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The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain Unveils Unprecedented Slate of Unusual Desert Adventures

The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain Unveils Unprecedented Slate of Unusual Desert Adventures

Authentic Experiences Bring to Life the Mystical Sonoran Desert and Arizona's Rich Cultural and Natural Histories.

Marana, AZ (PRWEB) February 2, 2010

Great opportunity comes with opening a resort in Arizona's Tortolita Mountains, and for Allan Federer, general manager of the new Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain north of Tucson, the adventure property holds especially remarkable promise for lovers of the outdoors.

"The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain is perched in an amazing natural setting that is truly one of a kind," says Federer. "Our 850-acre location offers 20 miles of property hiking trails already mapped by National Geographic, mountain biking through a lush Saguaro cactus forest, guided desert Jeep tours from the resort front door, kids and teens' environmental programming, and the opportunity for guests to enjoy a real cattle drive," he adds.

At The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain, guests can experience the best of the high Sonoran Desert, the Wild West, Native American culture and history, Southwest flora and fauna, and a mystical sense of place, all at the same time, all in the same trip. Add to that the ability to venture into surrounding canyons for hiking, canyoneering, birding, geo-caching, orienteering, rock climbing, desert skills practice and archeological touring, and guests have access to an adventure menu that is unprecedented among contemporary Southwest resorts.

Another claim to fame of The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain's Adventure Program is its ability to provide experiences not usually available to the public, and to provide a sense not only of place but of natural and cultural stewardship. The looming rock formations surrounding the resort are scribed with ancient petroglyphs -- historic rock art etched by "the ones from before" and now protectively watched over by resort staff. Early in the design process, the resort's construction plans were also significantly adjusted to preserve several key natural features which dot the surrounding landscape and which will remain untouched for the long term.

The Tortolita Mountain Park borders The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain to the north, offering offers 3,000 scenic and undisturbed acres and 20 miles of charted hiking surrounded by desert landscapes and wildlife. Steep, rugged canyons, gentle terrain such as Wild Burro Wash, and winding trails of various levels beckon hikers and walkers throughout the year.

The Tucson area has been ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top cycling places in the U. S., with more than 500 miles of bike routes linking 128 nearby city parks. Adding to these riches, the adjoining Coronado National Forest hosts mountain biking and rock climbing as well as skiing the 9,100-foot Mount Lemmon. All are located within minutes of The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain.

Desert Ecology - Holding a tarantula, inching up-close-and-personal to a giant snake, trying to outrun a wily roadrunner or learning the secrets of medicinal desert plants are among the many guided desert experiences which the new Ritz-Carlton makes available to its guests, including the younger set. Many fascinating animals call this desert home, including amphibians and reptiles, the iconic Gambel's Quail, desert cardinals, small mammals, javelina, bobcats, the cactus-roosting Gila Woodpecker, the world's smallest owls, deer, and the "songster of the desert" - the coyote.

While The Ritz-Carlton itself is situated in on a lush desert floor teeming with wildlife, a short drive up nearby Mount Lemmon also takes travelers through seven different eco-systems from a desert environment to Ponderosa Pine forests typical of Canada.

"Astronomy Capital of the World"
Southern Arizona enjoys the clearest skies in the U. S.--about 350 nights of viewing a year - and it is not surprisingly home to the world's most-respected observatories. Resort guests can view the heavens from telescopes as a member of a small observing program or as individuals - joined one-on-one by an experienced astronomer (the current Mars Landing Mission is directed for NASA by the nearby University of Arizona).

Desert Jeep Tours
Open-air four-wheel-drive vehicles ferry resort guests into the Tortolita Preserve to learn about Saguaro, Barrel and Cholla Cacti, about desert "critters", and about legendary cowboy cattle rancher Eugene "Cush" Cayton, the original homesteader who settled Dove Mountain in 1926. They also learn how the early settlers burned cactus to feed themselves and their cattle, and about similar desert survival skills which have been honed by the indigenous Native American and later ranch cultures.

White Stallion Ranch Adventures
The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain enjoys a rare partnership with Tucson's acclaimed White Stallion Ranch, offering special access to trail rides, breakfast rides, team cattle penning, mountain rides, afternoons at the Ranch, work activities at the Ranch, family rides, upscale wine rides and even ranch hand rodeo each Saturday night. While these activities are usually only open to travelers staying at the ranch itself, White Stallion officially welcomes guests of The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain for exclusive, à la carte adventures in a true, third-generation working ranch environment.

Environmental Education
Children's eco-adventures focus on the remarkable natural discoveries to be experienced in the terrain immediately surrounding The Ritz-Carlton. Incorporating a sense of play and natural learning, these kid-friendly educational sessions allow young guests to explore and learn about the plants, animals and history which make the Sonoran Desert so fascinating. Young participants will learn about the life cycle of the Saguaro cactus, visit a thousand-year-old Hohokam Native American occupation site, and see bountiful desert wildlife, some of it unique and rare. Guides will even bring along a critter or two, providing some true hands-on learning about the area's real-life inhabitants.

Water Adventures
With multiple swimming pools, the resort offers a chance to relax outdoors beneath ancient Hohokam petroglyphs on the boulders above. For the more daring, kids of all ages can ride a 230-foot water slide with a four-story elevation change from a rock ledge down into the cooling waters of the pool below. It is the longest water slide in the area.

Adventure Spa
The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain encourages guests to experience the beauty of the Sonoran desert through its eco-holistic spa treatments and signature Desert Moon Alignment. Desert Moon Alignment encompasses three distinct bodywork experiences inspired by lunar energies and performed under a starlit desert sky, on specific nights selected from the lunar calendar. The spa also offers Mountain Yoga and Mountain Pilates, preceded by a gentle personal hike, all in a serene mountain setting.

World-Class Golf
Resort guests who prefer more manicured adventures need go no farther than The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain. With his first Tucson golf course in 25 years, Jack Nicklaus took advantage of the resort's high Sonoran Desert setting to integrate strategy, variety and fair shot values into his new Signature Golf Course at Dove Mountain, designing and blending 27 holes among the tall saguaros that stand along the surrounding Tortolitas. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain was unveiled to a global audience during the 2009 World Golf Championships - Accenture Match Play Championship.

National Geographic recently named Tucson one of the "50 Best Places to Live: The Next Generation Adventure Towns." The outdoor adventure focus of The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain has been designed to complement this recent area rating, with plans for the coming months to include the unveiling of a complete group teambuilding adventure school, archeological exploration program, night hikes and rides, guided fun runs, and adventure summer school for younger guests.

About The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain
Nestled in the high Sonoran Desert is an invigorating playground where the adventurous can explore the lush desert along the Tortolitas Mountains and majestic Saguaro forest. Opened December 18, 2009, the 850-acre Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain features a 250-room hotel, Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, destination spa and luxury homes at The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain. The resort also features adventure programming and world class hiking, and is home to the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championships each spring in its striking canyon setting. Serving breakfast and dinner daily, the resort's Core Kitchen and Wine Bar introduces the True American Cuisine of Chef Joel Harrington, with coast-to-coast American favorites presented in a brilliantly-flavorful Sonoran desert context. A stunning new restaurant with contemporary design inspired by the vibrant colors of the earth, CORE features six dining venues and an American menu focused on regional sustainable cuisine and local growers. The citrus grove directly adjoining CORE offers the freshest of Arizona oranges, Minneola tangelos and red grapefruit. For further resort reservation information, please call 1-800-241-3333 or visit www. ritzcarlton. com/dovemountain (http://www. ritzcarlton. com/dovemountain).

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"Don't Let That Sofa Call You By Name!," The Health Colonel In Las Vegas Tribune

"Don't Let That Sofa Call You By Name!," The Health Colonel In Las Vegas Tribune

Lt. Colonel Bob Weinstein, age 55, a. k.a. the Health Colonel and known by his clients as Colonel Bob, was interviewed by the award winning talk show host and features editor and writer, Sandy Zimmerman for an article in the Las Vegas Tribune which appeared on October 25, 2006, in the Health and Fitness Section, titled, "What Can You Do to Improve Your Health?"

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 7, 2006

Lt. Colonel Bob Weinstein, age 55, a. k.a. the Health Colonel and know by his clients as Colonel Bob, was interviewed by the award winning talk show host and features editor and writer, Sandy Zimmerman for an article in the Las Vegas Tribune which appeared on October 25, 2006, in the Health and Fitness Section, titled, "What Can You Do to Improve Your Health?"

Weinstein is a retired U. S. Army Lt. Colonel with 30 years of combined active duty and reserve service. He is based out of Fort Lauderdale and is self-employed with his own business The Health Colonel. He is a speaker, writer and fitness beach boot camp instructor.

Colonel Weinstein shared some of his valuable insights into healthy living at any age. Some of his tips on how to lead a healthy life:

"Do you want to predict the future about your health? Take a look at how you are living your life today. Your lifestyle today will have an impact on your health 5, 10 and 15 years from now."

"Focus on what you can do and eliminate all excuses."

"You're walking around with the most portable and affordable exercise equipment in the world -- your body!"

"Do you want to put the recreation back into your exercise routine? Take your workout outdoors and treat your environment like a playground."

"Develop a philosophy of movement. We live in a society that cultivates a philosophy of sedentary living."

"Eat predominantly unrefined foods with lots of whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables."

"You do not want to belong to the club, WWC or Wheelchairs, Walkers and Canes. Do something on a regular basis to make sure that you can keep using all your body parts as you age."

"Reduce those portion sizes and quantity of food and you'll reduce that pant or dress size.

"This is my calling." As he says, "There are enemy soldiers on American soil. The names of these soldiers are Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke. They are killing over 3,000 Americans a day."

"Every physician who prescribes medication needs to offer their patients a realistic, strategic, long-term lifestyle plan to get them off of medication, where feasible."

About Sandy Zimmerman:

Sandy Zimmerman is Features Editor and writer for the "Health & Fitness" section, Features Editor and writer for "Travel" section, and columnist for "Best of Vegas", in the Las Vegas Tribune Newspaper. She is celebrating 28 years as an award winning talk show host for "Discover the Ultimate Vacation" travel specials and "Las Vegas Today Show" radio programs, health/ travel/ entertainment/ dining, and photographer. She is also contributing writer for the World Travelers Guide.

Contact info:

Sandy Zimmerman:

(702) 731-6491

P. O. Box 750211

Las Vegas, NV 89136

Website: www. discovertheultimatevacation. com

About the Health Colonel, Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein:

Lt. Col. Weinstein was born in Washington, D. C., grew up in Virginia and spent 20 years in Berlin, Germany; he is retired from the Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel with 30 years of service and spent about half of that time as a military instructor with the Command & General Staff College.

He has been featured on radio and television, among others, on the History Channel and Fox Sports Net as well as in various publications such as the Washington Times, RAZOR magazine and the Miami Herald.

His background is unique and diverse: military instructor, attorney, motivational speaker, wellness coach, certified corporate trainer, and certified personal trainer. Bob is fluent in German and English.

He specializes in a military-style workout on Fort Lauderdale Beach that incorporates strength, cardio, flexibility and agility training, both personal training and group sessions.

Bob is known as the Health Colonel and is a motivational speaker and is a member of the National Speakers Association. A sample of some of his topics:

  • Eight ways to get and stay fit at any age.
  • How to organize and implement a corporate fitness boot camp program.
  • How to eat for performance and energy.
  • Five ways to enhance performance and energy.
  • Six Keys to Permanent Weight Loss

You can find out more about his programs at www. NoMoreCryBabies. com.

He is also presently writing a book on personal development, health and fitness.

End of December 2006, he will be releasing audio seminars and a DVD about "How to Get and Stay in Shape at Any Age."

His burning desire is to help others lead healthier and happier lives and reduce some of the preventable health-related suffering and deaths caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some of Bob's clients as a speaker: Sony, DHL, American Express, KPMG, AOL Latin America, IBM, AARP and Humana.