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Author expects readers to dislike protagonist in bold and experimental travel novel

Author expects readers to dislike protagonist in bold and experimental travel novel

(PRWEB) April 10, 2001


By David Axe ISBN 1-55212-630-7


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“I wanted to write a story with a despicable protagonist and Teller, the focus of ANYWHERE & ANYTHING, is precisely that,” says South Carolina author David Axe. “He's not a role model and he's not a hero. He's not even very likeable. I don't like him and I don't approve of the things he does. And I don't expect readers to like him either.”

ANYWHERE & ANYTHING focuses on the travels of Teller, a young man who ventures to Europe for the first time only to be mugged two hours after landing in Paris. His journey through France, and later Hungary, is punctuated with the dark cloud of abandon and mistrust.

Written with a keen eye for detail, ANYWHERE & ANYTHING is gritty and real—definitely not the average tribute to the joys of travel.

“If I had a loftier view of my own writing I would cite ANYWHERE & ANYTHING as an exploration of themes of making,” says Axe. “Furthermore, I would point out the elements of absurdity in the book. Teller strives for freedom and independence only to find himself tied to the people who would help him achieve those things.”

The interior artwork and bold cover design are more than window dressing. They are integral to the novel. “The result is not just a bunch of words bound in a somewhat relevant piece of art or design,” says Axe, “but rather a comprehensive ouevre to be viewed as a whole.”

David Axe, who has studied and traveled in Europe, took medieval history at Furman University, the University of Virginia, and the University of South Carolina and now sweeps floors at the Gourmet Shop in Columbia, South Carolina. He recently won the 2001 Free Times Short Story Contest for his story “Indistinguishable.”


To purchase copies, or read excerpts online, please go to www. trafford. com/robots/01-0032.html (http://www. trafford. com/robots/01-0032.html). For review copies or interviews, contact the author directly at 803-255-7071 (email david_axe@hotmail. com)

Anywhere & Anything

By David Axe

103 pages; paperback; $12.99 US ($18.99 CDN)

Published by Trafford Publishing

ISBN 1-55212-630-7