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3Genius International to Discontinue SEO-Oriented Link Buying; Hopes Others Will Follow Its Lead

3Genius International to Discontinue SEO-Oriented Link Buying; Hopes Others Will Follow Its Lead

3Genius International (3Gi) announced today that it will discontinue text link advertising aimed at improving search engine rankings and that it hopes others will follow its lead. This new policy affects all of 3GiÂ’s websites including the popular travel websites: www. canadianhotelguide. com and www. hotels-x. net.

ST. Michael, Barbados (PRWEB) September 13, 2005 -

– 3Genius International (3Gi) announced today that it will discontinue text link advertising aimed at improving search engine rankings and will prevent existing paid links from acquiring any search engine benefit. This new policy affects all of 3Gi’s websites including the popular travel websites: www. canadianhotelguide. com and www. hotels-x. net.

For years, Google and other search engines have regarded links from one website to another as a vote of confidence or relevance and have used it as a factor in ranking sites. These search engines have also noted that purchased links on 3rd party websites have the potential to negatively impact search engine results.

“While we do not believe that our link advertising has ever negatively impacted search engine results or the general user web experience, we have decided to change our policy and take a pro-active approach to helping search engines maintain natural search results”, said Barbara O’Gorman, Manager for 3Gi. “Until further options emerge, 3Gi will add the "rel=nofollow" HTML tag to its purchased links to signal this fact to search engines.”

This new policy will ensure that search engine results will not be influenced by the purchased links. 3Gi hopes that other search engine optimizers and web publishers alike will follow its lead.

About 3Genius International

3Genius International (3Gi) is a subsidiary of 3Genius Corporation. 3Gi was launched in early 2003 and has rapidly evolved into a meaningful contender in the high-growth online travel marketplace. A leader in using technology to enhance the online travel shopping experience, 3Gi strives to provide travel shoppers with powerful and intuitive tools (like its visual hotel search engine at www. xfiles. hotels-x. net) that make it easier to quickly find the right hotel.

3Genius International sites include www. canadianhotelguide. com and www. hotels-x. net.

Contact Information

3Genius Corporation (for 3Genius International)

Media Contact: Arlen Ritchie 416-977-1777 x 25

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38-Year-Old California Mom Loses 13 Lbs, Slims Down 6 Inches In 6 Weeks With New Automatic Fitness E-Book Available At automaticfit. com From Celebrity Personal Trainer/Fitness Innovator Leo Costa Jr

38-Year-Old California Mom Loses 13 Lbs, Slims Down 6 Inches In 6 Weeks With New Automatic Fitness E-Book Available At automaticfit. com From Celebrity Personal Trainer/Fitness Innovator Leo Costa Jr.

38-year old Califoria mom drops 13 lbs, slims down 6 inches in 6 weeks with new "Automatic Fitness" E-Book (at www. automaticfit. com) . Celebrity personal trainer/fitness innovator Leo Costa Jr.'s new program uniquely combines weight training, cardio workouts and nutrition in revolutionary "Micro Circuit Training" System that eliminates discouraging "plateaus", and helps users to get Into and stay In the best shape of their lives. Mr Costa has served as personal trainer to actor Kevin Costner, sports figures like Denver Broncos' Michael Young, Atlanta Braves' Johnny Estrada and also the Navy Seals.

Tulare, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2008

At website www. automaticfit. com, esteemed personal trainer/fitness innovator Leo Costa Jr.'s Automatic Fitness ™ e-book is available to the public, providing trainers and individuals proven tools to lose weight and inches, build strength and endurance, eat smarter and healthier and feel better--in only 36 hours. Costa's Micro Circuit Training ™ combines proven-effective nutrition advice, three half-hour weight training sessions and three half-hour cardiovascular workouts a week, for 12 weeks. The Leo Costa Jr. e-book is sold online at the website www. automaticfit. com. Mr. Costa has served such Hollywood stars as Kevin Costner, the Navy Seals as well as sports figures Michael Young of The Denver Broncos and Johnny Estrada of The Atlanta Braves, among many, many others.

Bethany Riportello, 38, of Tulare, California, Pharmaceutical Territory Manager and the mother of two teenagers had this to say about Leo Costa Jr's Micro Circuit Training (www. automaticfit. com): "As an active Mother of two teenagers, I'm also balancing the demands of a very busy career in the pharmaceutical industry! I travel three to five thousand miles per month and have a packed schedule of meetings with doctors to inform them about new health products. Because of lack of time and eating on-the-run I've found it almost impossible to stay in the shape I want! Luckily I discovered Leo's Automatic Fitness and Diet system and it has become a vital part of my life. It's perfect for people who must manage work, home life and want to stay in the best shape possible. And best of all, in just 6 weeks I've lost 13 lbs. and slimmed down 6 inches I have more energy and feel fantastic! Thank You Leo "

"People who follow my Micro Circuit Training regimen to the letter commonly lose 1-3 inches on their total body and drop 8-10 pounds every 4-6 weeks," Costa declares. "It produces immediate results and easily becomes a lifestyle you don't have to become a gym rat to do, nor do you have to waste exercise time waiting for equipment to become available." Mr. Costa's Automatic Fitness tm is available for a 30-day limited price $57 USD.

Because repetition in exercise stifles fitness results, Micro Circuit Training uses a variety of exercises and frequently changes them--in its nutrition program and its cardio and weight training regimes. The Automatic Fitness book's program eliminates decision making, setting out a specific (yet flexible) regimen that has worked on thousands of people aged 10 to 96.

At the 29,000-plus U. S. health clubs, almost half of their 42,700,000 members give up on an exercise routine each year. "One major reason that most exercisers quit is that they are doing the same tedious regimen, day after day, but despite their hard work, after 3-5 weeks their bodies enter a plateau when the loss of weight and inches stops," Costa explains. "Micro Circuit Training avoids those dead periods by constantly altering the regimen, to keep improving muscle tone, while reducing weight by burning body fat."

Most competing systems focus either on strength training or cardio conditioning, but Micro Circuit Training does them both, while adding effective nutrition to properly fuel workouts, improve health and aid the body in recovering quickly from workouts. "Our system has been shown to increase endurance levels, help the body recover from stress faster and bring you into your best physical shape--which therefore improves your emotional state," Costa says. "We have consistently seen that if you become sick or injured, you will recover 50% faster on a good fitness program."

Personal trainer, former "Mr. USA" and nutrition authority Pax Beale declares: "I've studied or used just about every other fitness program out there, and Leo Costa's Micro Circuit Training has truly 'nailed it' when it comes to getting maximum results in minimum time. All my clients and I use it, and I firmly believe that the progress you can make with it is unsurpassed."

Former Atlanta Braves catcher Johnny Estrada says, "I credit Leo Costa's Micro Circuit Training with getting me in the best physical shape of my professional baseball career. After training with Leo, I made the All Star team, had the highest batting average of all National League catchers and had zero injuries--all because I was in tip-top shape. I've never experienced a more powerful or more satisfying workout. I recommend it above all others."

Sports scientist and nutritionist Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, who has worked with professional athletes for decades, says, "I know what it takes to achieve real, long-lasting, healthy results, and I can personally attest to the impressive results Leo's program can produce for anybody. I use it myself and would recommend it to anybody."

To prevent clients from having to wait around while particular machines become available in a busy health club, Micro Circuit Training utilizes small training circuits that can be modified to work the same parts of the body in different sequences. Costa points out: "Our approach is an efficient way to do a lot of work in a short time. "A typical workout takes 30 minutes, but it can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. It automatically makes the necessary adjustments to avoid non-productive plateaus."

There are five phases in the Micro Circuit Training system. The first ("New Start") uses specific exercises and repetition ranges to allow the client to succeed without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed. The second ("Endurance") ups the variety of exercises and the number of repetitions, while shortening rest periods. The following "Acceleration" phase temporarily shocks the body (and prevents plateaus) by hitting a maximum work load, with high-rep total body workouts and the briefest rest periods. The fourth phase ("Deceleration") is another plateau-buster that tricks the body, by increasing weight and rest periods but reducing the overall work load. Finally, "Isolation" improves the body parts that require special attention.

About Leo Costa
Leo Costa Jr. has been a highly successful personal trainer for 21 years. He owns and operates fitness studios in San Luis Obispo, Tulare and Visalia, CA. Leo has trained thousands of people, ranging from celebrities such as Kevin Costner to athletes such as Denver Broncos wide receiver Michael Young to Navy Seals and other Special Forces soldiers. He has written and published four exercise-training manuals: Titan Training, The Bulgarian Burst, Big Beyond Belief and Serious Growth.

Before becoming a personal trainer, workout studio owner, fitness innovator and author, Costa was a high school All American baseball player, college quarterback, dairy farmer, prize-winning rodeo-circuit cowboy, award-winning bodybuilder and level-one weightlifting instructor (certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association). He majored in exercise physiology, nutrition and business at Cal Poly Pomona and then studied exercise and diet with top sports specialists and nutritionists in Eastern Europe. Leo won the NABBA Heavyweight Division "Mr. U. S.A." title and competed for the prestigious "Mr. World" title.


Charming Hotels in Paris on Offer at Charming-paris. com

Charming Hotels in Paris on Offer at Charming-paris. com

Charming-paris. com announces the launch of their website dedicated to providing a selection of beautiful, charming hotels in Paris at prices that are affordable by most travellers. AccuraCast are managing the search engine marketing launch of the website.

London, UK (PRWEB) May 19, 2005

“Ready for romance? …Send your loved one a hint”

This eye catching banner is one of many features on http://www. charming-paris. com (http://www. charming-paris. com) that makes this website unique. The website provides online reservation services for charming hotels in Paris. The warm colours and beautiful design of the site set you right in the mood for romance and enjoying a bit of warmth.

As Harry Ozturk, Director of Charming-Paris. com says “Paris is the most romantic city in the world, so we thought ‘why not make the charm and allure of this city affordable to even our budget-conscious travellers?’… After all everyone deserves some love and a lot of good times!”

You can find your ideal charming luxury hotel in Paris at http://www. charming-paris. com/hotel/luxury-hotels-paris. html (http://www. charming-paris. com/hotel/luxury-hotels-paris. html)
See the top 10 charming French hotels in Paris listed at http://www. charming-paris. com/hotel/charming-french. html (http://www. charming-paris. com/hotel/charming-french. html)
Or reserve a room in a trendy boutique hotel in central Paris, near the Champs Elysees by going to http://www. charming-paris. com/hotel/boutique-hotels. html (http://www. charming-paris. com/hotel/boutique-hotels. html)

AccuraCast have designed and developed the Charming-Paris. com website and are managing the site launch. Read more about AccuraCastÂ’s search engine optimisation services at http://www. accuracast. com/search-engine-optimisation. shtml (http://www. accuracast. com/search-engine-optimisation. shtml). Or read about AccuraCastÂ’s website development services at http://www. accuracast. com/website-development. shtml (http://www. accuracast. com/website-development. shtml)

About Charming-Paris. com:

Charming-Paris. com is a business of Turquoise Tours & Travels Ltd. - the travel experts who have been judiciously recommending hotels and apartments the world over for business and leisure travel. Along with its associates, Turquoise successfully operates multiple country/city specific travel portals specialising in hotel/apartment reservations.

About AccuraCast:

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