Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest Sets Higher Standards for Comfort, Convenience and Safety for All Hunters

New Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest Sets Higher Standards for Comfort, Convenience and Safety for All Hunters

Now hunters can carry more gear and be better ergonomically organized than ever before. Ends dangerous fumbling for equipment when in tree stands.

Bethpage, NY (PRWEB) August 15, 2007

Tree Apron Inc., the innovative developer of a wide range of specialty hunting products, has introduced its signature product, the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest for use by all hunters whether still hunting, in a ground blind, or when climbing and while in tree stands. In every hunting situation, the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest provides a new level of comfort and convenience never before available.

Described by some as the "Swiss Army Knife of hunting vests," The Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest has myriad pockets, pouches, hooks, nooks and crannies, pads and straps, each designed to place a wide variety of hunting gear exactly where it will be easiest to carry effortlessly without catching on brush or branches. It does not interfere with body movements or the ability to get off a fast shot with gun or bow. But its amazing organized carrying capacity is only the tip of the iceberg. The unique ergonomic design distributes weight remarkably well; has spine padding that takes the pain out of back-packing a tree stand; and provides a comfortable back rest when leaning against a tree. It also provides lumbar back support for increased stamina all day long and has a built-in, fold-down seat pad. Once in a tree stand, you can remove your Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest and wrap it around the tree trunk to keep all your gear at hand. It even has built-in hooks and clips that can hold calls, binoculars and rangefinder exactly where you want them for fast, easy access with minimum movements, and an optional Tree Apron Bow Arm can be added to hold your bow securely, ready for instant use.

Hunters across America have put the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest through the rigors of harvesting everything from turkey, deer and bear, to quail and ducks. Reports from the field have proven that the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest exceeds all expectations.

Made with strong, quiet, camouflage fabric on the outside and a hunter-orange lining, the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest is reversible to provide the added safety of high-visibility whenever appropriate. Adjustable elastic straps ensure that the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest will fit everyone, while also allowing it to be worn over a lightweight shirt for warm weather hunting as well as over the bulkiest winter jackets.

The MSRP of $98.00 is a small price to pay for all the features and benefits of the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest. Just think about how much it will be worth to you if it helps to avoid spooking the next big buck that comes your way!

Look for the Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest at your local hunting dealer, or order it directly from www. treeapron. com using the special sale code TA0607 to get a 25% discount off the MSRP for a limited time only.

Other unique hunting products from Tree Apron, Inc.

Limited time offer!
Get 25% off the MSRP of all items ordered online using sale code TA0607

Tree Apron Boot Travel Bag
Simply the best way to prevent your boots from absorbing tell-tale scents while storing them at home; carrying them in a car; or flying them half-way around the world. Double-lined 100% ballistic nylon for strength and style; long zipper and adjusting cord for easy entry and fit; and a comfortable shoulder strap. Available in either black and green, in models for short and high boots. See them at www. treeapron. com.

Tree Apron Hunt-Clothing Travel Bag Set
At 25" x 10" x 18" the bright orange Tree ApronSM Hunt-Clothing Travel bag provides a whopping 2.6 cubic feet of storage space. It is designed to protect your hunting garments from scent contamination at home, on the road, or across the world. Big enough to contain most undergarments, pants, jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves and facemasks to give you a scent-free start to each hunt. Because it is flexible, the Tree-Apron Hunt-Clothing Travel Bag will tuck into tight spaces and also pack readily in a suitcase or duffle bag. Its bright orange color makes it easy to find even in the back of a "loaded" truck. The included 24"x16"x10 Tree-Apron Laundry Bag lets you pack 2.2 cubic feet of dirty, smelly garments for a safe trip to the laundry, without scent-contaminating other gear and clothing. See the Tree Apron Hunt-Clothing Travel Bag Set at www. treeapron. com.

Tree Apron WindWatch 7X
The highly-visible, ultra-light, scent-free molecules spraying from the pocket-size Tree Apron WindWatch 7X dispenser give you an instant indication of wind direction and velocity even when the air seems to be standing still. The unique dispenser comes pre-filled and is accompanied by a FREE 8.5 ounce back-up supply, enough for six refills, so you'll never be caught short. Additional refills are available. See the Tree ApronSM WindWatch 7X at www. treeapron. com.

Tree Apron 30-foot Adjustable Hoister
While the 12-to-20 foot length of ordinary hoisting lines forces you to stay low in a tree, the Tree Apron 30-foot Adjustable Hoister lets you climb higher for more cover, less scent detection, and greater hunting success. Although this strong nylon camo rope lets you hoist your bow higher, it is also long enough to be doubled or tripled to achieve the extra strength needed to drag a deer over the roughest terrain. Packs small to fit any pocket or pouch. Has hook and adjustable loop. See the Tree Apron 30-foot Adjustable Hoister at www. treeapron. com. For a limited time only, one FREE Tree Apron 30-foot Adjustable Hoister will be included with each Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest ordered by hunters directly from www. treeapron. com.

Tree Apron Bow Arm
Used in conjunction with a Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest or by itself, there is simply no better way to ensure that your bow is held securely, ready for instant use. In a tree stand, it holds your bow parallel to your body, right at your bow-hand fingertips. This amazing folding bow hanger can also be worn on a pants or quiver belt, folded out of the way to only ½-inch thick until needed. Then you silently flip down the 3-inch arm and hang your bow securely at your side, perpendicular to your body. At a pocket-sized 4" x1" x ½" when closed, and coated with a special anti-noise compound, the Tree Apron Bow Arm will let you enjoy a new level of hands-free comfort in every hunting situation, confident that your bow will slide into your hand smoothly and silently when its time for a shot. See the Tree Apron Bow Arm at www. treeapron. com.

Since the successful introduction of this new line of unique hunting products at the Archery Trade Association Show in January 2007, dealers everywhere have started offering Tree Apron products to hunters. Both hunters and dealers are invited to visit www. treeapron. com to learn how these products can serve them best.

For more information visit www. treeapron. com, email treeapron@verizon. net, call 866 471-3865 or write Tree Apron Inc., P. O. Box 233, Bethpage, NY 11714.


Congressman Earl Blumenauer Speaks Before City Club of Portland February 25

Congressman Earl Blumenauer Speaks Before City Club of Portland February 25

At its weekly Friday Forum luncheon on Feb. 25, City Club of Portland welcomes U. S. Representative Earl Blumenauer who will discuss “Assessing Tsunami Relief Efforts: A Report from Southeast Asia.”

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 12, 2005

At its weekly Friday Forum luncheon on Feb. 25, City Club of Portland welcomes U. S. Representative Earl Blumenauer who will discuss “Assessing Tsunami Relief Efforts: A Report from Southeast Asia.”

Last month, U. S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer toured Southeast Asia to see firsthand the toll of the deadly tsunami that ravaged Indonesia, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other countries on December 26, 2004, killing more than 160,000 people and leaving thousands more missing.

"While the magnitude of the ruin is difficult to capture in words, the images that will remain with me forever are those that speak of the deep personal loss experienced by children, families and villages," Blumenauer said.

How effective have aid efforts been in rebuilding the area's infrastructure? In what ways has the global community helped survivors recover pieces of their fractured lives? And how can the worldÂ’s emergency systems be improved to mitigate the effects of future disasters?

This Friday Forum, which is open to the public, will be held in the third-floor ballroom of the Governor Hotel (614 S. W. 11th Ave.). Doors open at 11:30 a. m. Program begins at 12:15 p. m. and concludes at 1:15 p. m. Luncheon reservations must be made online at www. pdxcityclub. org or by calling 503-228-7231, ext. 103 or 102, by 2 p. m. Wed. Feb. 23 (members only may call 503-241-9242). Luncheon tickets are $18 ($16 for members of City Club). Coffee/tea tickets are $5 at the door. General seating, available at the door, is $5 (free for members of City Club).

A Note To Media

Media are encouraged to attend and are invited to sit in general seating. Please sign in at the registration table on the day of the forum. For broadcast media, an audio press patch will be available, and a riser for videotaping can be provided with advance notice. Contact Tim Krause at tim@pdxcityclub. org or 503-228-7231, ext. 102.

About Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer has been an Oregon elected official for over 29 years. He was born, raised and educated in Portland, Oregon, and has been a life-long resident of the 3rd Congressional District.

Congressman Blumenauer began his political career while still in college, spearheading a successful campaign to lower Oregon's voting age to 18. He was 23 when he first ran for the Oregon State Legislature, winning every precinct in his district. In addition to chairing the Revenue and School Finance Committee, he played key roles in enacting Oregon's landmark land use and transportation planning legislation, both still national models today.

After completing three terms in the Legislature, Congressman Blumenauer was elected to the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners and in 1986 was elected Portland's Commissioner of Public Works. As a member of the City Council and County Commission for almost 20 years, he championed programs and policies that led to Portland's acclaim as one of the nation's most livable cities. Perhaps best known for his efforts to provide Portlanders with a wider range of transportation choices — from light rail to bicycles to trolleys — Congressman Blumenauer also launched curbside recycling, worked to protect the Willamette River from combined sewer overflow, fought to confiscate cars of repeat drunk drivers, and led successful efforts to increase local funding of Portland's public schools.

First elected to the U. S. House in a special election in 1996, Congressman Blumenauer has carved out a unique role for himself as the Congress's proponent of Livable Communities. His work in Congress has focused on creating policies and partnerships that will make communities and the families that live in them safer, healthier and more economically secure.

Throughout his time in Congress, he has served as an active member on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on water, brownfields and surface transportation issues. One of the highlights of his committee work includes the passage of the Transportation Equity Act for the Twenty-first Century (TEA-21) in 1998 to provide record levels of federal investment for transit, highways, transportation safety and enhancement programs.

Congressman Blumenauer also serves on the International Relations Committee, which provides an opportunity to show leadership on international trade and human rights issues, particularly concerning East and Southeast Asia. Internationally, he has visited and met with elected officials in Vietnam, China, Central America, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Blumenauer has been described as the "Johnny Appleseed" of livability. Since his election to Congress, he has traveled to nearly 80 communities, working with local citizens and organizations on ways they can build more effective civic partnerships to improve land use, environment and transportation. He is equally committed to partnerships with his colleagues: he works with them through the Bike Caucus, which he founded, the Task Force on Livable Communities, which he founded and co-chairs, and other member organizations such as the House Sustainable Development Caucus.

About City Club of Portland

City Club of Portland is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic affairs organization that promotes civic engagement and active citizenship to build a stronger community. Through unbiased research and compelling programs, City Club connects citizens with ideas and issues that affect our community. City Club is open to everyone who wants to interact with other citizens and shape the future of our city and state, providing a neutral forum for many diverse voices. For more information about City Club of Portland, visit www. pdxcityclub. org or call 503-228-7231.


Antique Helper to Auction Estate of the Late James Anton

Antique Helper to Auction Estate of the Late James Anton

Dan Ripley's Antique Helper is pleased to announce an impressive auction of the estate of the Honorable James Anton on September 16th and 17th. Included in this sale are Russian icons, Russian silver, Russian enamels, Japanese woodblocks, Russian, European and American fine art, English papier Mache, black Americana, Russian and Continental miniature ivory portraits.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) September 10, 2006

Dan Ripley’s Antique Helper is pleased to announce an impressive auction of the estate of the Honorable James Anton on September 16 and 17. This two-day sale consists of the lifetime collection of the late James Anton, a former federal judge and minority counsel for Lyndon Johnson.

A decorated World War Two veteran, Judge Anton graduated from Georgetown School of Law in 1952. His political career included time as a New Hampshire State Representative and clerk in the U. S. Senate. Judicial appointments and private practice dominated the majority of his professional life. Along the way, Mr. Anton found time to operate two antique stores, exhibit at numerous antique shows and attend important estate auctions.

A passionate collector for 50 years, Mr. Anton assembled an extensive collection, focusing on Russian antiques. Extensive travels, especially to Russia, enabled Mr. Anton to add many unique pieces to his collections. Many of the items in this sale have been in storage since the Antons’ retirement to the Midwest in 1992. Included are Russian icons, Russian silver, Russian enamels, Japanese woodblocks, Russian, European and American fine art, English paper Mache, black Americana, Russian and Continental miniature ivory portraits.

This expansive auction will offer Mr. Anton’s collections in two parts, with the Russian Collections being offered on Saturday, September 16th and the Asian, European and American collections offered on Sunday, September 17th. Presented as the first lot in the Russian collection will be a Western bronze mounted cowboy by noted sculptor, Paul Troubetzkoy (Russian 1866-1938), with impressed signature and dated 1911. Among the decorative items in this portion of the sale is a stunning hand detailed lacquer tea caddy, with hand painted troika, depicting the romance of pre-Revolutionary Russia.

The ivory miniatures in the Russian segment of the sale offer an intimate view of the aristocracy. Included is a signed portrait of a handsome youth, possibly a Russian Tsarevitch. Adding to the royal allure is a signed oil on wood portrait plaque of Nicholas II with a hand written message in Cyrillic from the presenter.

A Russian collection would not be complete without selections of Russian silver and icons. Both genres are neatly merged as one in the offering of an important and rare Russian silver Oklad icon depicting Mary and St. Nicholas chastising a priest while a supplicant suffers his fate in the background.

Mr. Anton’s expansive collections of Asian, European and American art and antiques fill the Sunday, September 17th catalog. Opening the Sunday session will be 40 works of fine art, leading off with an 1888 oil on canvas portrait of Yorkie puppies by Frank Whiting Rogers (American, 1854-1917). A landscape painting by Cyrenius Hall (American, 1830-1904) will be offered early in the sale as well. According to AskART, Hall was an itinerant artist who painted Western landscapes in a lumanistic style. In 1853, he traveled to Portland, via the Oregon Trail, where he executed views of Mount Hood and Mount Ranier. Important European works include a Borgognone French School battle scene, from the Circle of Jacques Cortois, il Borgognone (Saint-Hippolyte, 1621-1676 Rome). The American Ash Can School (1908-1918) is represented with a portrait of a boy by George Luks (American, 1867-1933).

An impressive collection of European and American ivory miniature portraits includes the likenesses of noteworthy historic figures such as Ludwig VIII, President Harrison, Edgar Allan Poe, Admiral Sampson (the naval hero of Santiago), President Monroe, and a youthful Queen Victoria. Of special interest is a miniature portrait of a young, beardless Abraham Lincoln, signed Oliver.

Literary buffs, feminists and romantics will be thrilled to find an encased portrait of French novelist George Sand (born Aurore Dupin, 1804-1876). Outspoken in her views on women’s rights, this 19th Century writer was known publicly for her penchant to dress in gentleman’s fashions and smoke cigars. In 1833, Sand ran away to Italy with Romantic poet Alfred de Musset, whose portrait, possibly commissioned as a gift to Sand, is also included in this auction. Lunging into the 20th Century and furthering the erudite enticement is a signed portrait of Harlem Renaissance author, James Baldwin.

Also featured in Sunday’s auction will be a collection of English Papier Maché. A 19th Century decorative art paying homage to popular chinoiserie, the boxes, plates and bowls in this fine assortment feature gilt trim, hand painted detail and mother of pearl inlay.

Fans of Ruby Flash will enjoy bidding on more than a dozen lots, all with multiple items, of this wonderfully collectible glassware. Featured lots include a rare grouping of souvenir sights, a rare Homburg hat, a canoe and a car, and a lot consisting of 12 Hoosier destinations.

Among the 75 lots of Asian art and antiques, collectors will find a selection of woodblocks including several by 53 Stations on the Tokaido by Japanese artist Hiroshige. Additionally, there are Indian and Chinese watercolors. Decorative pieces include Asian export items, temple carvings, a rare spinach jade carved box, and a Chinese carved rosewood fire screen.

We are proud to have been chosen by Mrs. Betty Anton to disperse this fine collection; offering so many wonderful items to collectors and dealers alike. The staff at Antique Helper is anticipating another great sale. This two-day event will take place Saturday September 16th and Sunday, September 17th, with previews scheduled for the preceding Thursday and Friday. An online catalog is available on our website. For more information, please call 317-251-5635.