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Ever Wonder How To Cook a Peacock - Or a Heron Or a Stork?

Ever Wonder How To Cook a Peacock - Or a Heron Or a Stork?

Taillevent, the famous French fourteenth century cook, left a collection of recipes known as "Le Viandier" which includes recipes for both familiar and unfamiliar foods - including peacock. This classic text is now available in a new translation: "How to Cook a Peacock"

(PRWEB) October 22, 2004

Few people cook peacocks - or storks or herons - these days. Not only is it frowned upon, but they don't really suit modern tastes. In the fourteenth century, though, the French kings prized such fare. Guillaume Tirel not only cooked these dishes, he left a book on how to do it. Because (it is said) he had a long sharp nose, he was nicknamed "Taillevent" ("Slice-wind"), and his classic cookbook is often referred to as "Taillevent's Viandier".

Le Viandier has survived in at least four different versions. Now Jim Chevallier has translated one of the earliest and most difficult versions - the so-called Fifteenth Century version. This new, affordable translation makes a precious historical document more readily available to recreational medievalists and students of medieval life. Luckily, too, many of the dishes listed use familiar ingredients such as chicken, veal, eggs and peas. Adventurous cooks will be tempted to adapt selected recipes for modern use. Others may just revel in the poetry of the old names for dishes and sauces: brewet, trimolette, salamine, grané, cameline, dodine....

The new edition is spiral-bound and indexed for ready reference, with an explanatory introduction. It's currently available on-line, through the Chez Jim Books web site: http://www. chezjim. com/books (http://www. chezjim. com/books)

The site also presents several recipes from the book, including a recipe for apple pie using apples, figs, grapes, wine and... onions.

All of which should prove far easier to find - not to mention far cheaper - than peacock.

  • How To Cook a Peacock: Le Viandier - Medieval Recipes by Taillevent
  • Translated by Jim Chevallier
  • Priced $11.99 Paperback
  • Available On-Line at Chez Jim Books: http://www. chezjim. com/books (http://www. chezjim. com/books)


Chez Jim Books is developing an eclectic collection of books on historical subjects, entertainment and travel.


Bigmouthmedia Unveils British business top social networking executives

Bigmouthmedia Unveils British business top social networking executives

Bigmouthmedia survey identifies the UK markets biggest business users of online social networking tools.

Edinburgh, UK (PRWEB) May 24, 2009

A new bigmouthmedia survey has identified the UK market's biggest business users of online social networking tools.

Following extensive research, Carnival Cruises' John Heald and On Holiday Group CEO Steve Endacott have been revealed as the business leaders trading in Britain that have most readily adopted services like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter as part of their essential marketing tool kit.

"Social networking may have become one of the most talked about trends in the online world, but until now there has been little hard evidence showing to what extent the business community has embraced these tools. Our research shows that while many leading executives are now deriving measurable benefits from this rapidly developing channel, some of the UK's most prominent organisations have failed to get to grips with this important trend," said Lyndsay Menzies, bigmouthmedia Chief Operations Officer.

While the social media has been one of 2009's most hyped phenomena, little evidence exists as to what extent businesses are deriving benefits from the plethora of available services. In order to gauge real-world attitudes to the tools, bigmouthmedia assessed the online networking performance of 50 CEO's & senior marketing executives selected from the FTSE100 and the Sunday Times Fast Track 100.

Carnival's Senior Director John Heald emerged as the clear winner in the FTSE100 category. He uses a combination of Facebook and blogging to reach out to past, present and future customers.

"The internet has changed the way that people want to communicate with companies, and even the FTSE100 has to come to terms with that. Customers have become accustomed to a certain level of transparency and informality in their dealings with business and even large-scale enterprises need to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly."

Heald's use of social media proved to be a relative rarity amongst the FTSE100 executives sampled. Only 25% of them engage in any form of online networking, compared to 80% of senior players from Fast Track companies.

Topping the table from the fast growth companies listed in the Fast Track 100 is On Holiday Group CEO and founder Steve Endacott. The former MyTravel chief employs a range of tools including Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Plaxo and Xing to promote his travel company and believes that they are an essential part of the modern business toolkit. "I believe that these are tools every business has to get to grips with. There's a generation of consumers growing up with social media, and unless you truly understand the culture there's a real danger of losing touch with them," he said.

LinkedIn emerged as the senior executive's networking tool of choice. Half of those surveyed use the service, while 80% of the FTSE100 managers that engage in online networking use it as their only application.

"Social media is simply about listening and interacting with your customers, using channels that many staff will already be familiar with, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Digg. It is common sense, and it's perhaps unsurprising that the majority of the FastTrack companies are ahead of the curve in this respect," commented Econsultancy's Chris Lake.

"What's needed is a shift in mindset. Firms should embrace customer feedback and act on it. By engaging with customers you increase satisfaction, which is a proven way of generating repeat business and referrals. Why wouldn't you want to do that? "

About bigmouthmedia (http://www. flickr. com/people/big-mouth-media/ (http://www. flickr. com/people/big-mouth-media/))
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Travel Search Engine Wego Turns the Ignition with Car Rentals

Travel Search Engine Wego Turns the Ignition with Car Rentals

Wego added car rental search to its product range, allowing consumers to shop for the best rental cars deals across multiple leading rental car sites in just one click.

Singapore (PRWEB) April 22, 2009

Asia's leading travel search engine (http://www. wego. com/) today added car rental search to its product range, allowing consumers to shop for the best rental cars deals (http://www. wego. com/cars/) across multiple leading rental car sites in just one click. The addition of car rentals means that Wego now offers the broadest product range of any Asia Pacific search engine, covering flights, hotels, packages, activities and travel deals.

Wego. com's integrated search results display enables the consumer to compare real time pricing and availability of rental cars from more than 10 suppliers on a single web-page while the range of sort and filter options allow users to quickly find the product most suited to their specific needs.

The new Wego car rental search engine (http://www. wego. com/cars/) includes features such as:

  •  A user friendly Matrix Display that allows for quick side by side comparison of available cars and prices directly from car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar & Thrifty and through multiple online agency sites
  •  Multiple, intuitive and easy-to-use sort and filter tools
  •  The ability to search by key product features such as air conditioning and automatic transmission.
  •  Searching for airport only locations or airport and city locations together.
  •  Searching by one, multiple or all car categories (economy, compact, convertible & luxury etc.)

Lynn Marchant, National Leisure Sales Manager for Thrifty Car Rentals Australia stated "We are constantly working to bring consumers the best car hire deals and prices by updating our Thrifty website with specials. Wego is a great platform to extend these same deals to a broader audience beyond our own website."

Wego will continue to add more car rental brands and agency sites." Wego. com's car rental search product delivers choice and simplicity and removes the frustration of having to shop across multiple sites," said Craig Hewett, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Wego. com. "Along with our hotel and air products, Wego allows online travel shoppers to search for flights, hotels and package deals across more than a hundred travel sites in the time that it takes to search just one. That means Wego can find the best product to buy and connect users to the best place to buy it in real time, within seconds." 

About Wego. com
Wego. com (formerly Bezurk. com) allows travelers to search for flights, hotels, packages, travel deals and travel research across 100+ travel websites in the time that it normally takes to search just one. Wego searches travel websites in real-time so that the latest pricing and availability are shown. Travelers are then linked through to partner websites to book. Wego. com was founded in 2005 by former executives from Intercontinental Hotels Group, Yahoo!, Priceline and ZUJI. News Digital Media, the Australian digital arm of News Limited and part of News Corp (NYSE: NWS), is an investor.. For more information, please visit http://www. wego. com/about (http://www. wego. com/about).