Thursday, August 4, 2005

GeoDomain Development Ventures, LLC Announces Development of Over 40 Pure City. com Sites in Major Development/Marketing Deal

GeoDomain Development Ventures, LLC Announces Development of Over 40 Pure City. com Sites in Major Development/Marketing Deal

Scottsdale. com’s “City In The Box” Software to power sites; CitiesPlanet. com formed to Manage Advertising and Marketing Duties.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) April 22, 2010

Fred Mercaldo, Managing Partner of Scottsdale. com, LLC and newly formed GeoDomain Development Ventures, LLC announced today a major software development and marketing deal that includes over 40 City. com sites. “Our proven software platform (www. CityInTheBox. com) will power the sites; once they are launched, CitiesPlanet will perform all marketing and advertising functions, and will procure local partnerships and contracts that will monetize the sites. We look forward to a successful launch, and our goal is to grow to 150 pure City. com properties under management within 24 months”

Based in Scottsdale, CitiesPlanet (www. CitiesPlanet. com) has worked with numerous creative technology and digital marketing specialists to develop a marketing platform that will successfully reach out to local business in each City. com area. Combined with a robust CRM system, each business will receive a custom media kit with their specific company featured, giving business owners numerous advertising and partnering options with their local, official City. com branded site.

“Our success rate so far has been 15% to 30% response rate, depending on which Directory category is being marketed, which is incredible”, says Mercaldo. “In addition, our system features a “nurture” campaign in the event a business has not responded to our first offer, and will automatically continue to send the opportunity to the business owner 3 additional times”.

The majority of the initial City. com sites are owned by State Ventures, LLC. "Fred Mercaldo has the vision to foresee the future of local Internet advertising and the marketing talent to accelerate the shift of local advertising to city portals," says Nat Cohen, President of State Ventures, LLC. "Fred is one of the stand-up guys in the Geo Domain industry. We are very pleased to be partnering with Fred in helping him realize this vision for the industry."

The City. com properties included in the initial launch feature a very diverse group of demographics and economies. “Everything from Kalamazoo. com to Burbank. com to Sausalito. com to GreatFalls. com; each City will have its own distinct characteristics and opportunities. We look forward to the challenge to make each City. com property a household name in each community” says Mercaldo.

CitiesPlanet will also handle all of the marketing and advertising responsibilities for Scottsdale. com, Chandler. com, Mesa. com, FountainHills. com, Tempe. com, and ApacheJunction. com, all of which have been launched and are connected within the Arizona market. Mercaldo recruited former Travelocity and RazorGator executive Mark Wilson to head CitiesPlanet. “Mark brings a successful track record of accomplishment to the table, combining both marketing expertise and technology capabilities, which is exactly what this project requires”, says Mercaldo. The remaining City. com’s will begin launching the first week of May, and will continue to roll out through July until all 40 are established and successfully monetized. Mercaldo states, “Our entire staff, led by Becky Kelley, has worked tirelessly this past 5 months to get all of these sites ready to go. We are very pleased to be able to finally announce these partnerships, as it has been on the drawing board for quite some time. We are ready to go!”

For more information on GeoDomain Development Ventures, LLC, contact:
Fred Mercaldo, 602-859-3786, fred(at)scottsdale(dot)com

For more information on Scottsdale. com, LLC and “City In The Box” software, contact:

Becky Kelley, 480-343-3654, Becky(at)scottsdale(dot)com

For more information on CitiesPlanet, contact:
Mark Wilson, 602-363-3345, Mark(at)CitiesPlanet(dot)com

State Ventures LLC owns and develops many geographic domain names and web properties, including Maryland. com, OceanCity. com, Annapolis. com, Pennsylvania. com, Virginia. com, NorthCarolina. com, Missouri. com, and Minnesota. com.


Hazelmail, A New Online Service, Instantly Turns Photos Into Posctcards and Mails Them Anywhere In The World

Hazelmail, A New Online Service, Instantly Turns Photos Into Posctcards and Mails Them Anywhere In The World

Photo Enthusiasts and Travelers Can Send Real Postcards Anywhere Anytime Using HazelMail

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 18, 2008

HazelMail, a new online service launching today, allows travelers, photo enthusiasts, and far-flung friends and family to instantly turn their photos into personalized postcards, and prints and mails them anywhere in the world.

To create a postcard, users simply upload a photo, enter a message and address, and pay a small, flat-rate $1.50 postage fee to have their postcard mailed to any destination. Travelers can also create a personal address book on HazelMail, making it easier for them to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they are in the world.

To reduce cost and time, HazelMail utilizes a global network of printers located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia to print and deliver postcards closest to the recipient's destination.
By printing and delivering locally instead of using international airmail, HazelMail also helps reduce stress on the planet.

HazelMail was created by entrepreneur Michael Lato, who led business development at Fotolog (www. fotolog. com), the world's largest photo blogging service, from 2004 to 2007. It was inspired by his mother Hazel, who encouraged him to travel and share his experiences from an early age. Lato recently discovered that his mother kept every postcard he ever sent to her.

"Digital photos can be ephemeral, but a personalized postcard can last a lifetime," said Lato. "I wanted to create a way for anyone to easily turn their memories into a lasting keepsake for friends and family."

HazelMail has already proven popular with photo enthusiasts. It was first introduced in 2006 on Fotolog, where over 80 percent of first users of the service became repeat customers within 90 days.

Lato plans to build on HazelMail's success on Fotolog by partnering with other companies interested in generating revenue and integrating the service into their offerings. To learn more about HazelMail's affiliate program, go to http://www. hazelmail. com/registrationpartner. php (http://www. hazelmail. com/registrationpartner. php).

HazelMail is currently available in five languages - English, French, Italian, Portugese and Spanish - for users around the globe. The company is based in Southern California. To make and send a postcard, go to www. hazelmail. com.