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Shark Diver Builds WorldÂ’s Largest Shark Cages

Shark Diver Builds WorldÂ’s Largest Shark Cages

Marine Researchers saw Great White Sharks off the coast of California-this CEO saw an outstanding business opportunity

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2004 -

– For Chief Excitement Officer Patric Douglas of Absolute Adventures-Shark Diver, taking clients cage diving with Great White Sharks is the best day job ever, one that he won’t quit anytime soon. The numerous Great White Sharks off the coast of Isla Guadalupe in Mexico are fast moving, razor-toothed predators. To interact with these unique animals, some more than 15 feet in length, Douglas and his team spent five months building the world’s largest shark cages totaling 100 square feet with a unique external floatation system that provides a more comfortable, spacious and safe way for divers to come nose-to-nose with Great White Sharks below the water’s surface.

“Clients come on our shark diving expeditions looking for their next thrill, but they leave with a greater appreciation for the beauty and grace of Great White Sharks,” said Douglas with an easy smile. “My biggest thrill is not necessarily the cage diving – it’s watching people’s lives being fundamentally changed by stretching their comfort boundaries. This is just one of the unexpected by-products of our cage diving experience.”

With the all new and spacious shark diving cages, Douglas is able to give his adventure-seeking clients, ranging in ages from 20-70 years, a safer view of these magnificent animals up close and in person. His five day expeditions include notable Great White Shark researchers who are studying the DNA and migration patterns of these animals. Surprisingly, a number of divers are solo females, including a mother of two sets of twins who booked an expedition this season. What drives Douglas’s new business are referrals from past clients and a growing global “hunger” for safe interactions with the world’s top sea predators.

Since 2000, Douglas and his company Absolute Adventures-Shark Diver have offered Great White Shark cage diving, first in the Farallon Islands near San Francisco and now at the acclaimed Isla Guadalupe site. To help preserve the FarallonÂ’s fragile shark population located within a National Marine Sanctuary, Absolute Adventures-Shark Diver ceased all cage diving there in the autumn of 2002 and began focusing entirely on Mexico and several new destinations for 2004 and 2005. In fact, 2003 was a banner year for Douglas. Despite being in the middle of the second Gulf War when most travel companies were at a virtual standstill, he and his team successfully booked their entire 2003 expedition season at Isla Guadalupe with more than 145 excited divers in record time.

To book a Great White Shark cage diving adventure with Patric Douglas and the crew of Absolute Adventures-Shark Diver, call 415.235.9410 or visit http://www. sharkdiver. com (http://www. sharkdiver. com).

About Patric Douglas

Cleaning up after his third hurricane in the U. S. Virgin Islands, Absolute Adventures–Shark Diver’s Patric Douglas decided that there had to be a safer way to make a living. He moved back to the west coast where he was quickly offered a job working for a medical travel company escorting American doctors all over the globe. Douglas then spent the next two years as one of the first American tour guides back into Vietnam setting up a safe, unique travel route throughout its remarkable historically rich country. While escorting 21-day tours through China, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, his easygoing leadership and good humor made for some exciting moments on the road that would not have happened without him. Mountain slides in Peru, saltwater crocodiles blocking the road in Australia and even a Cyclone in New Zealand did not deter this imaginative expedition guide from offering the best available to his risk-taking international clients. Finding a safer way to make a living has now led this adventure entrepreneur into the deep sea realm of the Great White Shark.

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