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VFM Leonardo Reduces Costs of Online Merchandising for Hotels with VNetwork™ and Unique GeoBeats Video Production Packages

VFM Leonardo Reduces Costs of Online Merchandising for Hotels with VNetwork™ and Unique GeoBeats Video Production Packages

Partnership between VFM Leonardo and GeoBeats brings about the easiest, most affordable way for hotels to better merchandise their properties using the persuasive and engaging power of online video distributed to thousands of travel websites.

Toronto, ON & Rockville, MD (PRWEB) May 27, 2009

VFM Leonardo, leader in online visual content distribution for hotels (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products-vnetwork. php), today announced its partnership with GeoBeats, award-winning online video production company. GeoBeats will be producing high-impact videos for distribution across VFM Leonardo's VNetwork - the largest online visual content distribution network for the global travel industry. This agreement makes it affordable for hotels of all types and sizes to get engaging videos that drive consumer action produced and displayed in front of active online travel shoppers.

GeoBeats' ability to produce short, informative, narrative video content combined with VFM Leonardo's distribution capabilities ensures that hoteliers effectively engage prospective guests on as many travel websites as possible. Studies prove that Internet users watch and will continue to watch online video, but more importantly, online video encourages consumer action and influences purchase decisions. Further, displaying hotel videos to prospective guests increases the likelihood that they will book.

  •  Two-thirds of Internet users watch online video ads (eMarketer, 2008)
  •  More than four out of five Internet users will watch online video ads in 2012 (eMarketer, 2008)
  •  64% take some action after seeing an online video ad (TNS, 2007)
  •  89% of travel shoppers indicate that video influenced their travel decisions (PhoCusWright, 2008)
  •  Online travel shoppers who view video are 89% more likely to book than those that view photos only (VFM Leonardo Online Study, 2008)

Exclusive VFM Leonardo-GeoBeats Video Packages (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products-geobeats. php) start as low as $229.00 per month and include video production, a license to the VBrochure™ Ultra Premium Online Hotel Merchandising System and distribution to thousands of online channels in VFM Leonardo's VNetwork.

  •  GeoBeats Standard Video Package (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products-geobeats-Standard. php) includes production of a 60 second video with background music and supers and is ideal for limited service hotels that want an affordable way to showcase their hotel's unique features using a video that inspires travel shoppers.
  •  GeoBeats Premium Video Package (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products-geobeats-Premium. php) includes production of a 60 second video with an interview or professional voiceover, background music and supers and is highly recommended for both limited and full service hotels that want to showcase their hotel's unique features using a video that speaks to travel shoppers' emotions.
  •  GeoBeats Ultra Premium Video Package (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products-geobeats-Ultra-Premium. php) includes production of a 120 second video with an interview or professional voiceover, background music and supers and is the package of choice for full service hotels and resorts that have many unique features and amenities to showcase using video that increases travel shoppers' perceived value of the hotel.

"Our videos are no-nonsense when needed, off-beat and quirky when wanted - and always compelling, informative, and persuasive. We partnered with VFM Leonardo because they're the recognized leader in visual content distribution for the travel industry. By leveraging their distribution capabilities, our high impact video ads can help hotels engage prospective guests during the travel planning process and increase their bookings. With low production costs and high visibility, these video packages have potential for high ROI," states Ashish Khurana, CEO, GeoBeats, Inc.

"We're the leaders in visual content distribution for the travel industry, GeoBeats is an expert in travel video production, it only seems natural that we join forces to offer hotels the most value from their investment in online video. By partnering with GeoBeats, we're offering customers more than just low-cost video productions at a time when marketing budgets are tight, but more importantly, we ensure that their videos are seen by millions of in-market travel shoppers on thousands of online channels," states Paolo Boni, CEO, VFM Leonardo Inc.

Click here (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products-geobeats. php) for more information about the GeoBeats Video Packages from VFM Leonardo.

About GeoBeats, Inc.
Founded in 2006, GeoBeats, Inc. is an industry leader in the development of editorial and advertorial online video content for the world's largest media groups, the travel industry, as well as local media and education companies. GeoBeats leverages its global network of more than 4,500 filmmakers in 55 countries to provide high quality video content to partners such as TripAdvisor, Comcast, and MSN. Filmed and hosted by locals, GeoBeats' video content reflects the local flavor and provides viewers an insider's perspective on destinations with a plethora of topics ranging from public transportation and local phrases to city walks, lodging, dining, and shopping. The company also offers a proprietary video player specifically built to stream travel and local video content. Videos are available through partners' Web sites as well as at http://www. geobeats. com (http://www. geobeats. com/).

Media Contact:
Judy Walsh

About VFM Leonardo
VFM Leonardo is the world's largest provider and distributor of online visual content for the hotel and travel industry. VFM Leonardo's content library includes more than one million digital photographs, videos and 360° virtual tours for over 80,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. Through VScape, VFM Leonardo distributes this content to its online media network of all four Global Distribution Systems, Pegasus, and 30,000 plus travel-related channels including online travel agencies, travel research and supplier web sites, search portals and major travel intermediaries. VFM Leonardo's online media network includes industry leaders such as Sabre, Galileo, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Tripadvisor, Yahoo! Travel, Kayak, Google and many more. For more information, visit http://www. vfmleonardo. com (http://www. vfmleonardo. com).

Media Contact:
Julie Vieth
Communications Specialist
VFM Leonardo Inc.
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Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ Tealandia Introduces New Line of Exotic Tea Blends in Eco-friendly Packaging

Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ Tealandia Introduces New Line of Exotic Tea Blends in Eco-friendly Packaging

Socially and environmentally conscious Tealandia officially announces the debut of a new line of twelve exotic whole leaf tea blends that are smartly packaged in environmentally conscious biodegradable pyramid shaped bags.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2008

Tealandia expands its healthful tea blends with African Sunset, ChamoMint, Green Earl Grey, Jasmine Bliss, Green Pomegranate, Lavender Earl Grey, Masala Chai, Red Chai, Sunday Brunch, White Ambrosia, White Chai, and Zen Garden. These teas are available in 18 pyramid-shaped biodegradable tea bags per tin can. In addition to the individual tea blends, four medleys with six sachets per medley (Medley 1 Sunday Brunch/Jasmine Bliss/Chamomint, Medley 2 White Ambrosia/Green Earl Greay/Red Chai, Medley 3 Green Pomegranate/Masala Chai/ African Sunset, Medley 4 Zen Garden/White Chai/Lavender Earl Grey) are available in three shorter, stackable tins.

As a dedicated eco-friendly business and member of Co-Op America for green businesses, Tealandia is devoted to "creating packaging that is as harmless to the environment as possible." The twelve new blends complement the existing black, green, white, and herbal loose-leaf teas, which are all skillfully and imaginatively blended by tea experts, resulting in exotic, unique and wonderfully delicious flavors.

At the crux of providing uniquely delicious teas, Tealandia is committed to only using Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ teas that ensure a fair price for farmers and provide an array of benefits that improve their lives. After traveling globally and witnessing poverty and injustice, Founder and CEO Mark Deliman wanted to provide a platform for change where social responsibility and environmental stewardship go hand in hand with cultivating a healthy mind, body and soul. He explains, "We want folks drinking our tea to experience the satisfaction of having an organic cup of delicious tea that's good for them and for people who produced it. This is everyone's chance to improve their own lives health-wise and make a difference in the lives of those who are less privileged... it's those small steps that eventually make a big difference."

Tealandia supports tea farmers in a handful of developing countries by giving a percentage of their tea sales directly to farmers and their families through the fair trade system.

Tealandia's newest blends come in 100% recyclable and triangular-shaped steel coated tin cans, all beautifully decorated in an ivy-inspired floral pattern, each uniquely painted in soothing and vibrant colors that smartly represent the particular tea inside. In promoting his company's eco-friendly message Deliman suggests, "With a little bit of imagination, these tins can go through rebirth as piggy bank, pen and pencil holder, flower or herb pot, toothbrush holder or your very own 'maraca' should you feel so inclined."

About Tealandia:
Tealandia was originally conceived as an idea for social change almost five years ago but was officially founded in 2007 by Mark Deliman and Julio Castorena, who describe themselves as "just two guys who want to make a difference in people's lives by providing a healthy product that everyone can benefit from." Wanting to become vehicles for social change and as consummate tea lovers, they have created imaginatively sophisticated blends that inspire the mind, relax the body, and motivate the soul while also contributing toward the development of a more just and humane world. Visit www. tealandia. com for more information.