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Interactive Advertising Platform Debuts in Guestrooms At Luxury New York Hotel

Interactive Advertising Platform Debuts in Guestrooms At Luxury New York Hotel

Guests at InterContinental Times Square Hotel Connect with Local Merchants in the Privacy of Their Room

New York, NY (Vocus) August 31, 2010

The new InterContinental New York Times Square Hotel has 607 luxuriously appointed rooms featuring all of the amenities that upscale travelers expect, and one that they might not. A customized touch-screen desktop computer is installed in every one of the guestrooms. On this computer, guests can utilize an interactive service called SuiteLinqTM (http://www. suitelinq. com) that is specially designed to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers while connecting them with relevant local businesses. Unlike laptop access gateways found in many hotels, the SuiteLinq desktop service provides guests not only with Internet access, but also hotel guest services, restaurant reservation booking, on-demand video content, from-room document printing, business software, local area guides, and more.

Industry research indicates that hotel guests at luxury properties spend hundreds of dollars during an average stay. SuiteLinq (http://www. suitelinq. com) is specially designed to connect these guests with the local businesses that they want to patronize. The entire interactive experience is advertising supported, featuring a variety of IAB standard display ad units as well as customized rich media and text-based formats. In addition, clients with ecommerce capabilities can easily integrate with SuiteLinq to enable one-stop shopping. SuiteLinq, Inc.’s CMO, Chris Rosa, states that, “The result is a compelling digital advertising platform that reaches luxury hotel guests with money to spend when they are minutes away from making purchase decisions about a predictable set of goods and services. SuiteLinq lets them find a highly recommended restaurant for dinner, buy last minute theater tickets, or locate the hottest boutiques near the hotel. It’s not unusual for us to see click rates in excess of 10% for local merchants like these that really put a strong offer in their SuiteLinq ads.”

Because each hotel location can be targeted individually, SuiteLinq’s (http://www. suitelinq. com) geo-targeting capability is especially strong compared to traditional online entities. “There’s no inferring of location data with SuiteLinq,” adds Rosa. “We can target serve ads to each hotel’s exact address where the user is known to be at that moment, making the platform exceptionally relevant for local merchants within the effective purchasing radius. In addition, we can provide one-click maps from the hotel to the selected merchant, digital coupons, and other custom promotions that the guest can push to their mobile device and take with them. With the InterContinental New York Times Square, there is obviously an abundance of relevant businesses in the area. We look forward to working with many of them and driving ready-to-spend hotel guests to their door.”

With over 85% of guests using SuiteLinq (http://www. suitelinq. com) everyday, the service is also helping to distinguish the hotel from competitors in the area and generating positive social media buzz. Drew Schlesinger, General Manager of the hotel, states that, “Having this ground-breaking technology installed within each guestroom allows us to enhance the in-room experience as well as provides a unique point of differentiation from our competitors.” Utilizing SuiteLinq instead of printed materials for in-room informational content delivery is also a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option that is an increasingly important factor for hotel brands like InterContinental. Plans are to expand such offerings to include video and audio content that guests can access on a pay-per-view basis or free via advertising sponsorships.

For more information about SuiteLinq (http://www. suitelinq. com), contact Chris Rosa at (610) 917-3863 x316, or via email at crosa(at)suitelinq(dot)com

About SuiteLinq (http://www. suitelinq. com)
SuiteLinq, Inc. serves the needs of the hospitality and extended stay industries worldwide by providing integrated on-demand entertainment and business productivity solutions that deliver The Ultimate In-Room Experience for guests and new revenue streams for property owners. The solution takes full advantage of preference driven interfaces with contextual mapping and product matching by integrating with legacy PMS, POS, and CRM systems to enable a customized delivery of the guest in-room experience. SuiteLinq’s core service offering is eRoomsuite™, comprised of turn-key components that can be installed individually or as a package:

SuiteLinq™ – A customized portal running on an in-room computer with high-speed Internet offering a variety of interactive guest services, free content, and pay-per-access features and entertainment
SuiteCast™ – Free-to-guest broadcast and cable TV channels
SuiteVOD™ – Hollywood movies, informational programs, and a variety of pay-per-view Video-On-Demand content delivered in standard and high definition formats
SuiteLinq Mobile – Connect with guests before, during, and after their stay to drive deeper engagement, promotions, and new m-commerce opportunities
Microsoft Surface Table – Multi-Touch interactive tables for lobbies and common areas

SuiteLinq (http://www. suitelinq. com) is part of a group of industry innovators including Microsoft and HP that deliver a comprehensive “ecosystem” of integrated technologies and digital services to the hospitality vertical. Corporate headquarters are located in Exton, PA. For more information, visit: www. suitelinq. com