Monday, May 2, 2005

Exclusive Resorts(R) Enhances Member Benefits Collection: Club Membership Provides Access to Expanded Suite of Luxury Services

Exclusive Resorts(R) Enhances Member Benefits Collection: Club Membership Provides Access to Expanded Suite of Luxury Services

Exclusive Resorts, the world's leading luxury destination club, today announced that it is further enhancing the value of club membership by adding five new premium offerings to its existing collection of member benefits. In addition to the member benefits already available through the club's partnerships with American Express Travel, Avis Rent A Car, Mayo Clinic Preferred Response and Marquis Jet, the club's 3,000+ members will now enjoy premium benefits and access from the following additional partners:

DENVER (PRWEB) April 17, 2008

 -- Luggage Forward - special benefits on luggage delivery service

-- Marquis Jet - expanded benefits from the leader in private jet cards

-- Mayo Clinic Preferred Response and AirMed International - extended selection of benefits for global medical advisory and medical transportation coverage package

-- Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program, Scottsdale, AZ - premium benefits for members participating in a unique program that blends Mayo's collaborative diagnostic expertise with the latest practice in preventive medicine.

-- Savoya - unique benefits from the world's finest chauffeured services provider

"Our members rely on Exclusive Resorts' innovative approach to redefining luxury travel and for providing them with access to leading trusted brands that ultimately enhance their overall vacation experience," said David Kallery, senior vice president of business development. "Through these alliances, our members may enjoy the security of knowing that the logistics of their travels will be as convenient, effortless and seamless as their Exclusive Resorts vacations always are."

Below is a complete listing of the additional benefits Exclusive Resorts members now receive:

Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward is the premier door-to-door luggage delivery service to more than 200 countries. Whether shipping golf clubs or excess baggage, this added benefit will ensure that bags arrive safely and on time. Members who opt to pay and utilize this value-added benefit are able to travel unencumbered by their baggage and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their luggage is covered by the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.

Marquis Jet

Exclusive Resorts has expanded its private aviation benefits available from Marquis Jet. Marquis Jet is now a single point of contact for club members. A Marquis Jet executive will provide a complimentary private aviation consultation and recommend the ideal aviation solution for members based upon their needs. There will be enhanced exclusive benefits for those members who purchase a Marquis Jet Card or charter flights with Executive Jet Management.

Mayo Clinic Preferred Response/AirMed International

When Exclusive Resorts originally announced its collaboration with Mayo Clinic in 2007, members' consultation with Mayo Clinic medical advisors was available while they vacationed with Exclusive Resorts. Now, Exclusive Resorts members who wish to supplement their benefits will enjoy round-the-clock connection to the Mayo Clinic Preferred Response staff, whether they are traveling as part of their club membership or not. In addition, club members who pay for this added benefit now also enjoy the security of knowing that AirMed International, the world's premier air ambulance service, has partnered with both Exclusive Resorts and Mayo Clinic Preferred Response to provide global medical evacuation coverage for Exclusive Resorts members and their families.

Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program, Scottsdale, AZ

In addition to our Mayo Clinic Preferred Response offering, Exclusive Resorts members who choose to participate in Mayo Clinic's Executive Health Program will receive special member pricing on an extensive medical screening and examination from Mayo's team of medical experts at the Scottsdale, Arizona campus location. This unique program provides a series of coordinated, thorough and comprehensive medical screenings for our members looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing.


Discerning travelers trust Savoya for convenience, safety, and unparalleled customer service. Savoya, the industry innovator in global chauffeured services, ensures Exclusive Resorts members a flawless experience with each and every reservation. Savoya will transport members to destinations worldwide in style and comfort, with premium discounts and preferred pricing.

About Exclusive Resorts

Founded in 2002, Exclusive Resorts is the world's leading luxury destination club, with more than 3,000 members and over 50,000 vacations delivered while consistently maintaining a member satisfaction rating in excess of 95%. The club has a real estate portfolio in excess of $1 billion, consisting of more than 350 luxury residences, plus 125 in development, in dozens of vacation destinations. Earlier this year, Exclusive Resorts was recognized by Robb Report as an "Icon and Innovator" that is "redefining luxury" and has been twice named "Best of the Best" by the same publication. Exclusive Resorts combines the spaciousness and elegance of a private residence with the services and amenities of a five-star resort. Exclusive Resorts is the destination club partner of choice for leading companies including American Express, Neiman Marcus, Marquis Jet and Merrill Lynch. For more information, please visit www. exclusiveresorts. com.