Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Garage Boxing Gym Needs Help to Save Youths from Gang and Drug Violence

The Garage Boxing Gym Needs Help to Save Youths from Gang and Drug Violence

THe Garage Boxing Gym is in need of sponsorship for anti drug/anti gang youth program for boxers ages 8-18. This worthwhile organization is a nonprofit facility for underprivilaged youths to keep them off the streets, away from gang violence and drugs. We support this through tax-deductable donations and gifts only.

(PRWEB) July 7, 2005

We would love for you to visit our gym and help bring awareness to a worthy cause in the DFW market. This truly is a unique opportunity to be a part of something special for our youths. We invite you to come in and see for yourselves.

On a quiet little street corner in Dallas "Lives are being saved". THE GARAGE BOXING GYM started in 2002 and it is the first residential 2-car garage training facility sanctioned by US Amateur Boxing, Inc. and the U. S. Olympic Committee. This training facility is free to youths from ages 8-18 for the purpose of keeping them focused on physical fitness, academic achievement and goal setting for their futures. This garage focuses on creating Champions in the amateur boxing ring and “in life”. These kids have beaten all of the odds through shear perseverance, faith and the belief that "you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself". They work hard everyday to follow the rules and be a part of this program.

THE GARAGE BOXING GYM Team holds the 2005 Light Heavyweight Golden Gloves Championship, along with several other major wins.

This facility relies on donations solely for tournament fees, athlete registration under U. S. Amateur, Inc. (insurance), uniforms, shoes, safety equipment, 3 DAY travel, food, lodging, and new facility location. This organization has its 501c3 non-profit status pending. Due to City of Dallas Code Compliance regulations we have turned away over 150 youths.

Coach Glenn is a successful former 3- time Dallas Golden Gloves Champion and professional middleweight title contender with over 200 amateur bouts as well as a 14-1-1 record with 7 KO's that has appeared on ESPN, USA, HSE and CABLE SPORTS NETWORKS. The president and coach of the organization give these youths hope.

Without your assistance this worthwhile program will end.

For information and to share your generosity, please contact:

MacKenzi Kuhn, President


Telephone: 214..503..0659

Voice Mail: 214..852..6380

Email: zzntch@myway. com