Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Simple Budget Friendly Alaska Vacation - Secrets Travel Agents Don't Know

A Simple Budget Friendly Alaska Vacation - Secrets Travel Agents Don't Know

Alaska offers several simple pleasures that don't cost a dime. Take an Alaska vacation on a budget that leaves you with life changing memories.

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After landing in Anchorage international airport have your driver take a detour and drive you around Spenard Lake. There you'll be able to see the largest float plane dock in the world. Nearly the entire shoreline is used to house float planes. You will see planes taking off and landing constantly. It's a real treat to take a walk at some of the docking bays and get an up close view of the planes as well.

Right in Anchorage you'll want to take a mountain bike ride in Kincaid Park. This is a beginner level trail, but it's totally fun and you'll often see moose in the area. Be warned though, admire from a distance. Moose can be unpredictable at times.

Are you a golfer? That's right, you can golf in Alaska. Golfing begins around the end of April. Anchorage has it's own Golf Shop and 18-Hole, Par 72 Course out on O'Malley Road. It's located in the foothills of the Chugach Mountains and overlooks Anchorage. The fairways are surrounded by trees and it's not uncommon to see wildlife in the area as well.

The Alaska Zoo is a must see. You find native and exotic species there. With over 25 acres of land, you'll enjoy the beautiful paths, gardens and of course the animals. Be sure to check out the polar bears - they are a blast to watch they're feeling playful.

Take a drive to Alaska's Portage Glacier. You'll have a unique experience driving up to Whittier. On your way you can view the Portage Glacier. To get to Whittier you'll have to pass through a tunnel that's open only certain hours in the day. On arrival you'll enjoy the amazing views at Prince William Sound, a well known location due to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

You shouldn't be disappointed if you follow this simple Alaska travel guide. Have plenty of fun, make great memories and come home with money still in your pocket.

Happy Traveling!


Indie Artist Ryan Farish Surpasses over 1.4 Million Downloads!

Indie Artist Ryan Farish Surpasses over 1.4 Million Downloads!

Independent Artist Ryan Farish surpasses over 1.4 Million downloads from his site at http://www., making Ryan one of the most successful independent artists of the web. Ryan's internet success has led his music into recent products and commercials from companies such as IBM, Amazon. com, The Weather Channel, Cox Communications, Sun Microsystems, to name a few.

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When Ryan Farish uploaded his music to a little over 3 years ago, he had no idea that the fan base and listeners he would attract would one day turn his love of music into a full time professional career, eventually leading his music into products from some of the world's most prominent companies such as IBM, The Weather Channel, COX Communications, Amazon. com, and Sun Microsystems to name a few.

The results have been phenomenal. Creating a portfolio of electronic and ambient music, Ryan built a presence for himself online at His trademark sound earned a loyal following and immediately something started to happen. “My plays just went through the roof,” Ryan says. “I remember the first day I was online. I was so excited to have just a couple of plays, but within months, I was getting thousands a day.” Songs like “Nightwind” and “Secret Garden” shot into the Top 40 of their genre, and both remain chart-topping mainstays over two years later. Currently as of this writing, over 40 of Ryan's songs uploaded to his site on are charting in the top 40 of their genre, and most are in the top five. With fans in over a hundred nations playing his music daily, Ryan has garnered over 1.4 million downloads in less than two years. In addition to the tremendous listens Ryan Recieves daily from his web site (www. (http://www., Ryan's tracks are streamed via TruSonic into over 1500 businesses across the US, every day!

RyanÂ’s success hasn't ended on The high visibility of his presence on the Internet landed him a barrage of licensing deals with corporate clients and small businesses. A list of those companies could easily be mistaken for the Fortune 500 with names like Sun Microsystems, Amazon, IBM, COX Communications and The Weather Channel clamoring to get a piece of the action.

About the same time fans were uncovering Ryan’s music on, someone at The Weather Channel was making a similar discovery. The world’s best-known cable station began playing his tracks on their popular segment “The Local Forecast”. They loved his vibe so much they’ve kept him in the rotation for over two years, and last year, they contacted him for a special job. The Weather Channel was set to unveil a brand new series titled “Storm Stories”, and they wanted to know if Ryan would score the theme song. “It was a great challenge,” Ryan says. “Matching a short segment of music to an eight-second visual intro.” The Weather Channel loved it, and “Storm Stories” premiered worldwide on January 6th of this year, and currently airs M-F 8-9 and 11-12 on The Weather Channel. The weather channel also recently commissioned Ryan to create their custom logo for "Notify!", a service which brings breaking weather alerts to your cell phone or home. This past February, Ryan completed sixteen original tracks for a new IBM iTVD product, and is currently wrapping up 5 new commercials for Cox Communications. Grip Video (CA) this week licensed over 10 tracks of Ryan's for their third installment of the custom sports car imports DVD series, which will be stocked on the shelves of retail giants Circuit City, Sam Goody, Best Buy, etc. .for those who will want to check out this exciting series.

With all his success as a recording artist, Ryan says the best part is being able to do what he loves day in and day out. “I love creating music,” he says. “Bringing people into an emotional experience through music. Ryan's label Worldtrax Music soon plans to roll out Ryan's third release in the electronic mood music genre, "Traveling". This new album contains many of Ryan's most well know tracks. Currently many of Ryan's tracks may be downloaded at www. ryanfarish. com. More Info at:

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