly "Salon". Commencing at 7pm with Cocktails and Canopes, the Salon will be hosted by Renate Von Roda who will talk about the difficulties of conserving art in the tropics.

On Christmas Eve the Amangalla is hosting the All Saints Carol Singers for an evening of Christmas carols, Christmas trees, stockings and mince pies. A seafood feast is also being prepared for the Christmas Eve dinner menu and guests can attend Midnight Mass nearby.
Christmas Day is up to the individual who can explore the fort, be pampered in the Amangalla's legendary baths, bathe in the sun on the Sri Lanka beach (http://www. srilankainstyle. com/sri_lanka_experience_page. php? expid=1&name=Best%20Beaches) or take to the sea for some whale-watching. Father Christmas is scheduled to arrive though at 6.00pm, with cocktails being served at 6.30pm before venturing into the dining room where a full, traditional Christmas Dinner will be waiting.

A ceremony is planned on Boxing Day morning in remembrance of the Tsunami that devastated Galle four years ago with a two minute silence at 9.26am on the ramparts of the fort and then in the evening its back to the cocktails at Why Beach Club for sundowners.

The Christmas Puppet Show, now an annual fixture, is scheduled on Thursday 27th December which is an event to which to whole community is invited and takes place in front of the Amangalla.

On the 29th December events migrate to The Dutch House (http://www. srilankainstyle. com/property. php? id=31&name=The%20Dutch%20House&type=Hotel) which is staging a 'Back to the 70's' musical evening featuring West end singer Charlotte Gorton.

Then it's back to the Amangalla for New Years Eve which launches at 8.00pm with a Devil Dance before settling down to a gourmet dinner prepared by Cassandra, Amangalla's head chef. With a lively jazz ensemble providing musical accompaniment the New Year will be heralded with a bang when the first fireworks take to the skies on the dot of midnight.

New Years Day takes on a spiritual flavor when the Amangalla hosts a traditional Pirit and Darnay; a deeply Buddhist ceremony in which Monks bless the house and family.

Where little windows of free time occur in amongst the festivities, Sri Lanka In Style is at-hand to recommend things to do from exploring the fort (best on foot) to visiting near-by temples and tea estates. Lazy days can be had lounging on beaches and ultimate indulgence at one of many spas including Amangalla own Spa, The Baths. For those who become intoxicated with the Aman dream, Amanwella (http://www. srilankainstyle. com/property. php? id=63&name=Amanwella&type=Hotel), a contemporary beachfront resort and sister hotel to the Amangalla is only a 2 hour drive east along the pretty coastline.

Sri Lanka In Style is a Sri Lankan based travel design company that specializes in offering travel consultation and services for clients visiting Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka In Style hand-selects Boutique Hotels and Villas in Sri Lanka and offers a full portfolio of concierge style services including chauffeured cars, expert guides and a wealth of local travel advise all designed to ensure that guests can sit back and derive maximum satisfaction from their time whilst in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka In Style provides interesting alternatives and "out of the box" ideas which provide a conversational currency long after the holiday itself has finished.

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"TOTE 'N BOAT", The Folding Canoe

"TOTE 'N BOAT", The Folding Canoe.

A durable, solid-side, two person canoe, that fits in the trunk of your car.

(PRWEB) January 7, 2004

Outdoor enthusiasts, campers and rv-erÂ’s have many opportunities to enjoy leisure time on the water.

Unfortunately, they donÂ’t always have room to carry a boat! A Pennsylvania inventor has come up with a unique idea that makes a boat available whenever you need it.

His craft, called a “Tote ‘n Boat,” comes in a box just 4”x 14”x 48” which is so compact it stores easily in a limited space. Weighing only 32 pounds it can be handled and transported without a struggle. Assembly takes about 10 minutes and the result is truly amazing.

The “Tote ‘n Boat”, officially classified by the U. S. Coast Guard as a canoe, is nearly 10’ long and with a load capacity of 450 pounds is suitable for two average size adults.

The hull material is a high-impact polypropylene originally developed by NASA for the U. S. Aero-Space industry. Incredibly, when assembled this sturdy canoe has no open seams and therefore no possibility of leaking.

“The “Tote ‘n Boat” is not in competition with other canoes and boats on the market,” explains company spokesman Jacque Phillips. “The target audience for the “Tote ‘n Boat” is outdoor enthusiasts and camper, trailer or rv owners who occasionally want to take full advantage of the lakes and waterways they encounter in their travels. And, of course, without the hassles of boat trailers or roof racks.”

The company plans to introduce the “Tote ‘n Boat” at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA in February and is working with several major retailers to distribute them. At a price of only $299 there should be a lot more folks enjoying the water in the future.

For further information visit their website at: www. tucktech. com