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Pilot/Photographer Ron Lowery to Present Multimedia Show, Sign Books at Sun-N-Fun

Pilot/Photographer Ron Lowery to Present Multimedia Show, Sign Books at Sun-N-Fun

Pilot’s breathtaking aerial shots retrace and capture the beauty of Lewis and Clark Trail and are featured along with a behind the scenes peek of his trip.

Lakeland, FL (PRWEB) March 25, 2006

Spend an evening at the Florida Air Museum, 4175 Medulla Road, Lakeland, during Sun-N-Fun with renowned artist Ron Lowery. He will offer a program that depicts a front-seat ride in the open cockpit airplane he built and named Cloud Chaser when he presents the multimedia show, CHASING LEWIS AND CLARK ACROSS AMERICA: A 21ST CENTURY AVIATION ADVENTURE, at the museum Friday, April 7th at 5:30 p. m.

The audio-visual presentation is based on Lowery’s new book and DVD about his own three-month journey, Chasing Lewis & Clark Across America: A 21st Century Aviation Adventure (Windsock Media, October 2004, $45). Lowery will be on hand to chat and sign books after the program. Catch a preview of his spectacular photographs and story at www. chasinglewisandclark. com.

Lowery’s program will allow viewers to experience the beauty of Lewis and Clarks’ epic journey from an aerial view -- floating above the countryside with Lowery, who traced the same route traveled 200 years ago. Enjoy the sights from the open cockpit of a bright green airplane that is no wider than a canoe, while peering through Lowery’s camera lens as he explores and photographs America from his perch in the pilot’s seat. Lowery built the unusual plane specifically for his creative profession.

“I built the plane for two reasons -- photography and exploring,” Lowery said. “For three months, I flew over landscapes that never repeated but evolved like the view through a kaleidoscope. It was like Cloud Chaser was taking me to yet another breathtaking site to show me what she had found.”

Lowery’s program offers scenery that cannot be viewed from the Interstate or an airline window. The program also includes a behind-the-scenes video that documents the plane’s amazing short-field take-off, the creative and logistical challenges of the journey, and a glimpse of life along the trail. Lowery will answer photographic, aviation and travel questions about his journey and offer tips to those planning their own trips to retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark. "Whether viewers are interested in history, aviation, photography or travel, Lowery’s show provides something for everyone," according to Joyce Sanborn, program coordinator.

“Lowery’s story and photographs blend American history, art, culture and romance,” Sanborn said. “His program literally allows the audience to board the big green ‘canoe in the sky’ and take part in a breathtaking journey.”

About Ron Lowery

Ron Lowery has produced award-winning stock photographs and photo illustrations used by Kodak, IBM, CBS, Smith Kline Beecham, Telecom Italia and other corporations around the world. His work was profiled in the book Right Brain, Left Brain Photography: The Art and Technique of 70 Modern Masters, a story that was featured in the June issue of EAA Sport Aviation. The book was favorably reviewed in the November 2005 issue of AOPA magazine. An upcoming feature in Southern Living magazine will profile Lowery and his unusual flying lifestyle. His home base is Chattanooga, Tenn.

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ResortQuest Outer Banks Names the Top 10 Restaurants on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

ResortQuest Outer Banks Names the Top 10 Restaurants on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

ResortQuest Outer Banks, the premier vacation rental and real estate sales company on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, picks its top 10 favorite Outer Banks restaurants. Offering a wide range of cuisine, price ranges and atmospheres, these spots include raw bars, family-friendly take-out seafood joints, upscale bistros as well as some of the locals' favorites.

Outer Banks, NC (PRWEB) February 20, 2008

ResortQuest Outer Banks has selected the top 10 Outer Banks restaurants (http://www. resortquestouterbanks. com/ResortQuest-Outer-Banks-Top-Ten-Restaurants. htm) at the popular family vacation destination on the shores of North Carolina. From porterhouse steak to pizza to raw bars, dining on the Outer Banks is a matter of whittling down your delectable choices. And if you love seafood, then you've come to the right place! Our local seafood is caught fresh on all sides of our barrier island and comes in every mouthwatering variation imaginable.

"When you visit the Outer Banks, make sure you check out one of these popular eateries," said Kristen Constantineau, Marketing Manager of ResortQuest Outer Banks. "Whether you're in the mood for a great burger, our well-known local seafood, or a gourmet meal for a special occasion, these Outer Banks restaurants (http://www. resortquestouterbanks. com/ResortQuest-Outer-Banks-Top-Ten-Restaurants. htm) are sure to please every palate. And don't worry about the dress code either. Most places have a 'come as you are' mentality. You can certainly dress up if you so desire, but many of these spots will welcome you straight from the beach…flip flops and all."

Top 10 Outer Banks Restaurants
1. 1587 Restaurant
2. Blue Point
3. Owens' Restaurant
4. Ocean Boulevard
5. Red Drum Grille and Taphouse
6. Meridian 42
7. JK's Restaurant
8. Tortuga's Lie Shellfish Bar and Grille
9. North Banks Restaurant & Raw Bar
10. Gigi's Italian Restaurant & Catering

ResortQuest Outer Banks offers more than 300 Outer Banks vacation rentals (http://www. resortquestouterbanks. com). Travelers can discover ResortQuest communities in Northern and Southern Duck as well as numerous vacation rentals in the resort communities of Corolla - including Pine Island, Spindrift, The Currituck Club, Ocean Sands and Ocean Lake, Buck Island, Whalehead, Monteray Shores, Corolla Light, Ocean Hill and Villages at Ocean Hill.

About ResortQuest:
ResortQuest, one of the nation's leading vacation rentals (http://www. resortquest. com) and resort real estate companies, provides a one-stop resource in North America's premier resort destinations, ResortQuest. com. ResortQuest is the largest marketer and management company of vacation condominiums and home rentals in the U. S. ResortQuest Real Estate is one of the nation's leading real estate companies focusing exclusively on resort properties, offering superior brokerage services in the country's premier beach, ski and golf destinations.


First Lisbon Architecture Triennial to Focus on Filling Urban Voids

First Lisbon Architecture Triennial to Focus on Filling Urban Voids

The first Lisbon Architecture Triennial, a festival with an international following, will take place from May 31 to June 31, 2007, with an international following. The Triennial will focus on the "Urban Voids" in contemporary cities, such as Lisbon.

Concord, NH (PRWEB) March 8, 2007

Some of the most talented thinkers, planners and designers in the field of architecture will participate in Triennial events, which include nine exhibitions, one seminar, three competitions and other activities. Experts from the United States, Europe and Japan will examine the potential of urban empty spaces and their promise of urban regeneration.

Triennial events will take place around metro Lisbon, but also in the Park of Nations (Parque das Nações), itself a perfect example of transforming a past urban void into a new business and social center. The Park of Nations was constructed for the 1998 World's Fair in Lisbon, modernizing a rundown waterfront in the city's northeast section and paving the way for continued urban redevelopment. The Portugal Pavilion within the Park of Nations was created by the Portuguese architect Álvaro de Siza Vieira.

Portugal's architectural history will be a fitting backdrop for discussing the challenges facing the field of architecture, from city building to regional planning. Innovations in architecture have come to symbolize modern Portugal, especially with recent projects in Lisbon and Porto.

The evolution of architecture in Portugal will be the connection for a discussion and reflection about of the many challenges related to the field from the building of the city to regional planning.

The entire event will be held in Nations Park, the perfect example of a area that was literally dead, being transformed into a new social and business center of life. Facilities constructed for the 1998 World's Fair in Lisbon modernized a section of rundown waterfront in the city's northeast and opened the way for continued urban redevelopment. Today, a commercial and cultural center called the Park of Nations stands on the former fairgrounds.

In addition to seminars and exhibitions, the Triennial includes three competitions, all using the urban void theme. Architects will submit projects to revitalize Oruro's shipyard, while architecture students --from Portugal or elsewhere--can submit ideas for regenerating five zones from Lisbon and the cities of Almada and Barreiro. The third competition, "Interventions in the City," is open to any citizen, but requires an architect or architecture student on the project team. Winning projects in this competition will be exhibited during the Triennial.

Http://www. trienaldelisboa. com/ (http://www. trienaldelisboa. com/)

Http://www. visitportugal. com (http://www. visitportugal. com)

Http://www. insideportugaltravel. com (http://www. insideportugaltravel. com)